Prophetic Words


Recently I heard the Lord say “I am capturing many of My people’s hearts again and restoring simple devotion.”

Friend, if your heart feels dry and weary and captured by the cares of this world and you feel like you have been weighed down by so many things lately that it’s left you feeling discouraged and the passion you once had in your relationship with Jesus is just not the same as it was, I believe the Lord is speaking to you.

He is going to capture your heart again by His love. The waves of His love are going to crash over you and your heart will be ignited and rekindled in passion and fiery love for Jesus and the restoration of simple devotion to Him.

The Lord has seen how the trials and the battles have weighed upon your heart, He sees how deep the weariness goes and He has heard your cries. He is restoring the divine romance of intimacy with Him to you and taking you deeper than you have been before.

Where so many different things have battled for the affections of your heart, where so many trials have attempted to capture your heart and capture your attention and affection, the Lord is bringing you back into divine alignment. Areas where your heart has swayed from Him as true north, from Jesus being the lover of your soul, the fire of His love is falling upon you and it is His kindness and love that is bringing forth repentance.

For I hear the Lord saying:

“I am going to take you into the secret place with Me, to places you have never been.”

There are new adventures awaiting you with Jesus and the wooing of His love is inviting you deeper than you have ever been. He is restoring the place of simple devotion and a deeper place of worship shall bubble up inside you like never before. The deep level of intimacy He is bringing you into that will catapult you into a deeper well of worship than you have known, will take you into encounters with Jesus like you have never experienced.

He’s removing the “obligations”, the places where you meet with Him out of “religious duty”, He is looking for friends. He is looking for those who will come before Him and delight in being in His presence, ministering to His heart and being with Him simply to know Him.

Anything that has captured the attention or affection of the heart above the Lord, He is bringing down. He is releasing such deep, rich, encounters with His heart and His love that many will feel like they are meeting Him for the first time.

This place of the ‘recapturing’ of the heart that the Lord is going is like a deeper divine reintroduction to His love, His nature and goodness. Everything that has not lined up with His character and revelation of His love and His Word will suddenly begin melting away. In this divine “recapturing” the restoration of simple devotion and radical obedience will be restored.

The deep cry that says “Jesus, You are my Lord! You are my King! Wherever You lead, I will go, whatever you say, I will obey.”

I heard His whisper:

“I am restoring the place of the JOY of My people’s salvation.”

“Restore to me the joy of Your salvation And sustain me with a willing spirit.” – Psalm 51:12

The Lord is recapturing hearts. He is restoring simple devotion to Him and His ways. Joy is being restored in the revelation of who He is and in the deep places of intimacy.

His whisper continued to surround me:

“It’s the hearts blazing, living in the secret place and in deep communion with Me that will have the courage to obey Me when I say “GO AGAINST THE GRAIN.”

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