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By Lana Vawser 

Many have been in an incredibly intense spiritual battle lately. There is a shifting and lifting taking place! There will be a very significant display of the winds of VICTORY, that will not only bring breakthrough and relief but clarity given to you as to how many KEYS have been given to you as you have been in battle. 

Many of you are coming out of the battle with an ABUNDANCE of keys of strategy that you are ABOUT TO SEE and use to set others free by His breaker anointing of victory!

I had a vision and saw many of you carrying BASKETS and BOUQUETS of KEYS of strategy and revelation that will also unlock all the enemy has stolen and see you released forth in sudden acceleration into the new ground and territory the Lord has for you. 

The battle has caged many of you in a place of not being able to “dream big”. That is shifting and lifting! He has been healing your hearts of disappointments and He is breathing in LIFE again to HOPE and DREAM.  Those chains of OLD are breaking off and you are being given new shoes of victory to ZOOM by His Spirit further than before. 

There is a wave crashing in on you now, His wave of a significant fulfillment of dreams in your life. You are about to see WHY the enemy has been fighting you so hard. 

God is calling you up HIGHER, to not settle for second best, but to dream BIGGER than you have ever dreamed and see MIRACLES MANIFEST within them.


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  • Deb

    JUST WOW!!!!!
    All I have right now. Must process and absorb.
    Ive seen first fruits. Waiting on His harvest!!
    And I feel it coming.

  • Robearh

    Father, I thank you for your awesome words, this day. Victory,
    I shout it out is mine. Standing in Faith, upon the spoken
    promises over my lie. I thank you once again for the promise
    coming forth in this hour of need. Hallelujah !!

  • Kathy

    It is because God’s Kingdom of Heaven is coming upon this planet.
    Jesus was the bridge, heaven on earth thru Jesus. Shalom!

  • Natascha Wagner

    I really would like to praise God and thank Him that He speaks so clearly and pure through you, Lana. Since a couple of months the messages have been extremely accurately fitting to our lives. Even our 15 year old daughter experiences the messages through you to be the nail on the head for her. She asked to be a subscriber as well.
    Keep on being the Lord’s voice in this manner please.
    Bless yiu abundantly,
    Natascha Wagner

  • Monica Singh

    Pastor Lana, can you really be so on point?my family has only been fighting battles but now we are seeing the shifting and have started to plan again. It was like we were “put on hold ” . We were still praying,fasting,declaring and seeing the hand of God fighting for us but there was no joy because something else came up that needed more warfare . But from last week we are in a quiet place and peaceful and we feeling much lighter. Amen… hope this makes sense.

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    SPOT ON!! Thank You Father! This confirms a dream I had recently. I was under attack by many but saw a television set & on it, a lady sang a New Song of Praise, Dancing. I was In sync with her every step, however I made the dance my own, putting my own unique spin on it. I had Much Joy! As my attackers watched, I kept my focus on The Lord & Praised & Danced. A Sweet Lady then came with a Basket Full of Gifts & handed it to me! Praise God! I keep seeing 1234, 12345, 222, 555, 4444, & have seen 717, 747, 777, 787! We Are Going Higher! And Just tonight I was speaking to a coworker about God knowing the Dreams we have!! HALLELUJAH!! Thank You Precious Lady Warrior, Ms Lana! Father’s Abundant Blessings on You & Yours Sweet Lady!

  • Patricia


  • Cheri

    WOW!!! I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that the Lord was fitting me for shoes. A little later He put them on. As I looked down at what they were to look like I saw they weren’t shoes at all, but double bladed ice skates!!! All I got to say is ZZZOOOOOOMMM!!!!! (Our Lord has an amazing sense of humor);););)

  • Marionette

    Praise God! It has indeed been a time of intense battle, and I look forward to those keys and breakthrough’s!

  • Susan M

    Warrior Lana, thank you for this strategic & timely word… (King Jesus, we believe and receive…We shout Amen and we thank You that it is time for Your beloved ones to WIN and to ENTER IN to their divine destiny and into supernatural renewal and restoration! We expect GREAT things! Praise the Lord! All glory to Him!!)

  • Paula L

    Hi Lana, I was reading your article from today and thought it was going
    to go a different way…What if I told you my friend and myself, who have
    been Christians for over 20 years were having a problem with demons.
    With all the new technology these demons have attached themselves
    to electronic devices, like TV’s, remotes, etc. which have been
    programmed for targeting people. What if I told you my friend is one
    of those victims..What if I told you for 7 months we’ve done everything we know possible desperately reaching out to God through prayer, scripture, seeking His face for His help. What if I told you my friend has been targeted (not me) and attacked by electrical shocks through the floor boards of her apartment and mine. SEE…

  • Paula L

    Paula L-Continued- What if I told you it is so bad that at times we have
    had to leave our apartments and go to hotels to sleep because my friend cannot sleep, sit down, lay down, even standing and there are also attacks in the bathroom because of all the attacks that are continuous 24/7. What if I told you it reminds me your article Nov 29, 2016 about the “PERFECT CRIME”. Who in their right mind would believe this is possible?? Let me remind you my friend is an innocent victim and has done nothing to these neighbors to deserve this diabolic, horrendous treatment. The Lord has revealed to us there are in fact demons involved.
    A lot more to tell. Can you give me any feedback. Still desperate. Thank you

  • Bridgette

    Praise God!
    God spoke to me in February and then Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo prophesied master breakthrough in February during their 7 nights of prophetic declarations. This is a three time confirmation from God to me that domino miracles and astronomical breakthroughs are at our door any second. I always enjoy the encouragement from God’s word and visions, thank you!

  • Lois

    Amen…thank you for sharing Woman of God!
    I receive this prophetic word of God.
    Thank You Father God!

  • KRR

    Thank you for this Word of encouragement. So many of us have been in such intense battles for so long that we have become battle weary. Your words bring life and strength and remind us of the Victory that is ultimately ours! Your posts are always such a blessing and are very much appreciated.

  • Charlene from Tennessee

    It is true that KEYS continue to come from these times. I have been writing them down, but I need to write EACH one down. I know the Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance when needed, but being able to read them at will is a worthy thing, too.

  • Rochelle

    My mouth is wide open right now. Doing my two-way journal with God. Last week He told me “April 7” in my dream. Didn’t know what He meant. And today God told me in my dream “Arise, it’s a new dawn. It’s a new day” then He revealed to me my huge destiny! In my dream He told me where I’m ending up. I asked Him further about it later as it was very vague. I pressed in more not giving up until I heard Him to understand what He meant and He said this “The rapid movements of the tides are changing. I have called forth my angels awaiting my instructions to release the waves”. And then God told me what is to become of me and I’m reeling that I had no idea my destiny is this huge. Now I get why the enemy has been stopping me for a long…

  • GOD Roots

    I m so tired of The Lord not listening to me when I said I can’t take it anymore. I feel disheartened and angry. It’s like you keep being pushed when you said enough is enough. How can I trust The Lord like this? The pain is too much. Why don’t He just leave me alone.