Prophetic Words

28 September, 2017 12:12

By Lana Vawser and Christy Johnston
Lana writes;
Daughters of God, His roar through you is about to get loud, as the Lord is removing limitations from upon you. The Lord is removing the things that have attempted to pervert, twist and hinder what God is doing within you and through you. You have been silenced for too long and now the Lord is removing the tape from your mouth and you will speak LOUDLY. I saw a roar coming out from within you, that is going to shake nations. I saw a roar coming out of you, that is going to shake your household. I saw a roar coming out of you, that is going to shake your workplace. I saw a roar coming out of you, that is going to bring about a mighty move of God in your midst. This roar, is the roar that comes from the deep place of the awakening to the true reality of your identity and worth in Him. I see the roar coming out from within you that is HIS roar and it is bringing things into sudden alignment and it is ACTIVATING DESTINY around you.
The enemy has been attempting to silence you for so long, because WITHIN YOU is a message, within you is a FLOW, within you is a ROAR of heaven, that when released the Lord is going to bring significant breakthrough, change, alignment and destiny activations all around. There are new songs that the Lord is birthing through you. The Lord is unlocking the places of captivity within you where the enemy has fought hard to keep your song hidden. Where the enemy has brought so much shame, condemnation, fear and insecurity upon you to keep the song the Lord has placed within you, your life message, from coming out. Daughter of God, it’s coming out! It’s coming out! It’s coming out! It is going to look completely different to the song of another daughter of God, but it HAS to be different. The Lord is releasing the INDIVIDUAL sounds of the daughters of God, but together they flow in harmony, decreeing the sound “HE IS COMING! THE KING IS COMING! MAKE WAY! MAKE WAY FOR THE GREATEST MOVE OF GOD UPON THE EARTH! MAKE ROOM! MAKE WAY! HERE HE COMES”
Christy writes;
Recently I saw before me in a vision, a great multitude of heavily pregnant women who were readying the hour of birth. Some were already getting into position to birth the life in their wombs. I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, ‘I am birthing my WEAPONS of PURITY through my daughters across the earth in this time and season.’ As I pondered this, I was reminded of a number I have been seeing repeatedly everywhere I go; #144.
As I asked what this meant, the Holy Spirit led me to Luke 1:44-45 which says, ‘For behold, when the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy. And blessed spiritually fortunate and favored by God is she who believed and confidently trusted that there would be a fulfillment of the things that were spoken to her by the angel sent from the Lord.”
There has been a company of women, God’s daughters, who have been in a state of dizziness and confusion, lost, beat down and held back, they have felt as though they have no place, no purpose, no direction and no voice, but the Father has heard their cries. I saw Him leading them out of their brokenness in this very hour, shaking away the confusion and lies and restoring them to a place of honor. I see He is releasing to their wombs NEW LIFE and they will birth PURITY with heavenly strategies to carry out the purpose He has set before them. The life and destiny in their spiritual (and physical) wombs will walk where no man has walked and overturn and overthrow strongholds set up by the enemy from many generations ago.
Lana writes;
I saw the fire of God falling upon the daughters of God and a great birthing was taking place, and I asked the Lord what birthing was happening and the Lord said: “These are My maidens of purity” The Lord showed me such a deep work of His Spirit and fire upon women right now that was birthing a cry from within them bringing PURITY, CLEANSING and FIRE to every area that they were sent to minister in. From their houses, to their workplaces, to their cities, nations, the fire of God was being released through them with SUCH LOVE bringing cleansing. The impartations of fire within their wombs was SO HUGE, SO POWERFUL, that as they reached out in their different roles and assignments, the fire of God was being released and bringing such cleansing. Impurity, injustice, perversion, deception was being burnt away as the fire of His love fell powerfully in the different realms of influence and seeing the hold of the enemy removed from those places. All that was left was lives, cities, nations changed by the fire of His love that was released. The fire of God that had fallen upon the daughters of God in this season, the embracing of that fire, to allow the Lord to do what He needed to do in their hearts and souls was seeing them left with such incredible impartations of His fire that was going to change the world. I saw in the fire, in the birthing of the maidens of purity, the roar of the PERFECT JUSTICE and TRUTH OF GOD being released from their mouths and wombs, releasing a PLUMB LINE into all arenas the Lord sent them into, that was releasing the alignment of God.
They were rising up like Esther’s, ready to stand for their nation, for their family, for their cities, and stand in the gap to partner with the Lord to bring radical change. They were the Esther’s that stood in the gap for the nation, but they were also the Mary’s that know how to sit at His feet and listen to Him and delight in who He is. They were the ones who know how to live at His feet in deep surrender and intimacy, stand for a city, stand for a nation, but also stop for the one. They know how to love like Jesus in different contexts. They stand for justice and release the justice of God like Deborah, and they lift their hands and hearts in praise to God wherever they go, shifting atmospheres.
