Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord has been strongly impressing upon my heart in the last few weeks, the importance of writing everything down that He is sharing, speaking and releasing.
As I sat with the Lord one morning, I heard Him whisper again:
"Write it all down and you will go deeper than you have ever been."
Suddenly, a vision opened up before me and I saw pages upon pages, upon pages being filled with revelation that was being written but as it was being written down I saw a HUGE portal opening up on the pages. It looked like a very deep WELL and the Lord spoke again "Write it all down and you will go deeper than you have ever been".
The sense surrounded me in the "stewardship" of the revelation He is releasing, that a whole new realm of intimacy, revelation, insight and encounter was opening up for the people of God. The atmosphere was SO full of refreshment, SO full of rejuvenation and SO full of promise. I could feel the LIFE in the atmosphere and the INTENSITY of the REFRESHMENT.
As I watched this portal open up, I could also hear the sound of what sounded like a whirlpool. Rushing waters and I felt like I was having a HUGE glass of cold water on a hot day.
There was a great unlocking that was taking place in the stewardship of writing down all that He says, and to meditate upon what He was saying, a whole new realm of hearing from Him and discovering His mysteries and secrets of His heart was being opened wide.
I was ministering in Launceston, Tasmania yesterday and in worship I kept seeing God’s people in scuba diving equipment and they were going to the depths of what looked like a HUGE ocean and they were discovering TREASURE they had never seen or experienced before. As they were going down to the depths I heard Proverbs 25:2:
"God conceals the revelation of His Word in the hiding place of His Glory but the honour of kings is revealed by how they thoroughly search out the deeper meaning of all God says." (The Passion Translation)
Today, the Lord reminded me of that scuba diving vision and He said again "Write down all that I am saying and you will go deeper than you have ever been."
There are new treasures, mysteries of God, revelation of His Word and secrets of His heart waiting for you. Chase after Hi and His heart and steward what He is saying by continually writing it down, and rivers of refreshment will open up over you.
As I ministered yesterday I saw the Lord removing confusion off minds and torment of the mind and He was releasing peace of the mind, and after I prayed for people I kept hearing Him repeat the words "PEACE OF MIND, PEACE OF MIND". Instantly the knowing came to me, He was releasing PEACE OF MIND to His people for the CHANGES that are upon the body of Christ. Many of you are stepping out into new areas, new pathways, moving in a new direction, and the Lord is going to give you PEACE OF MIND for the decision and direction that you have made. Where you have followed the direction He is leading, He is coming to give you peace of mind and supernatural confirmation.
As I pondered this today, I was taken back to the initial vision of writing down all He is saying, and the portal opening up. I then saw JOY exploding all around. In the writing down of all He is saying, I saw all the puzzle pieces coming together. Confirmation after confirmation and MANY were experiencing so much JOY in the clarity. The thing that struck me is the puzzle pieces ‘coming together’ wouldn’t have been seen, if there was no time taken to "write down" all He was saying and showing.
I saw HUGE life changing testimonies coming out of the stewardship of His voice by writing down all He is saying. Many were being awakened to the revelation of the beautiful story He was putting together and the sense surrounded me that many were writing a story for tomorrow that they didn’t even realise. When the testimony and breakthrough comes, I saw many going back to the pages upon pages of writing, ALL the Lord said and weeping with joy seeing so much detail and revelation of His love and kindness in what He did. Every time they went back and read it, they saw something new. Another level of revelation of His kindness, His love and creativity. Another level of clarity. I then saw the Lord release many to write out their stories, their testimonies. Some became books, some became blogs, some were printed in magazines, some became songs.
He whispered again…
"What you are writing today, you are writing also in tomorrow"
Friends, I encourage you to write down all He is showing you, all He is saying right now. Keep an account of all He is saying because out of that account I see a whole new depth of knowing Him and encountering Him, His heart and nature like never before and on the top of every page written in gold it says..


