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I had a picture of many in the body of Christ and there were being pressed on every side. The interesting thing is they were being pressed by “wheels”. Instantly a “knowing” filled my heart that these wheels represented circumstances that the enemy was using to create “pressure” upon the people of God and to grind them down. To grind them down with pressure so intensely that they feel like they are ground down to nothing and unable to stand any longer. 
I wondered why the Lord used the picture of “wheels” and I felt Him say, because the very thing the enemy is attempting to do is stop the people of God from moving forward. Stop them from gaining “traction” and moving into new gears and shifts into acceleration. 
As the people of God were continuing to stand despite the constant  intensifying grinding, I saw the beautiful oil of the Lord beginning to pour from the throne of heaven and began to spread under and beneath these wheels. The pressure the enemy was placing upon the people of God began to slip, it began to lose ground, and it began to lose traction. The pressure began to lift, an unravelling was taking place.
This oil then spread to the lives of believers and I saw what looked like “cogs in a clock”. Some of these clocks were struggling in their moving, some had been chipped, some had been knocked out of ‘alignment’. I then felt the Lord say that these “cogs” represent the “time and season” that the people of God are walking through. It’s TIME for BREAKTHROUGH and RELEASE!!!! One cog representing them and the other the promises and destiny doors the Lord has before them. As these cogs were moving together in unison there was a powerful movement and a “taking of ground”. 
These other “grinding wheels” the enemy had brought into the lives of believers to grind them down, to knock them out, had caused some hindrance to the people of God. There were some battle wounds, there was tiredness, some things had been broken. 
As the anointing oil of the Lord poured into the cogs, HEALING was taking place. RESTORATION was taking place. REFRESHMENT was taking place. STRENGTHENING was taking place. REALIGNMENT was taking place. In all the ways the enemy had tried to knock the people of God out of alignment with what God is doing and moving them through new breakthrough and destiny doors, the Lord was healing, realigning and strengthening. 
I then saw the Lord press a button that said “RESET”. As soon as He pressed it, not only was everything “RESET” into perfect alignment but positioned for MORE than before. The cog wheels began to move with greater ease, greater acceleration, greater strength. 
You may feel like you are constantly facing pressures that are “grinding” and you may feel like you are almost ground down to the point of not being able to stand anymore. The Lord is releasing His anointing oil, bringing healing and a DIVINE RESET to perfect heavenly alignment and positioned for more than before. 
People of God, you are about to “take off”. Like wheels on a plane on the runway. You are going to gain speed as He carries you. You are taking more ground now than you realise. Keep standing. 
The enemy’s tactics to grind you down are being unravelled!!!! The enemy is LOSING GROUND as you continue to stand in Him, and YOU are GAINING GROUND!!


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  • Broken

    These circumstances have continued for years and years. I am so tired. I just can’t anymore. When exactly is God going to step in? Is He ever going to? It’s best to just give up.

    • Chris

      He cares for you and He loves you. I don’t know your story or your struggle, but I know my own. I’ve been breaking through for a long time too, He doesn’t abandon us in the journey 🙂
      I pray He touches you with peace and trust, and that the only giving up you do is to place it fully in His hands.

    • Chris Kauffman

      Throw yourself on the Rock and pour your heart out like water on Him…Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up!

  • Amore' Osher

    Thank You Jesus for this amazing Word in season from our Father’s Heart. Thank You Jesus for Your Oil. We are moving forward. Amen

  • A Thankful Reader

    Thank you for sharing this word, Lana. I’ve been feeling exactly like what you have described here, pressed from every side with no escape in sight. The injustice I suffer at my work has been so unbearable that I comtemplated finally quitting on Monday. It still looks very bleak, bleaker than ever before, but now I desperately hope and pray that the words the Lord has given you will come true for me and many here.

  • Nancy Slocum

    Amen and amen, Lana! It’s TIME for BREAKTHROUGH and RELEASE!!!!
    I have known that kind of “grinding” in this past season but I am in transition and have already stepped over a divine line and there is no turning back! I already have one foot on the solid GROUND of God’s promises! As soon as I read the word “WHEELS” I had a vision of the “wheel within a wheel” from Ezekiel 1:16, and I knew I am actually experiencing God supernaturally taking me through to new and higher ground in Him!!! I have not been touched by the enemy’s grinding the past three days as I have been totally secluded in a bubble and secret place with Him and pressing through! I am being inspired, stirred up and sent forth with new strategies and marching orders for this new ground! I’m totally charged and creativity in His anointing is bursting forth! Yippee! Don’t give up brethren… KEEP PRESSING INTO HIM UNTIL HE PRESSES YOU THROUGH FOR HIS PLAN, PURPOSES AND GLORY!!!

  • Susan Rose

    Lana, your encouraging word from the Lord about GEARS reflects a vision I was given in October 2013:
    I see a large metal gear. It is being immersed in a giant vat of thick white material. It comes out coated with a white film.
    Next I see a rod (an axel) being inserted through the center of the gear. Then I see a whole group of gears coming to attach to the white gear and become a functional entity. The other (later) gears are dark colored metal. Gold particles are sprinkled on this group of gears.
    The rod (axel) is very long. It is connected to more groups of gears and intersecting axels.
    I am seeing the group of gears and axels from a distance, as if I am very large, and they seem small. They are about the size of a bar of soap, and they’re encased in a bar of clear resinous material. This bar is solid, and the gears are not able to move.
    I asked God if the resin represents His fixed purpose or if it represents something that needs to be prayed away (warred against) and dissolved. “Is the resin a protection or a hindrance?”
    I see the tears of God dropping onto the bar of resin and melting it.
    The gears and axels are now moving and working. Rows of lights illumine the structures and give them a cheerful, happy ambience (not industrial or dirty). The lights seem like the strings of lights found on a street corner market in an old-time small-town setting.
    The oil on the gears is clean and clear.
    I see people carrying candles in glass containers. I’m given the word “vigil.”

  • Elsie Bouwman

    I go the word “stand” in a song in the spirit today!
    “There they are standing,
    There they are standing,
    There they are standing,
    for the things that burn
    in Your heart!
    They they are STANDING!
    (the last line was a triumphant,
    triumphant sound)
    Give them favour.
    Give them favour.
    Give them favour.
    Godly leaders win this election,
    Godly leaders!
    ( this song was inspired by Faytene Grassechi’s daily 15 second prayer for the 11 election campaign in Canada)
    Got this revelation: “Our Father, HOLY is YOUR name.” It is OUR FATHER’S name that is HOLY!!
    This declaration came too: “Kept from the wrong mate. Directed to the right one!!”
    Shalom, shalom,
    Elsie Bouwman

  • Chris Kauffman

    Yes and amen! A friend of mine prophesied yesterday that “Oil and chips” (like on a road) were coming! Oil to give us lubrication and mobility from Holy Spirit and chips like words to give us traction!

  • Michals Christopher

    Great message!! I’m a new follower and these are really perfect for me. Not to mention I was surprised to see the website style template is the exact WP format as my own – great choice!! ??