Prophetic Words


"So everyone, come to me! Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis" – Matthew 11:28 – The Passion Translation
Over the past few days, I have had a burden for those who are weary. The Lord has heard the cries of His people who are weary and feeling empty.
As I pressed into the Lord in worship I heard the words..
"Tell My weary ones…THE SKIES ARE CLEARING"
I saw many of the people of God looking to the skies and the skies always seemed dark and overcast and the weariness just continued to build and build and build without reprieve.
I then saw Jesus, and He came to each one of these weary ones one at a time and He kissed them on the forehead and held them tightly. There was such compassion in His eyes. There was no condemnation in Him. Even though many of their hearts had been screaming they need to "shake it off and get up" and they weren’t "doing good enough". There was such a compassion, such a love, and such a heart to restore emanating from Him.
I saw Him move back from them and their heads were still hung low. He placed both of His hands on their cheeks and lifted their heads and He said "LOOK at Me. Look at Me Beloved. There is life here. LOOK AT ME"
As the people of God, one by one were looking Him in the eyes I could see an exchange taking place. It was like LIFE was being released through locking eyes with their true source.
"Listen to Me, no matter what, ALL will be WELL, because I am with you and I AM FOR YOU. Nothing has been LOST really, because I am going to restore to you tenfold than what you had before. Your prayers, your faith, your obedience has not been for nothing. I have seen it all and I am going to reward you. Well done for still standing. Well done for even in your extreme weariness you have continued to stand. Well done"
As His words of life were spoken over His people I saw their hearts coming to life again and the wounds in their hearts, on the skin, and trauma in their minds was being healed and the skies about them were opening to reveal a gloriously beautiful day.
"It may have rained for a long long time, but now you are going to see the manifestation of what it means to REIGN WITH ME." Again, I am left with the overwhelming sense of the Lord teaching His people about being seated in heavenly places with Him. (Ephesians 2:6)
I saw many of these weary ones and they were looking to Him but every so often looking back down to the ground. When I looked at the ground, it was so dry, it was so barren, it was so hard.
As I looked at it was like the sense was given to me of what the people of God were feeling. Many have been walking with Jesus and believing and moving in faith, but as they have continued to move forward nothing has shifted. Many have been feeling like their lives have had no impact, and nothing has moved or shifted.
Suddenly, there was like an earthquake and I looked to Jesus and He was smiling. He said to them "Look before you, wells of refreshing are appearing before you. I am your Oasis"
I saw this HUGE flood being released from heaven, such crystal clear, refreshing beautiful living water and it was being poured into these wells. There were the most gloriously coloured jewels in this water. I have never seen such brightly coloured jewels. Watching them flow into the well made me SO happy, SO full of joy. These were wells of revelation.
"Where the ground has been dry, where the ground has been hard, where the ground has been unbreakable, it is now broken open and the greatest revelations of Me and My Word are being released. Wells are springing out of places of impossibility. Circumstances that have threatened to defeat many of My people, and defeated many others, are now breaking open to release some of the greatest revelations of Me and My Word that they have ever received. These wells have been brought before you and will bring you great refreshment. Draw and drink DEEPLY from these wells by pressing deeper into Me as I am strengthening you."
I could feel such joy in the atmosphere. Such peace that surpasses understanding, the winds of change were blowing and the atmosphere was shifting and WEARINESS WAS BEING BROKEN!
He smiled and looked at His people..
"I am giving you faith again. Faith and strength to run again. To fly again. I am giving you revelation to feel My joy again. I am giving you revelation to feel My passionate love for you burning again in your hearts. I am giving you peace again to rise above. I am restoring to you supernatural strength where it has been stolen."

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  • R Lukianiuk

    Lana, Thanks again for sharing God’s love with need this Word, so need this encouragement. .I’m one of the weary ones. .that’s for sure ..receive this Word as for me. Please continue to pray that God brings my family in complete alignment especially my husband. .new, and our oldest son. Thanks for praying. .bless you. Ruth

  • Pat Volpe Eno

    I have read and read every word and each has resonated in my spirit. Many of my cries over 20 years were spoken of here! I am beyond joyous and blown away. I am practically speechless (would not happen in my personality) LOL. Deeper and deeper I want to go and be with Him and be given my place to let Him operate through me. Miracles, signs, deliverance, revival and face to face encounters! Hallelujah! I am on fire!

  • Teresa Beardsley

    you bless me so much…. love to call you mi amiga favorita de Australia!!!
    Thanks for pressing in and getting this word… It just broke my atrocious day and I am ready to fly and tonight to minister His love to other latinas.

  • Marilyn Ferguson

    U nailed it again my friend it’s been cloudy and cold rainy and snow after I read your prophetic word I looked out and the sky is clearing wow and also you talked about those winds well that also happened and what came to me was winds if change Thank u and bless u sister