Prophetic Words


I have been sensing the Lord speaking about “heart alignment” this week. There will be a greater heart alignment coming to the people of God especially through dreams in the night in the coming months.
I saw hearts that have lost hope, hearts that are weary, hearts that are broken, hearts that are fearful, hearts that are being hit with opposition, and hearts feeling like they are sinking in the waiting receiving great healing in the night hours. I saw the Lord ministering to His people as they slept. I saw the compassion of the Lord over His people so weary that He was bringing great breakthrough and alignment of heart as they rested. A greater alignment with His Word, surrender, trust and engagement with Him.
I saw many being attacked with fierce opposition in the night hours and through dreams. The enemy is attacking ferociously in the night hours because encounters and impartations were going to increase in the night hours. The Lord is going to minister to His people in deep ways in their sleep.
The healing and breakthrough that the Lord is releasing in these night hours was going to see the hearts of the people of God greater aligned with His in vision and thought. A greater alignment to see as God is seeing in this season and to move deeper in revelation and insight. The thoughts of Christ being made manifest in the people of God.
I saw many walking in great distress in the mind. I saw huge attacks on the minds of the people of God. Lies and fears attacking the mind of His people, attacks on memory, on concentration, a “cloudiness” and ability to think straight or see clearly. Many have been fearing for their “minds” all of a sudden out of the blue.
This opposition has increased and come against many in the body of Christ because of the greater revelation, insight and foresight He is releasing. The enemy is attacking the very areas that the Lord is releasing greater blessing and alignment.
Stand firm people of God. Do not give into the enemy’s lies. That is exactly what they are LIES. They are not truth. Continue to proclaim the Word of God and KNOW that the Lord is releasing SO much wisdom, revelation, insight and foresight in this season that the enemy is attempting to shut it down.
There is a “double anointing” of sight and revelation happening right now, as you keep your eyes on Him, keep speaking His truth, these attacks on the mind will fall to the ground, and you will begin to see clearer than you have ever seen before with 20/20 heavenly vision.
There is a “double” consignment being released now in the body of Christ. The Lord is releasing His angelic hosts to many of the people of God to minister to them and bring them strength and impartation in this season of increase but also fierce opposition. As Elijah was fed when he was emptied and wearied, the Lord is releasing His angelic hosts on consignment to come and assist you, strengthen you and release specific heavenly impartation that is needed for you to continue to move into all He has for you and the release He is moving you into. You are not alone, you are being helped, strengthened and equipped.
The other consignment I saw was once these angels ministered to the people of God in impartation and refreshment, they were then handing the people of God, golden scrolls. Upon these scrolls were specific consignment release instructions for the people of God. Specific assignments, directions, wisdom and insights to usher in the continuing move of God upon the earth.
New tasks, positions of favour and adventures were being handed out by these messengers that were sending the people of God out into new areas with fresh revelation, wisdom and insight that was preparing the way to see the King of Glory come in even more spectacular ways.
Do not be afraid people of God, He has set the stage. He has everything arranged. Do not hesitate, this journey is going to amaze!