Prophetic Words


"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" – James 5:16

"I cried to Him in my distress, the delivering God, and from His-temple-throne He heard my troubled cry. My sobs came right into His heart as He turned His face to rescue me." – Psalm 18:6 (The Passion Translation)
I saw desperate heart cries flowing from the people of God. Prayers of desperation, a deep crying out of heart and soul. A crying out for the Lord to move, to shift, to rescue, to restore, to heal, to breakthrough.
As the people of God cried out to Him, and continued to press in for the "more" He was inviting them into, the new levels, the new realms of breakthrough and revelation, I saw their prayers moving in the flow of the Holy Spirit . Beautiful grace was being released from heaven to endure, and pathways were being etched for PERSONAL REVIVAL.
These pathways were etched so deeply, the process had been long, the pressing had been intense and the journey had been difficult. As I looked closer at these pathways, they looked like trenches. I then heard Him speak:
"My people have been in some of the greatest battles of their lives in this season. The battle over health has increased, the battle over finances has increased, the battle over relationships has increased, the battle over revelation has increased, the battle over emotional health has increased. The battle for breakthrough in this season has been greater than any many have faced. Many have become discouraged, weakened and are feeling bruised from the battle. In every step of the battle, I have been with them, releasing My grace and surrounding them with My love and presence even when they did not know it. I have carried them in their weakness, My strength has been made perfect. (2 Corinthians 12:9)"

"Their prayers through the battle path has been heard by Me and I did not turn My face away. I am rescuing them even when they don’t realise it. These pathways have been created by their faithful prayers, continuing to rely on Me and trust Me and cry out to Me decreeing My promises. These pathways that have been created are leading My people into a realm of the greatest personal revival they have experienced. There will be revival of heart, mind, body and soul."
"Many hearts have become weary and discouraged in the battle, by feeling like they are continually living in the trenches, but they are now moving into realms of revival. There are coming impartations from My heart to bring renewal of passionate love and affection towards Me. Renewal of strength in heart to worship. Renewal of strength in heart to endure. Renewal of heart to hope again. Renewal of heart to dream bigger than ever. Revival will break out in hearts that is taking the hunger of My people into a new level. To cry out to see My Spirit break out in every area of their lives, the lives around them and the earth. As I renew and revive their hearts a spirit of intercession is falling upon My people in a greater way. The people of God as they move into the revival of heart will move in deeper levels of intercession, where they will begin to see breakthrough after breakthrough. Hearts will beat in deeper unison with Mine, a deeper intimacy with Me and a deeper clarity of hearing My voice and seeing what I am revealing. All that I release and show My people is drawing them closer and closer to Me. I am wooing My people, a revival of affection towards Me will arise."
I saw many with torments of the mind and struggling in taking thoughts captive. I saw encounters with the Lord happening right across the body of Christ that is breaking mental torment and bringing healing and a greater revelation of 1 Corinthians 2:16 "We have the mind of Christ’. I saw where there has been mental torment and anguish, the Lord is bringing healing and in the healing there will be a revival. A revival of mind bringing clarity of thoughts, awakening creativity, and seeing the Holy Spirit release ideas that when put into practise will release explosions of revival and moves of His Spirit in the area they were put into practise. The enemy has attempted to steal much in the mind of His people, but as the Lord draws His people deeper into the revelation that we have the mind of Christ, and training His people to take their thoughts captive, there is an increase of awakening of the mind happening especially in the area of creativity and innovative ideas.
There is an intense purging happening right now in the souls of God’s people. He is doing a DEEP work in His people in the areas of their soul. Areas that He knows will hold the people of God back in the release, He is bringing to the surface and healing so the people of God can move forward without hindrance and in wholeness. The process has not been pretty for many, it has been messy. There has been great pain for many in the past few months in the area of soul. Wound after wound has been revealed and many have become discouraged. Do not be discouraged! Do not be discouraged! Do not be discouraged!
I heard the Lord say:
"There has been great emotional dross bubbling to the surface of many hearts all at once, but tell them to take heart, for as the dross has bubbled up all at once, as the press in, they are moving into great and accelerated healing at a deep level, that will see the people of God move from walking with an emotional LIMP to SOARING in WHOLENESS in many areas."
In the wholeness the Lord is awakening His people to wholeness of soul. There is a revival happening in the soul with healing and revelation of what it means to be whole in Him.
I saw so many bodies ailed with illnesses, decades upon decades of physical issues where they have cried out for breakthrough and healing.
The Spirit of God is moving in the soul and brining healing and many bodies are being healed as the soul is being healed. Others are seeing instant healing and deliverance from afflictions the enemy has placed upon them.
God is bringing breakthrough and revival in physical bodies. Not only is God healing bodies but reviving bodies with great strength and endurance. Where fatigue has long stolen from the people of God, the Lord is bringing revival to bodies with supernatural strength to endure and supernatural wisdom and insight into taking care of our bodies so we can move forward strong in body, for all He has for us to do.
I felt the Lord say:
"The paddles of My power and love are bringing revival to things that have stopped."
I saw the Lord with the paddles of a defribulator and He spoke "1, 2, 3… CLEAR" and He placed the paddles over the lives of His people. There was a shock of His power released into the lives of His people in areas of mind, heart, body and soul and revival began. Areas where things had stopped, they began to move again in momentum and breakthrough.
"My people are going to be shocked and astounded at My love and power in their midst that is bringing personal revival and alignment into their lives".
Rejoice! Your prayers have etched a pathway with Him for personal revival!!!!!!
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  • Lidia Hidalgo

    Praise the Lord, for you thank you for bringing me new hope, a new breath of life, every time I open my E-mails, I know that the Lord God, is giving me a new and fresh word that is breaking chains deep  within me, there are times when I feel so connected to you as I read the word that the Lord delivers through you; It is as if you know me, and like if you know everything I’ve being through, and everything I’m going through, this word is so real and pure; I always end up in total brokenness, and I know that the Lord is breaking yeas after year of trauma, abused… that only Him and I new about it//// God bless you///

  • Gillian Fenner

    Great word Lana receive it all – thank you your posts are a source if immense encouragement In Christ Love Gillian
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  • Sandra Primrose

    Thank you for being so faithful and writing the heart of the Lord to ME, and all of us. This ministered to me this morning in ways that are leaving me in humbled awe of Him and how He even used the words that I had been using, feeling and He used you to express this. No doubt, many, many others will receive this as a personal message for them and Praise the Lord for that as well. He is our Miracle God and NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR HIM, including the personalizing of His message to His children. Once we get moved, I hope and pray God will open the doors financially that I can bless your ministry. Thank you again Sandy Primrose

  • jupad63

    Judy Lee Dodson