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    I saw angels being released from the throne of God and they were being carried on the word of the Lord and the winds of the Spirit. I saw them flying towards the people of God that were crying out in their prayer closets for more of Him.  As these angelic hosts were flying towards the people of God they were singing with the Spirit. They were singing “It is time for overflow, it is time for glorious overflow”. As they flew I saw they were holding huge buckets and in these buckets was the most glorious fire I have ever seen. Yet the fire was self sustaining and the…

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    This morning I was alerted that fire was thrown on Joseph’s tomb in Israel but was not damaged. Instantly I felt the Lord speak to me.  That many who are carrying a Joseph anointing have been hit hard with tremendous fires of opposition but you have LOST NOTHING in the fire. It may have felt like you were in the hottest time of opposition that you have ever been in but as you have pressed into Him, you have not been damaged. You have been preserved by Him in the fire!  Suddenly I saw the Lord turn the fires of opposition over these Joseph’s into the fire of awakening. The…

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    LVM Weekly Update

    Just a few short updates this week. We have had a busy week of driving, traveling from Queensland to Adelaide for a family event and to minister at Adelaide Congress Ministry tomorrow night. We are excited to be there; it should be an amazing night of encouragement, the prophetic and encounters with His presence and the fire of His love. The address is 77 Bedwin St, Salisbury North, South Australia at 7 pm if you are interested in joining us. Please check out the website on our Itinerary page for more information. We have updated our itinerary page with more information on our 2016 Ministry trip to USA, with dates…

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    I saw many in the secret place communing with Him when suddenly they were surprised by fire. I saw the fire of God fall upon them and straight into their hearts.  I saw the fire of His love fall and begin to burn away new layers and roots of the fear of man. Attached to this root were tentacles of if others fears. Fear of failure, fear of disappointment and fear of rejection and as the fire of His love fell upon these hearts, not only was the tentacles of these other fears being destroyed but the layers of the fear of man.  In the fire, the Lord was fashioning…

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    Sowing Link

    Hi Friends,  We have received messages over the past few days alerting us to the fact that the sowing link on the bottom of Lana’s words has not been working.  Just letting you all know that the issue has been rectified. Sorry for the inconvenience.  This is the correct link that will now appear on the emails.  http://new.lanavawser.com//sowing/ Blessings to you all and thanks for your generosity and patience as we get this all up and running,  Lana Vawser Ministries 

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    The Lord is building bridges of favour leading His people to unexpected but glorious new relationships and places. Be on the lookout for the bridges, connections and networks He is building before you for they are leading to a new level of birthing and catapulting. These bridges are opening greater doors of divine destiny. Don’t be put off by “how they look” or “where you think” they are leading, follow the prompting of His Spirit for He is leading you into a glorious place where only He could get you. ************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE: To subscribe or unsubscribe please click on the link below: http://new.lanavawser.com//subscription/ SOW: To sow into this ministry please use…

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    There is a shifting of gears taking place right now. The Lord is changing things around, rearranging and adjusting “speeds”. This is a time to really stay flexible and surrendered to Him. What is before you may be unexpected and it may feel like a huge sifting is taking place, and there is, but as you stay close to Him, you will see the sifting lead you into your next demonstration of heavenly shifting. The change of gear may not be what you expect but it is going to lead you to an even greater blessing.  ************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE: To subscribe or unsubscribe please click on the link below: http://new.lanavawser.com//subscription/ SOW: To…

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    I felt the Lord encouraging His people to specifically have their hearts fixed on Him for fresh impartations. I saw HUGE heavenly downloads, big presents labelled IMPARTATIONS falling from the heart of Papa to His people.  I felt the heart of Papa God so excited.. “Ask Me what impartation I am releasing to you that is going to bring such radical change.” I could feel Him beaming with excitement and joy in this releasing.  As these impartations were received, some were expected and others fell suddenly when they least expected it.  These impartations are flowing from the heart of God and the throne room and bringing miraculous change. Even the…

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    The Lord is awakening His people to new levels of intercession. I had a vision where I saw the Lord and He was moving upon His people as the “VOICE OF AWAKENING”.  As we press in, into the secret place the Lord is taking many into a place of hearing the cries of His heart at a deeper level. This is a sacred and beautiful place and the Lord is leading many there that have stewarded the revelations of His heart well.  As the cries of His heart began to resound in the ears and hearts of His people, they began to move into greater encounters with a breaker anointing.…

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    "I declared the former things long ago and they went forth from My mouth, and I proclaimed them, Suddenly I acted, and they came to pass." – Isaiah 48:3 Last night I had a dream where Papa revealed His heart of SUDDENLY'S that are taking place and about to take place in the body of Christ right now.  The Lord specifically spoke to me in the dream and said "There are things that don't shake, move and then change, but things that SUDDENLY explode with the result of an IMMEDIATE and SUDDEN change."  I felt the encouragement from the heart of the Lord for certain things in our lives as…