  • Beverly McCracken

    Beautiful word – in season – for right NOW! Bless you Lana in Jesus precious and beautiful name
    Shalom Bev ?????❤️

  • Nahomie Riche

    So true, so true. I hear The Lord so clearly that I’m so encouraged by it, so excited. The message came at the right time too. Just went through another big battle with the enemy, needed the encouragement. It was a light for me at the end of the tunnel.GOD bless you.

  • Cholette

    I am one who writes down everything God speaks to me in my journal. I’ve even set up an email account for everything God speaks to me and when I need to go back I can search by date or even by a key word. People call me weird for doing it. The puzzle pieces are coming together as I read things from years back that are for my life today. This word is timely for me. I truly feel it as an honor for God to speak to me in the way that He does. I cry just thinking about it. Thanks for releasing God’s heart the way you do.. ❤️?

  • Derrick

    When i woke up yesterday morning i had a vision of a stick-figure man walking across pages of notebook paper and he eventually reached his destination. At first i thought it represented me walking away from the “Lines of lies” you spoke about in your previous prophecy, but now i think it also represents the “walking along the written lines of truth given by God.”
    I began writing down what the Lord was revealing to me as soon as i saw your prophecy. Man i needed some direction so badly as i was in a tough spot! But just like your prophecy says! The darkness is clearing up! This deep darkness that felt like an inescapable eternity! The Lord is shining through!
    For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.- Psalm 18:28
    You have no idea, you are basically my mother in the Lord! You have a son in the Lord you don’t even know about! haha. The Lord has a number of times given me dreams directly confirming your prophecies, some before they even came out, and some after. But i love it. I love you sister! In Jesus name! Amen!
    I decree an explosion of God’s love! Our only steadfast weapon against Satan!

    • Cindy webster

      Derrick I have written pages in the last few days, my pen literally flying over paper…..on one of these pages is a stick figure girl that represents myself! I am an artist ,who sells art every where, yet here I drew myself as a stick figure in a box lol. And reading Lanas words, and then your own, I know my confirmation , as always, is shown. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Carol J Morgan

    Good morning Lana. Oh my,you just put things i such a great perspective for me. I journal all the time but as of late the Lord has “insisted” that I write more and more down. I may go to bed and get up just a few hours later write something down quickly and the next morning He elaborated on it more and solidifies it with more scripture!! I am so tahnkful.

  • Ashwen Gibson Blake

    MAJESTIC METAMORPHOSIS INDEED- Not as in menopausal change of life but as TRANSFORMATIONAL change. From common to holy. And uniformity to UNIQUE.And the writings as a kind of SLOW MOTION, FRAME BY FRAME RECORD of its MYSTERY. WOOHOO! ABGB

  • Susan M

    How gloriously freeing—thank you dear Lana! The secrets of the Lord are for those who fear Him, Alleluia!!Thank You, Jesus for bringing to life Your personal promises to Your people, and for working together all things for Your goodness and glory in the lives of Your saints everywhere. What a mighty God! Thank You precious Saviour, our Forever Friend, o Holy and Anointed One, for the oh so loving whispers of Your heart ❤️

  • Gabriel Hanson

    I am going to start writing right now!!! This is so encouraging. . . especially with all the stuff happening in my country etc. . . God Bless You!!!

  • Ford

    Three days ago I started a gratitude journal. I’m completely amazed at how this prophecy is lining up. God Bless you and your family, Lana. Amen and Amen.

  • Godschild

    Yes Peace of mind over us Lord! Thank you! I will write it down. Much distraction the devil has caused but declare PEACE OF MIND in Jesus Name over my family over my household amen!

  • Natasha Twine

    Hi Lana, Wow, such confirmation. I just start journaling last week. Amen. Please be in prayer for those going to D.c. for the Awaken of the Dawn this coming weekend at the National Mall.

