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By Lana Vawser 


I had a dream last night and the Lord spoke to me that the liberty bell is ringing signaling not the change of a season but the END OF AN ERA! 

The liberty bell is being rung in the spirit declaring an end to a period of time of things being and looking a certain way, things being done a certain way. 

The liberty bell is ringing in the spirit decreeing drastic, radical, GLORIOUS change  upon the people of God. 

The liberty bell is ringing declaring a manifestation of freedom that is opening up a new era that looks like no other we have  walked before! 

Drastic, glorious, wonderful, change is upon you and upon the nations. The liberty bell is ringing!!! It’s a NEW ERA!


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  • Anna

    Well, Amen! Bring on the freedom, Lord. I am declaring today that my Advocate with the Father is watching the enemy that watches me! My Advocate with the Father has striken the wicked with blindness and confusion. Jesus the King of kings. Like God did to Shebna are those that seek my hurt, rolled up and rolled away like a ball cast violently out! Thank you, Jesus Christ. My life is hid with You in God my Father.

  • Faith Cohen

    Amen! This dream of the LORD to you so confirmed what I have been receiving and pondering in my spirit in last couple of days: freedom in Yeshua, and golden/glorious new era upon us, the Messianic community of the LORD! Praise and Thank the LORD for you and your service to Him and His Body!

  • Thomas Nodoubt

    Yes and amein… I hear the same thing and yes, it is time that the Spirit and the bride say ‘Come’ and let us quickly finish our preparations for the wedding feast to begin! Washing our robes and making them white and pure and clean for the greatest event ever to be witnessed and THE EVENT we will talk about for the rest of eternity , namely, that the Creator’s Son married us, His bride! The full magnitude of marrying, becoming One with Him is overtaking me daily now.
    Thomas Nodoubt