Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Over the past week I have had a strong sense in me of encouragement from the heart of God for those who have been holding onto prophetic words from the Lord, standing in faith & so far their experience has not lined up with what the Lord spoke over the season or situation.
As I pressed into the Lord I heard the whisper of His heart…
“It’s not over yet!!!”
For those of you who have been feeling discouraged or perplexed with how things ‘look’ right now or your experience with the season you are in thus far, I want to encourage you, DO NOT lose hope. Keep your HOPES UP!
For the Lord is orchestrating a major breakthrough on your behalf. The Lord is working behind the scenes and you are going to see a powerful demonstration of the faithfulness of God.
Many have been wondering “have I missed it?”, “did I not align myself with the word of the Lord as much as I should have?”, “have I allowed the enemy to steal from me again or distract me?” and I heard the Lord say…
“You are about to get back up again!!!!”
You are about to stand tall again. You are about to SEE the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13)
It is NOT over… in fact, the goodness of God is about to overtake your season, overtake your land and overtake your circumstances.
Don’t get trapped in the quicksand of discouragement, despair or condemnation. KNOW that the Lord is moving powerfully on your behalf and you are about to see some HUGE divine surprises.
The Lord showed me many have been feeling like “time is running out”, that “it is over”, or it is “coming close to the end” where things are just not going to change. I want to encourage you that the hand of the Lord is about to move in power and EVERYTHING is about to change. Keep your hopes up, keep your faith strong, keep your hope and trust in the Lord, because He is about to POUR IN MORE into your life than you can imagine. You are about to see the words He has spoken to you are TRUE and it is NOT too late. You are about to see an explosion of the “ABUNDANCE OF GOD” in your life in greater ways. Don’t believe the lie that you are coming out short. You are not coming out short. You are going to come out with a testimony of significant turnaround. Significant shift, but most of all, a SIGNIFICANT TESTIMONY of the goodness, faithfulness and kindness of Jesus.
I heard the Lord say..
“I have saved the best till last. The MORE is being poured out at MIDNIGHT!!!!”
Just when you thought it wasn’t going to change, just when you thought it was over, just when you thought it couldn’t turn around, just when you thought you had to settle with the ‘status quo’ and ‘how it has been’…. you are going to see a POWERFUL demonstration of the power of God releasing the “MORE” that He wants to give you, and it’s coming in the MIDNIGHT HOUR!
It’s not a time to be downhearted, discouraged and despaired, it’s a time to be encouraged, rejoice and stand on the Word of God and who you know Jesus to be, His faithfulness, feast on your history with Him and who He is, because…
It’s not over yet!!!!
You’re about to see a significant turnaround and shift by the power of His Spirit ushering in the fulfilment of words He has spoken to you… but MORE than you imagined. You’re not coming out short, you’re coming out with MORE!
Don’t put those words down that He has spoken!!!! Keep holding them, saturate yourself in them, meditate upon them, feast upon them, they are about to come into manifestation for many. If you’ve laid down your words for what God has said to you about this season, pick them up again and watch and see what He is about to do.
THE MORE is being poured out at MIDNIGHT and it will not be by your strength or might, but by the power of His Spirit! (Zechariah 4:6)