Prophetic Words


In the early hours of this morning, I heard a loud booming voice in my dream that said "What are the people of God crying out for?" and then in UNISON the people of God declared "BREAKTHROUGH".
I then saw the explosive word "BREAKTHROUGH" appear and EVERYTHING CHANGED. Everything SHIFTED and everything came into its HEAVENLY ORDER.
I then got up and walked into the kitchen. The oven clock showed 15:55 and the microwave showed 1:11, went about my business and went back into the kitchen and the oven clocked showed 16:16. I sensed the Spirit of God saying "breakthrough momentum is happening NOW."
This is the third dream I have had about breakthrough in a week. The Lord IS hearing the cries of His people, and breakthrough IS here. It is time to declare the Word of God to bring BREAKTHROUGH. Do not give up! Stay aligned in Him, you are IN the midst of explosive breakthrough.
There was also an emphasis in my dream on "young people". Youth and young people crying out to God for breakthrough. NOW shall you see the breakthrough you are crying out for, and you shall be positioned in your schools, your universities, your work places to see heaven invade earth and the supernatural manifest. He will show up! Young people, you are arising into a new level of influence and breakthrough!
Breakthrough is exploding NOW. TRUST in the faithfulness of God. Breakthrough is going to be enormous in the lives of His people as they keep standing in faith, there will be such overflow, so others may be blessed by your breakthrough. The breakthrough is not just for you, it is for you to share the fruits of your breakthrough with others.