Prophetic Words


“His favour will fall like rain upon our surrendered lives. Like showers reviving the earth! In the days of His reign the righteous will spring forth with the abundance of peace and prosperity forevermore.” – Psalm 72:6-7 Passion Translation
There has been a “turbulence” the past week as many have been experiencing high level opposition again from the enemy after a period of “calm”.
I sensed the Lord saying that the enemy is ‘shaking’ because of the heavenly ‘breaking’ the Lord is releasing. The enemy is afraid of what the Lord is doing and releasing through His people right now and is pulling out all the stops. Yet as I saw these arrows being flung at the people of God, the verse came before me “Every enemy falling face-down, biting the dust!” – Psalm 72:9 – Passion Translation.
Worship is extremely vital through this turbulence as the Lord is releasing great pearls of wisdom and treasures of revelation to continue to see His Spirit lift His people above the storm. The enemy may be again creating “turbulence” but as you worship and delight in Him the enemy is going to bite the dust AGAIN.
Be encouraged, the enemy is causing turbulence because another door of favour is opening now. The people of God are stepping into a higher level of favour as they have obeyed and stewarded well what the Lord has given them.
I saw favour falling like a waterfall from heaven upon “seeds” that the people of God have been stewarding in obedience and faithfulness. As the people of God were stepping higher into these areas of favour I saw they were stepping further into the season of “Jubilee”. A time for celebration, a time of restoration, a time of freedom, a time of rest, a time of change.
It was as if a “crossover” was happening right now in the Spirit and there was a new land of depth to explore. Those who had their peace stolen from them and it was lost would find again great peace and great abundance released in this waterfall of favour to release in generosity to all that will bring about atmospheric shifts for His Kingdom in many places.
The angels are no longer delayed but arriving swiftly to usher His people into a new way.