Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
All week I have had a strong sense from the Lord for those who have really been “warring” in prayer in the secret place over situations, circumstances, nations, people and areas where breakthrough is needed.
I saw such a deep wrestling and contending taking place in the secret place for many, crying out to the Lord and interceding. I watched as declarations were rising up to heaven, seeds of intercession were being sowed and the warriors within were standing up stronger than ever with a roar of authority, taking the Lord at His Word, louder than before.
Many have felt “surrounded” by their circumstances, by the swirling warfare, by the pressure of things not yet shifting and many have been left overwhelmed, but not defeated.
The Lord is about to TURN the OVERWHELM. I have been hearing all week, the Spirit of the Lord whispering…
“You are now about to see a PUBLIC manifestation of My victory for your warring in the secret place”
Where many of you have been battered back and forth by circumstances, where you have felt like you have been living on the defence for so long, there is MAJOR breakthrough upon you. The Lord is moving and their is going to be a PUBLIC DISPLAY of His victory in the areas where you have been contending and crying out.
Friends, I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying:
“It hasn’t been for nothing! It hasn’t been for nothing! Every tear, every prayer, every declaration, every minute of intercession has shaken, shifted, moved and increased momentum in the Spirit and NOW is shall break forth.”
There are MAJOR breakthrough’s upon you! Victory is yours and you are about to see the victory of Jesus manifest PUBLICALLY that is going to leave you in a place of being OVERWHELMED not by unshifting, unmoving circumstances, but by the POWER of the Spirit of God.
The Lord spoke to me that these public demonstrations of His victory that are manifesting and going to continue to manifest are going to be life changing, nation shaking, world changing. It is going to fill hearts with hope again. It is going to breathe life and conviction back into hearts of the power of His Word that does NOT return void (Isaiah 55:11) and an even GREATER AWAKENING to the power of prayer.
The Lord showed me that in the contending and warring place that many have still found themselves in, in the secret place, you are being birthed. Not only are you partnering with the Holy Spirit to see a tremendous manifestation of His victory publically displayed and a greater momentum of breakthrough than you have ever experienced, but you are about to see the POWER OF PRAYER and stand even taller and more assured in who Jesus is in you, your inheritance and the POWER of the Word of God. The fires of “nothing is impossible” being increased in greater measure. A greater maturing of the sons and daughters of God in the revelation of who He is, who they are and the unshakeable Word of God.
God is going to give you greater eyes to see in different forms (dreams, visions, the Word) of what happens when you pray. The Lord is opening eyes to reveal what takes place in the spirit when you pray. God is raising up an army who KNOW the power of prayer even before they see the “cloud the size of a man’s hand rising up out of the sea”(1 Kings 18:44) manifesting before them in the natural.
These public displays of His victory over the areas you have been warring in intercession over in the secret, private place are going to forever change you.
It hasn’t been for nothing!
You are about to see how the power of prayer, CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!