I saw the fire of God falling upon the daughters of God in this season and in this vision it fell upon their eyes and I heard the Lord say “EYES OF DISCERNMENT” and I saw the daughters of God in every sphere of influence the Lord had released them into, looking in the spirit into those spheres of influence, and they were seeing with LASER POINT ACCURACY and they were seeing the strategy of heaven, the blueprints of God to “map out” the new boundaries and mark out what God wanted to do, but they were also uncovering the HIDDEN plans of the enemy and I heard the Lord say “Watch the daughters, and the way I shall use them to uncover the hidden plots of the enemy and decree My truth, to see the plans of the enemy overturned and the tables TURNED in the spheres of influence I have released them into.” Every place the Lord sent them into and they moved in the discernment of heaven, their declarations of truth, UNCOVERED THE TREASURES of God, what He wanted to do and release – especially in the darkest and messiest of places.
I saw a breaker anointing coming forth from within women being activated and awakened to their identity, their purpose, their assignment and their song in accelerated ways in this season, and the birthing the greatest move of God upon the earth is being released. I heard the Lord say, “I am releasing an ACTIVATION ANOINTING through My daughters in this season that is going to activate homes, families, towns, cities and nations.” I saw the daughters of God being mantled with new mantles and they were titled “TIPPING POINTS”. The Lord is raising up women right now all across the earth in positions and places of destiny, unlike has ever been seen, with the mantles to RELEASE THE TIPPING POINTS of God in homes, families, workplaces, cities and nations. I asked the Lord about these TIPPING POINTS and I heard the Lord say: “THE TIPPING POINTS ARE BRINGING ABOUT BIRTH!!!!” “Shall I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the Lord. “Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?” says your God.” – Isaiah 66:9-11
I saw the hand of God strategically rising up women in all areas, the seven mountains in SUDDENLY moments right now, and they were being sent in as the MIDWIVES. They were being sent in with the “ACTIVATION ANOINTING” to release the BIRTHING OF GOD. They were coming in decreeing Isaiah 66:9-11 and SUDDENLY a birthing was taking place. The Lord is releasing His daughters as the MIDWIVES to BRING THE BIRTHING.
I heard the Lord say: “The enemy has come against women for so long attempting to hinder the birthing of what I am doing in them and through them because of how I am releasing them and rising them up now in the earth to RELEASE MY BIRTHING in the seven mountains and to usher in the greatest move of My Spirit upon the earth.”
I saw the Lord “rewriting stories” for the daughters of God. I heard the Lord say “I AM REMOVING THE LINES OF LIES”. I saw the Lord removing all the lies that have come against His daughters and He was changing the story. Truth filled the pages, and on the top of every page it said “CHANGE! The day of CHANGE is upon you! The day of CHANGE is upon you! Everything is about to CHANGE in a GLORIOUS WAY! Your BEST DAYS are upon you.” The words “BEST DAYS” stood out to me. They were not based upon circumstances, they were based upon the MOVE OF HIS SPIRIT within their lives. What He was implanting, releasing, shaping and changing in them to release THROUGH THEM.
I saw the daughters of God with growing pregnant bellies, getting bigger and bigger by the day, and the words ‘WOMBS OF FRUITFULNESS’ exploded all around me. What they were going to birth was going to release LASTING FRUIT everywhere they went, but not only was the release of fruitfulness for their spheres of influence and cities and nations, it was FOR THEM TOO. The fierce repayment of God for all the enemy has stolen, coming back to them. The increase of God falling upon them. The promises fulfilled. The clarity of calling. All of it screamed “HARVEST TIME!!!” It was time for the daughters of God to rise up with the decree into cities and nations “IT’S HARVEST TIME”, but the Lord was also decreeing over His daughters for their own lives “YOUR HARVEST TIME HAS ARRIVED”.
The “LINES OF LIES” had been ERASED and the REWRITING OF THE TRUTH of God had been released. Unshakeable revelation of identity and who He was burned within them.
I then saw Jesus place His hand upon their wombs and upon their mouths, and He smiled and spoke.. “And now, you shall go forth and REWRITE HISTORY”
Daughters of God, you have been called for such a time as this. Rise up! You are about to see God do FOR YOU and do THROUGH YOU what you have never experienced before. You are being sent out as the midwives into your spheres of influence to call forth the greatest move of God the world has ever seen. It’s your time to arise!
Christy writes;
I hear the Holy Spirit saying, “My Daughters, now is your time. Let nothing hold you back for you are MOVING into my purposes and intentions for your life. You are my WEAPONS of PURITY. Guard your hearts and minds, for the enemy would intend to contaminate the purity I have put within you. My PURITY lived out through you is my WEAPON in this time of chaos. It will destroy the works of the enemy and cause you to walk in greater authority than you ever have before.’
Daughter of God, I decree over you today that you are no longer restrained, the enemy cannot withstand the mighty force of God’s purity and power that is being birthed from within you and the chains that have held you back have been broken. You are moving into the perfect will of your Father and the intimacy that you share with Him will cause unexpected doors to open before you.
Your laid down life is going to be a testament and embodiment of righteousness to the nations and the purity on display through your life will cause others to know Jesus. I decree that what the enemy has stolen from you, will be returned and repaid to you 100 fold. The enemy is no match for you, lioness Daughter. Arise in your Fathers strength today, go without fear into the destiny that He has called you to. You are His weapon of purity and power.’


