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The Lord spoke to me today about unchartered waters and how He is setting His people up in different places of things that are completely new. There are new assignments, new avenues, new adventures, a shifting of the gears in the body of Christ where many are finding themselves standing at the shore of unchartered waters.

Many standing at the shores of the UNFAMILIAR!

The enemy, and the issues of the soul have been screaming "FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!". Screaming at the people of God that as they step out into these unchartered waters that all that awaits them is FAILURE and FEAR.

As the Lord is speaking to me about this I am instantly taken into a vision, and I see Jesus and He is standing in the middle of the unchartered waters. He is standing in the middle of these waters, there are big waves, but they are not 'storm' like, they are just bigger than the people of God have seen before.

With a smile He speaks "This requires RISK!!! Trust Me!!! The enemy and your soul may be screaming "FAIL, FAIL, FAIL!!! but look the banner I hold up over these unchartered waters I am calling you to step into…"

I then see Jesus hold up a HUGE banner over His head and it says "FAITHFULNESS AND FAVOUR!!!"

"These unchartered waters look NOTHING like you have known before. They look NOTHING like you have experienced before. They are completely unfamiliar but I AM HERE!!!!!!! IT IS ME!!!! You may not understand the "PROCESS" of how to get through these waters, and I am here to teach you. In leaning into My heart, listening to My voice, I am going to lead you EVERY STEP and you will NOT FAIL. The exact OPPOSITE is going to happen as you move by the leading of My Spirit… In these UNCHARTERED WATERS you are going to find GREATER demonstrations of My FAITHFULNESS and explosions of My FAVOUR like you have not even imagined. I am not setting you up to FAIL, I am setting you up to MOVE FORWARD. I am setting you up to FLY!!!!! You are going to WALK ON THESE UNCHARTERED WATERS… the KEY.. keep your eyes on ME! I am actually setting you up to see an explosive demonstration of My power IN and THROUGH your life, but you must step out. You must NOT let fear keep you on the shoreline. It's time to step out into the unchartered waters and you will see that in this "new territory", these "completely unfamiliar places and circumstances" you are going to FIND YOURSELF IN ME in a whole new way. We are going to dance new steps, at a new rhythm and I am going to teach you each and every moment. I am actually extending you in these unchartered waters to know Me in new and fresh ways, to be awakened to My power, My love, My faithfulness, and to be awakened to your destiny."

The Lord then begins to laugh with such joy, such celebration and instantly I can hear party poppers going off all around and I can see coloured streamers flying everywhere, all over the waves.

I am wondering why there are streamers everywhere and the atmosphere is full of the feeling of a HUGE PARTY!!!!!

He then speaks again:

"A SURPRISE PARTY OF DESTINY is opening up in the UNCHARTERED WATERS!!!!! Surprise DOORS and surprise OPPORTUNITIES AND PLACEMENTS are going to take place in these unchartered waters. Areas of destiny My people have not even thought of or expected but are HAND MADE AND TAILOR FITTED for My people by My hand. PERFECT FITS!!!! These SURPRISE PARTIES of DESTINY are going to release such JOY and CELEBRATION in My people, a DEEP rejoicing and celebration of who I am, My goodness and that I am the God of EPHESIANS 3:20!! From these SURPRISE PARTIES of DESTINY in the lives of My people, MANY shall come to know Me. MANY salvations!!! An INCREASE of bringing in the harvest!!!!!"

"In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven't strayed away!" – Luke 15:7

You are prepared for the unchartered waters! Do not fear! Keep your eyes on Jesus! The enemy and issues of the soul may be screaming "FAIL, FAIL, FAIL" but the Lord is holding up the banner over these unchartered waters and it says "FAITHFULNESS AND FAVOUR"!!!!


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  • Jesh StG

    Have been in uncharted waters already for almost 2 years, in very unfamiliar situations, but as I know God there’s coming a rain of favor when I am faithful to what He tells me to do

  • Carol

    Thank You Lord for such a Prophetic Word in this season. Just the Confirmation that I needed. God is so Faithful and True.
    God Bless you Larna for your lifestyle of being set apart to be able to hear God’s voice so clearly and in time to give direction, encouragement ect… 2Chronicles 20:20c
    God Bless you Larna and enlarges your territory supernaturally.

  • Meshack/Suzan Ivy Baloyi

    This is so fascinating, I feel so much encouraged by your words, because each time you speak, you spell out exactly how my situation looks like.
    May the Lord God bless you with His wisdom from above in abundance!

  • ann

    Hi there just want to say thank you for your post about moms crying out for children. On easter Sunday I asked for a miracle for my two children to reunite. God answered me with my son arriving on my doorstep at 4am to take his sister to the beach. What an amazing God we sereve

  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Glory to You O Lord! Amen n Amen. Thank you Jesus!
    God bless you Lana, thank you ???



  • Dr. Three Rivers

    Think about it — what did the Israelites do to walk out of Egypt? What did Peter do to reach Christ?
    Yes… and why did only one get out of the boat to reach Him???

  • Yvonne Thigpen

    This was a right on time word needed for me and my husband. It is a word that confirmed many things. I thank God for sharing this through you to encourage us.

  • Amy

    I’ve been clinging to these words and waiting desperately.. Please help please pray for me. I’m a single mom struggling to make ends meet, I’m in debt, and the bills are piling up, I’ve been crying out to God, asking forgiveness for anything I’ve done wrong, seeking His face, His direction, I’m fasting, I haven’t stopped tithing, and I pray desperately for this word to be my reality….Ive been praying a crazy faith prayer, for something to happen that only God will get the glory for…. I need a miracle…..

    • elly

      ((hug!)) Praying along with you and for you, Amy! God will never forsake us but He does lets us go through dark times to help us grow (as you well know, unfortunately). I have found His voice gets louder the more I pour over the Bible to understand Him and the more I work on being obedient to whatever He wants of me in the moment I am in. He WILL get you (and me too with my ickiness) through this. Have you ever heard Tobymac’s song “Move?”

  • Lisa Benedict

    What an on-time word “unchartered waters” is for me. However, this comes as confirmation from a word I received in January 2015! Since then, I have navigated over 3,000 miles of unchartered waters with no end to new things, people, and places. I am standing on the word of God, and ask for your prayers as I step into unknown waters.