  • Kellee Roberts

    I am in complete AWE of ABBA!!! This confirmation down to the letter!!! I’ve been watching out for the last few words that the Lord has released to you and my antennas have been very high!! From “Prophets do not trade the place of rest upon my chest for running shoes”to ” Pioneers a new path and birthing is upon you and keys from Psalm 18″ to you and Christy releasing that powerful word collectively!! To NOW “Write it all down and you will go deeper than you have ever been!!! All of what Abba has said to you, down to running back to what we have written down and crying with joy seeing these things come to pass! I am already crying for joy as every word that I mentioned above that you released…..He has spoken them to me and I have been running to my journal like OH MY GOSH!!! Father!!! You are confirming Your word!!! I’ve been journaling ever since October 7,2011 since I had a encounter with Abba that completely changed my life!! I didn’t know why I journaled, but I do now realize that the Holy Spirit trained me to do so!! It has just intensified and my journal has almost been filled from January until now!! God is truly doing something with us scribing what He’s speaking!! And YES!! The Lord has said this will be a book for many!! Even audiobooks of what He has downloaded! I encourage each and everyone of you, if you haven’t already….. start writing!!!! Happy journaling!!! This indeed be a journey to look back on!!! I praise and bless God for you Lana!! Thank you for your continued obedience!! I pray blessings upon your life and the purity of your ministry!!!!!!!! God bless you all!!!!

  • Jenny

    Yes!!! This is such confirmation as you always bring. Thank you so much for sharing and for sharing the gift God gave you. You truly are amazing and I appreciate you.

  • Mira Lopez

    Wow! Lana… What a Conformation!
    Last week i was crying with tears of Joy praising Him Thanking The Lord for His faithfulness… Three years of testing in the wilderness , Trials and Tribulations My family and I recently moved into a New Home that only The Lord lead us to and I came across 3 notebooks Journals filled with Personal Day to Day thoughts, Poems about Jesus being the Lover of My Soul, Prophetic Words Spoken Over Me and my Family , His Promises, Holy Spirit Filled Rhema Words jotted down quickly, and not to forget to mention Many! Many! Visions, Dreams & Revelation
    So many have come to pass!
    And while turning the Pages of my penned handwriting Suddenly Precious Holy Spirit reminded me of Luke 1:45 The Prayer of My Heart cried this out…
    “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill HIS promises to Her!”
    Jesus You Are Faithful!!!

  • Jackie Battle

    To GOD be the GLORY for His Confirmation, Favor, Love and Visitation!!! Hallelujah to the Lamb! Hallelujah to the Lion of Judah! Surely He is coming forth!!!!!
    I pray each one hear in this spiritual room, PRAY for one another!!!
    THANK you for your obedience Lana!!❤

  • Barbara McMillian

    Wow, this is soooo true of my life. I can say a huge amen to this word. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your faithfulness in bringing God’s message to us. I am truly blessed by you. God bless you

  • Cindy webster

    I had to reach out and confirm your vision and words!!!!! After two days of my pen flying over page after page of writing, ink all over my hands, I was shown the Elijah list n your writing. We must be still for a short time more and look for the signs we are shown. Lana, I cannot say enough how your obedience to share the vision has touched me and I’m sure many new pioneers and future warriors. Prayers for you and many, many thanks .

  • Sophia Livingston

    Lana….I am soooo broken with tears as I read this powerful word from the Lord. I also had a dream about swimming into deep waters, no scuba equipment. My lungs accommodated me and I breathed under water. As I swam deeper into the waters, I was accompanied by an angel who took me by the hand and lead me to a treasure hidden in the sand on the bottom of the ocean. I didn’t take the treasure, but remembered where it was located. Then I resurfaced into the sunshine. I am incredibly encouraged by your vision, which is very like my own. I am also encouraged to now write my story. Thank you for your many sacrifices. Thank you for giving your yes to the Father. Thank you for remaining a yielded vessel unto Him and to the body of Christ.