Prophetic Words


“God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power, and the warring women of Zion deliver its message.”
Psalm 68:11 — TPT

“The Lord gave the command; a great company of women brought the good news.”
Psalm 68:11 — CSB

‘In a dream the Lord spoke to me, “Gather the Women,” and I began to see the Lord raising up a mighty company of women — a mighty army of His daughters in this new era. He is gathering them together and they are finding their tribe. They are arising in power, authority, humility, creativity and strength as they walk closely with Jesus in deep intimacy. They sit, like Mary, at His feet and they are arising as warriors. Their greatest desire is to minister unto Him and live before an audience of One — to be with Him, walking in deep oneness.

Zion’s Company of Women are being summoned by the Lord in this time. It’s a clarion call and they are arising with the word of the Gospel and messages of His heart in their mouths. They burn with the fiery revelation of His love and the roar of His victory resounding through them. They arise in courage as they live in the ever-growing and increasing beauty of Jesus, beholding His majesty. Moving in boldness and walking in uncharted territories, they are pioneers making way for the Glory of the Lord to be revealed. They are unapologetic in following the Lord into the new terrains He is leading them.

They are an unstoppable force in the world because they are walking in a supernatural strength as they live deeply yielded to the Lord and His ways, empowered by His Spirit. Breaking free from constraints, pressures and lies, they are the ones who refuse to remain contained. With resolve, they continue to step into the deeper places of revelation and manifestation of what it means to be fully alive and free in Christ, knowing who they are in Him.’

Zion’s Company of Women is a ministry called to encourage women to dive deeper in intimacy with the Lord. To gather, equip and empower women to step into all God has called them to be and walk boldly in their destiny: through biblical teaching, podcasts, prophetic words and online schools, conferences and gatherings.

I am so excited to invite you, Daughters of God, to join Zion’s Company of Women. Visit our website at to connect with our social pages and podcast.

I believe we are going to see an unprecedented move of the Holy Spirit amongst His daughters like never before, as the Lord gathers them together and announces it’s time for Zion’s Company of Women to arise.

For such a time as this,
Lana Vawser