Prophetic Words


The Lord spoke to me recently that it is imperative right now in time of transition that we as His people are spending time deep in worship and the word. For the turbulence of transition is causing a swirl, the enemy is causing confusion and attempting to bring despair, anxiety and hopelessness, but the Lord is bringing forth a DIVINE RESET.

I heard the Lord say:

“What is about to happen has never happened before.”

The divine reset of the Lord’s hand in the lives of His people right now is going to be nothing that has happened before. These divine resets are in areas that not yet seen breakthrough, these are the cycles and the giants that are continually faced by many of God’s people without victory.. YET!

The Lord is moving powerfully right now to bring forth this divine reset. The Lord is resetting hearts in healing, freedom and direction. The Lord is resetting minds breaking mental fog, traumas and torments. The Lord is resetting vision where so many battles have caused such a confusion and a disorientation. The Lord is bringing forth a divine reset, He is bringing things back to HIS original design. I heard the Lord’s voice thundering..


The WAY to align right now with this divine reset is through the Word and worship. There is a TREMENDOUS battle right now over alignment. The enemy is attempting to bring people into FALSE alignments and this is to HINDER the alignment of the Lord. The safe place of alignment is to stay surrendered to the Lord and positioned in worship and in the Word.

The Lord is beginning to bring MAGNIFICENT SUDDEN alignments by His hand. The enemy knows that these magnificent alignments are taking place now and he is fighting hard to keep these alignments from taking place, but your breakthrough will be found in worship and in the Word.

The alignments God is bringing of heart, mind and vision is like you have never seen before. As I mentioned in my Facebook live I did with my friend Matt Beckenham a few days ago, the Lord spoke to me so clearly “It’s going to be better than you can imagine or think!” – the alignments and the divine reset of the Lord’s hand right now is truly the resounding breakthrough of Ephesians 3:20 and what you are about to step into you have NEVER stepped into before and what the Lord is about to do in you is COMPLETELY NEW, it has NOT been done before.

The WAY the Lord is going to heal you, the WAY the Lord is going to deliver you, the WAY the Lord is going to establish you, the WAY the Lord is going to restore you, the WAY the Lord is going to bring a divine reset in your life, the WAY the Lord is going to vindicate you, the WAY the Lord is going to increase you, the WAY the Lord is going to promote you, the WAY the Lord is going to accelerate you, the WAY the Lord is going to free you is going to be in ways you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE.


The Lord showed me where the heaviness, the anxiety, the transition and the shaking has brought a ‘confusion of vision’ upon many, the Lord is about to bring forth a divine RESET of the vision He has given them. He is about to CLEAR AWAY THE CLUTTER and bring forth great CLARITY of vision. The Lord is going to bring forth a divine RESET of the original intent of His vision, there will be great confirmation and significant clarity. As the RESET takes place, not only will their be confirmation and clarity, but the Lord is going to INCREASE AND EXPAND the vision.I hear the Lord saying:

“You are about to walk into GREAT JOY!!!!!”

These mighty moves of the divine reset of His hand are going to catapult you into great joy. Where there is heaviness, mourning, despair, hopeless and pain now, the Lord is about to release you into JOY you have not known before. You truly are about to step into Isaiah 61:7 like you have NEVER experienced before.

I heard His whispers:

“Where hearts have become deflated in despair and weariness this divine reset shall bring forth PASSION and EXCITEMENT like never before.”
“Time has been lost, MORE than you can imagine will be gained as I ACCELERATE you.”

Hold on friends, stay in the position of worship and in the Word for the winds of acceleration are increasing and a mighty divine reset of His hand is upon you. In the acceleration MORE shall be gained than you lost and you shall see greater increase and fruit by the power of His Spirit. Stand strong in this moment of transition, this moment of birthing. Things are changing and shifting, but it is for your expansion, your good and to bring you forth in greater wholeness in Jesus name.

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