Prophetic Words


Recently I heard the Lord speaking over many, “I AM BREAKING THE CURSE OF CONTAINMENT.”

I began to see many in the body of Christ feeling extremely suffocated and pressured. I saw this pressure that was hovering over these ones and it was like a heavy brick wall, and for many they kept saying, “this feels as heavy as iron.”

I saw many feeling so discouraged by this heaviness and this pressure that they were feeling and there was a disorientation that had landed upon them. “But I thought God spoke expansion? But all I am feeling is suffocation and intense pressure.”

The Lord’s voice thundered over these ones with such authority and He spoke, “I am breaking the curse of containment.” Suddenly I heard Psalm 16:6 “Your pleasant path leads me to pleasant places. I am overwhelmed by the privileges that come with following you.” Straight after that Scripture, I heard 1 Chronicles 4:10, “‘Oh that you would indeed bless me and enlarge my border (property), and that Your hand would be with me and You would keep me from evil so that it does not hurt me!’ And God granted his request.”

The Lord spoke over these ones, “I have spoken over you that this is a time of expansion. The enemy is coming to speak lies and curses of containment over you, but this is NOT the inheritance that I have for you. This is NOT My heart, nor is it the Rhema word I am speaking over you in this season. Here comes My FIRE AND WIND. MY FIRE AND WIND! MY FIRE AND WIND! I am burning up and breaking the curse and I am blowing away the chaff. I am blowing away the disorientation, I am blowing away the confusion, and I am BREATHING CLARITY!!!!!!! I am breaking the curse, I am breaking the pressure. I am breaking the containment and I am bringing you into a slipstream of My oil — My anointing where you will flow in a new level of empowerment and ease in the expansion that you have not yet known. Many of you have looked to see what to let go of as the containment has screamed, “You can’t do this,” but I am speaking this new ease in the oil of My anointing and My presence: a greater empowerment of My grace to carry more and partner with Me in greater ways in this time. I am speaking abundance, I am speaking increase and expansion. As you partner with Me, you will see this expansion and abundance flourish from a place of ease. The enemy has come with a spirit of chaos to disrupt, to distract and to cause many of you to feel that you cannot carry all that I have asked you to carry in this hour. But that spirit of chaos is a lie, it is a smoke screen, it is a distraction and I am calling it out for what it is. I am breathing upon you ferociously to revive you, to free you and to bring you to a place of greater overflow. This spirit of chaos is being CHASED OUT of your life and off of the assignments I have given you in this hour. For you will see many flourishing gardens bursting forth around you that I ask you to tend with Me and in My way, and your capacity will be nothing but supernatural. As you stay in a place of deep surrender to Me and as you continue to put your hands to only that which I am asking you to, and follow My ways, you are going to see a supernatural level of capacity that comes from a deep place of rest that you have not experienced before. For I am bringing you joy in many directions as I am calling you to care for and carry the multiple births that I am releasing through you in this hour.”

“Many of you have been feeling like you have lost your vision, like you have lost the clarity that I had spoken and are surrounded by confusion. But the truth is, you are crossing over into a realm of supernatural clarity and increase of vision in the details of the assignment. The enemy is trying to blind you, but his attack against you has only added to the fire of My Spirit upon your eyes to increase your clarity to see further than you have ever seen before.”

“Many of you have felt like you have been battling with such heaviness of heart and heaviness of soul, but I am calling your spirit-man forth to ARISE and to lead. I am bringing you into a deeper place of being led by My Spirit, and not by your emotions. For the enemy would attempt to cause many of you to feel stuck in your soul and its woes, but ARISE My people and fill your mouths with praise to Me and look to Me. Behold Me in My beauty and KNOW that I am bringing you into a place of greater freedom, greater clarity and greater strength as you are LED by My Spirit into new terrains, new territories and new depths of encounter with Me that will birth on the earth things that have not been seen before. Watch how My Kingdom will flow from within you and be extended through you in ways you have not imagined. The enemy has tried so hard to keep you contained and keep you in a place of comparison, but I am breaking you free and raising you up now out of the curse of containment and into a place of tremendous overflow, expansion and increase.”

“The enemy has come to contain, but I am speaking the explosion of My Glory upon you and through what I have called you to build and partner with Me in this hour. The transformation that shall flow from what I am calling you to partner with Me in, in this hour, will be unlike anything you have seen before.”

“The enemy has spoken containment, containment, containment, but I am speaking VICTORY AND EXPANSION! It is time for a ferocious divine comeback, and all the enemy’s attacks and opposition against you has but added to you as recompense and repayment on a level you have not seen before. You are arising, My people, in expansion and overflow. I am bringing you deeper into a place of knowing HOW to carry abundance from a place of greater surrender to Me, deeper intimacy, purity and REST. The heaviness and the pressure of containment the enemy is trying to place upon you is trying to steal the joy out of what I am calling you to partner with Me in. But it shall not be stolen, for you shall see that these places are places and spaces of the greatest joy in My Spirit you have yet experienced, as you see My Spirit bring transformation, freedom, life and healing TO YOU and THROUGH YOU!”

“Many of you have thought too small. The level of opposition has come so ferociously because many of you are partnering with Me to host a MOVEMENT. Now watch Me MOVE this containment off of you, and bring you into your greatest day of seeing My Glory manifested in and through you”