  • Laurie

    Thank you. Thank you for the loving heart with which you release the heart of The Father. You have blessed me beyond measure.

  • Desiree Green

    Wow, I am really feeling this so much right now! We are not to hide under a bushel what he’s placed in us. We are His, and the distrust we have in ourselves is unnecessary. The story is unfolding, it’s not even the same story as two years ago. It’s the story He’s telling NOW. About the reality of HIM and what he does. It’s not about women wanting power, it’s about us walking in HIS power and not hiding in fear. It takes courage. I get resistance even from the other Christian women. But there’s a light and a sparkle being birthed inside of these RELATIONSHIPS, Kingdom moments, opening just because we are together. Those moments sparkle in the dress of the Bride.
    Yes and Amen! Sparkling white with the deeds of the saints.

  • Sharon Coates

    These words are such powerful confirmations of many words that I have been holding for many years. I thank the Lord for your willingness to use your gifts to bring His rich encouragement to me and countless others.

  • Carol Williams

    Yes, I receive that wholesome, confirming Word. I arise from this place. I will move forward. Every Word from this prophecy is activated in my life, and it will come to pass in Jesus Name. In fact, it is happening right NOW!

  • Sophia Livingston

    I am utterly flabbergasted. Just last night my soul produced a rhythm and a rhyme that I cannot remember because it was a piece that ministered to our heavenly Father. I am in tears … tear of joy to finally learn my purpose. When purpose is revealed, all else aligns with God’s will to ensure that purpose manifests in the earth. The flow, the rhythm, the rhyme, every melody, every lyric…everything our hearts have ever imagined accomplishing in the earth in every mountains of life WILL be realized when we aligned ourselves with God’s will. I prayed for purity. I prayed for the fire to burn away the dross. I prayed to be perfected in Him. It is my desire to operate in a state of divine perfection. If Moses was perfect enough to communicate with God face to face, then so can we. How is this done? Relationship. Spend time with the Creator. He loves and literally desires our companionship. He misses us. We are family. All of us. We are family. I love you woman of God, ( and Christy also!). You have been an anchor of pure delight for me in the season of strengthening. Lana, may your ministry explode with God’s goodness, and richness!!

  • margaret Lee

    Amen! I appreciate your prophetic words which meant so much to my heart! May the Lord bless your powerful, anointed ministry. I received vision about new birth, babies 2 days ago. Thanks for the confirmation of your prophetic words. Yes, let God’s given gift being activated in my life. Yes, I am coming into my promise. In due season, I will reap the harvest now! Break through, break forth! No more delay. We women of God will achieve destinies if we honor Him!
    Love you ! My dear prohetess Lana, and Christy! Blessing!

  • Zee

    This is an INCREDIBLE word from GOD!!! I pray that those HE is speaking to are covered by His blood and by His Spirit.

  • Kathy Bennett

    I am a Prophet of Purity, even the name God gave me at birth tells me that; I’m still in training. God has shown me that my path is a little different then many others; I’m a Warrior Prophet. He showed me a flaming sword and I am go to churches and tell the Christians to get off the fence: No More Second Chances!

  • Daniella

    I know that I have not reached this page today by accident. This word has spoken to my spirit in the most profound way. There is POWER and ANOINTING flowing out of this Word. It has imparted me whole, God bless you! Keep doing what you are doing.
    I arrived to this page after watching a YouTube video from Apostle Patricia King about “Younger Prophet Generation.” Lana Vawser gave a word there that was specifically for me. I bless this ministry, in the name of Jesus!
    I am from Miami, Florida from a church called King Jesus International Ministry. Thank you!

  • Nahomie Riche

    Oh my goodness…I am speechless. The Words of the Lord are so powerful..endtime work of the Lord, Powerful.

  • Maureen Whyte

    I’ve just run out of WOWs.. The words of the past few days have just taken my breath away with excitement.

  • Deborah McCoy

    Glory to God!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! These words are so confirming of several visions/words the Lord has given me over the past 20+ years & of what He is presently putting on my heart!!! Thank you both for your stewardship of the gifting He has placed on you!

  • Lara

    awesome, awesome, awesome. My friend and I were just talking about the lions roar and birthing. I am so excited and I receive every word. Yipeeeeeeeeee.

  • Lené Jorgensen

    Awesome thank you! And yes another wow..!
    this prophetic word resonates with a similar word I received earlier this year..“Therefore God dealt well with the midwives, and the people multiplied and grew very mighty. And so it was, because the midwives feared God, that He provided households for them.”
    ‭‭Exodus‬ ‭1:20-21‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

  • Debbie

    Thank you so much for this word. I feel blessed reading it and encouraged to step forward in this. Bless you both for speaking out God’s word.

  • Ashwen Gibson Blake

    YES, YES, YES. And it shall be said of the daughters of God in these days: “How GREAT is their God!” Thanks Lana and Christy, we pray more for them Lord, even more! ABGB

  • Jeanette Lewis

    Awesome word from Our Heavenly Father God His Devine Son Jesus Our Lord and Savior. And mighty mighty Holy spiritt we adore you. I received for me and the women’s in my family.