Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord spoke to me recently regarding “writing” and showed me a significant increase being released for “writing” this year. In 2017, the Lord spoke to me a lot for the writers and the breakthrough and birthing that was upon many writers.
There is a significant increase in anointing available right now for those who are called to write for the Lord. There is a significant breakthrough upon the writers to write with greater ease, clarity, insight and flow. Many have come up against some opposition in their writing and hindrance of vision, but that’s because the Lord has anointed the work that He has called you to put your pen to, significantly.
The words that the Lord is having and going to have you pen are coming with fire, anointing, grace and great impartation. There is impartation upon the words for encounter, direction, healing, life and breakthrough for those who read it.
I heard the Lord say “NOW ENTER GREATER CLARITY”. The Lord is taking you to a deeper level of insight, revelation and clarity on what He is speaking. There is going to be a whole new course of direction that the Lord will have many of you take with your writing, but go with the flow, because the anointing is going to carry you further than you thought. The winds of acceleration will blow upon what the Lord is showing you and you will write with greater acceleration and ease.
Many of you right now are pioneering with your writing and breaking new ground, and there’s often opposition against the new ground, but don’t take your pen away from the paper. Don’t stop writing, keep positioning yourself, for the new realm of clarity and ease is upon you.
The hardship you have previously known in your writing, you shall now know a slipstream of His grace.
The Lord showed me that much of what the Lord will have many of you pen is going to be roadmaps and blueprints for the season for many. The Lord is having you write for now, He is having you write for tomorrow, and He is having you write for the season. A strong prophetic mantle and anointing is upon what many are writing for the Lord in this season whether recognised or not. The Lord has hidden keys and treasures for many that are being released through the writings of many in this season.
The Lord showed me some specific attack in the night hours against the writers. There has been some demonic interference and opposition coming against many writers in many forms in the night hours, and especially in their dreams.
If that’s you, I want to encourage you, the Lord showed me a MAJOR turnaround that is about to be released upon you that is going to take you into a season of HUGE downloads from heaven as you sleep. Where the enemy has tried to rob from you as you sleep, the Lord is now going to download and add to you as you sleep. Keep a notepad beside your bed, for many of you are going to receive the blueprint breakthrough and revelation that will open the floodgates of heaven to release the anointing to write with greater ease, acceleration, flow and revelation.
In other words, “DON’T GIVE UP and be INTENTIONAL in stewarding the assignment God has given you.” Even if you write a few words a day, do whatever you have to do to remain intentional and engaged with the assignment the Lord has given you. The enemy wants you to put the book on the bookshelf. Don’t do that, stay engaged, present and intentional with the assignment of writing God has given you. There is such a beautiful, significant empowerment of the Spirit of God now being released within your assignment.
You will see a mighty move of the Spirit of God upon this writing. Great favour will fall upon your stewardship of this assignment He has given you. He will take His words through you further than you imagined.
Stay the course! Powerful words of HIS TRUTH are being released THROUGH YOU!
“So, go now and write all this down. Put it in a book
So that the record will be there to instruct the coming generations.” – Isaiah 30:8 (MSG TRANSLATION)
“Now go and write down these words. Write them in a book. They will stand until the end of time as a witness.” – Isaiah 30:8 (NEW LIVING TRANSLATION)
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  • lisanne3015

    Absorbing every little letter, word, truth of this profound piece. I pray I step more closely and clearly with every opportunity to write as a tribute to Jesus and an acknowledgement of God. I pray I not look for likes, instead look for Him.

  • Peg

    Lana, I can’t thank you & Jesus enough for this encouragement & clarity. Spot on!!!! Your Will be done, Lord, on earth as it is in heaven!

  • Meshack Baloyi

    I am so scared there way God reveals things to you. You are my mentor every step of the way. God bless.

  • Melva W Wiggins

    Just last night I felt like the Lord said ,” write”. I grabbed my notebook ,but didn’t seem to get much.
    Then this morning I get this word from Lana.
    God is sooo….good !
    My sister has been begging me to write for months, the things that God shows me.
    God himself told me he was gonna write my book, and he has certainly been doing so.
    One day I told my son, ” God said he was gonna write my book”.
    I went upstairs and had an email that said , God is gonna write your book ,and today He’s gonna give u the first page.
    My son was shocked when I showed him.
    Sure enough God gave me the first page ,that very day.
    We were upstairs worshipping the Lord. My son leading and playing guitar. The presence of God so strong. I prayed for God to give him a revelation or vision to show him the spiritual battle that was taking place between us. Sure enough ,God gave him a vision right then. He’d never had one before or since.
    Yes, indeed, God is writing my book.
    Please pray I can get it down and for God’s wisdom to get it published!
    Thank you Lana for listening to God.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Yesterday, it had rained and rained and rained all day washing away much of the accumulated snow. Then, in the evening it got really frigid and extremely windy so walking on the grass was like walking on each blade near frozen! Heard in my heart about writing. Heard the word ‘writing’. Been speaking in tongues a whole lot last year and this year and gratefully interpretation comes. Thank you Lana for telling more about writing!! Thank You Lord for the gift of speaking in tongues. It’s so encouraging and edifying!

  • Cathleen

    Glory to God, let it be as you have said Lord. I receive this Word of your faithfulness through your chosen vessel and I will go, I will see Your goodness in all things. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Lana thank you for your service.

  • Christina

    I also have heard from the Lord over the past month or two, regarding writing – I heard not to let my writing be taken from me. It’s been a long struggle, to hold on, so this is a wonderful, calming word here. May we who desire this blessing, find it to be true for us all, in Jesus’ name.

  • Isolde Beukes

    Everything that you have mentioned is true. Especially about the demonic dreams. My writing talent I have rediscovered 3 months ago and it surprises me still. It’s something that the Holy Spirit is at the forefront of? To my utter delight.

  • Li

    Wow! On the spot.
    Yes, I agree that the devil resists that we don’t reveal the riches of His wisdom and knowledge which He has hid for us from the beginning of time. God bless, Lana.

  • Glenda Carlson

    Father, May it be done unto me according to your Word and, to all others writing for Your Kingdom purposes ! Thank You, Father, for enlarging our capacity to receive our Divine Assignments NOW fully unfolding to us and making the crooked places straight. In Jesus Name. Amen !

  • tarakwentworth

    Oh my goodness! I was coming home from a meeting yesterday and commenting to my friend that someone needed to write about a particular topic when the Lord moved into the car powerfully and bore witness that that was my next assignment. I was totally surprised when I arose this morning and a download came almost faster than I could write. Then to see you message pop up in my email – the Lord encouraging me that this assignment really is from Him (way out of my comfort zone or normal writing skills). Thank you for such a timely word of confirmation and encouragement! God Bless You!
    Tara W.

  • Penny D Hansen/WORD WEAVER

    Bless you, I have self published one book. I have a second one I’m believing for the money to publish it. I have a third one coming together. The Lord is downloading the out line. I will begin to write it soon. I write fiction for young people. So far the Lord is having me write on the supernatural warfare. But it’s on power and authority that we have over the enemy. It’s the victory we have as believers in Jesus. Looking forward to what He has for writers in this season.

  • Hermien

    I know that this word was released in January but I feel that it is so timely for me at the moment.
    I receive this and I will keep on writing.

  • Holly Woytcke

    Thank you for this word! It has illuminated many things for me. I am in alignment with much of what you wrote. I decree and declare this prophetic word over my life and those who this resonates with. Many blessings to you!!!