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By Lana Vawser
Recently I was in worship and spending time with the Lord and I heard the words…
“Australia and Queensland you are moving into toxic shock.”
I was shocked by this statement. When I entered back into Australia and into the state of Queensland 4 weeks ago, the Lord showed me the kidneys of Australia were dying and there was a baby that the Lord was wanting to birth that was in the breech position. As I asked the Lord how this baby would be turned into the right position and the kidneys to function again, I felt Him say that watchman who have left the walls would be refreshed and must return and take position, and any compromise that has snuck into hearts and lives must be removed especially within the church leadership of Australia.
I began to research ‘toxic shock’ and I saw this invasion of bacterial infection from the lack of ‘hygiene’ or through an ‘open wound’ and infection gets into the blood stream it is very serious and can lead to death. After the immediate administration of antibiotics and fluids, the KIDNEYS and LIVER are checked to see if any damage has occurred to these organs or if there is any type of kidney and liver failure.
As I am sitting with the Lord on this word, I began to be so moved over the heart of God for the nation of Australia. His heart is to bring such a cleansing, such a purity and to see His Glory manifest here like we have never seen.
Immediately I asked the Lord how this “toxic shock” is to be stopped and turned and I heard Ephesians 5:26b-27
:“…Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” I then felt the Lord say that “first in the church and then in the nation”.
I began to see the Lord’s heart for the church of Australia, so much hope, so much love, so much affection and from His love and His heart to see the nation prosper and move into His dream for Australia, He is releasing a WARNING so there will be a TURNING.
I saw a divine highlight upon the church leadership in Australia and there was an urgency in my spirit for any of us in leadership in Australia to be going deeper into the Word of God and allowing it to wash us. As we continue to go deeper into the Word by studying it and meditating upon it, we allow it to do it’s perfect work within us as it is ALIVE and SHARPER than a two edged sword to separate between soul and spirit. (Hebrews 4:12) The Word renews our mind (Ephesians 4:23, Romans 12:2) and we see the Spirit of God begin to lead us deeper into the truth of Scripture that we have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16)
I was surrounded by the sense that we need to continue to keep checks on our “spiritual hygiene”. There needs to be a continual examining (not introspection but asking the Holy Spirit to deal with any impurity of heart/mind etc) of this “spiritual hygiene” and keeping “short accounts” with man and God as there are some snares and roots that have risen up in some church leadership in Australia that is filtering into the body of Christ. I felt so strongly that the Lord is calling the leadership of the Australian Church HIGHER! Not in condemnation, not in judgement, but in LOVE! The enemy is stirring things up to ‘help along’ this toxicity and infection, but he has no authority unless he finds ‘legal ground’. Doors of ‘legal ground’ are going to close suddenly in this season as the washing of the Word takes place in a deeper way.
“Come up higher, embrace My fire to purge, purify and cleanse any impurity and get ready for encounters with My heart that will set any misalignments straight. COMPROMISE is about to be WASHED OUT of any church leadership in Australia by the washing of the Word AS His fire and the Word is embraced.
”There was such an urgency in my spirit that is is a VERY crucial moment. The Lord is bringing a “tightening”, He is bringing a “calibration”, He is bringing an “alignment”, He is bringing a “restructure” into many church leaderships in Australia to PREPARE the NATION for revival, increase and the greatest move of the Holy Spirit that we have EVER seen.
I could see Jesus drawing a line in the sand and He was asking the leadership of the Australian Church to take a stand again. To take a stand for living deep in the Word, for living without compromise, for living in purity, integrity, humility and honour of one another. As I see this invitation from Jesus going out to the church leadership in the body of Christ, I see many stepping up to the line and they have the word “REVIVAL” written over their eyes. As I am watching this, I see Jesus walk up to each one and with such love, such embrace, such deep affection, He places His hands on their cheeks and He whispers “Do not allow the contending and hunger for revival to become a distraction and become your focus, delight in Me in INTIMACY and I will bring REVIVAL from that place. Yes there is a place for contending, but the focus must be upon Me as the first love. As you go deeper into this place, revival fires will spread like wildfire across the nation. Allow Me to shift your focus.”
Jesus places His hands out in a position of invitation for them to take His hand. As many take His hand, INSTANTLY I see glasses appear on the faces of these leaders and on each lens it says “SONG OF SONGS”.
My spirit is so excited as I watch this, because the level of intimacy being offered in this invitation is like NOTHING that has EVER been experienced before. Such DEEP levels of encounter with Jesus in the deep intimate place and from that place all the things that are trying to “stunt their growth” and keep them in “impurity and immaturity” is being shifted.
It was SO beautiful because the SHIFT wasn’t coming from “STRIVING”, it was coming from a place of a level of deeper intimacy than ever and in the place of getting “really real” with the Lord about what’s going on in hearts and souls, in the place of delighting in His love, in living in deeper wonder of Him and moving forward in repentance, those things were falling off…. but the key was PERMISSION! Giving the Lord the “YES” again.
The chaos of striving, competition, trying to build ministries, backbiting or quarrelling with one another and keeping ‘long lists of wrongs’ was being dealt with at a root level. There was pain involved and it was uncomfortable but the divine exchange was so glorious. Restored relationships, healing, unity, wholeness, maturity, greater vision, greater strength, fruitfulness and manifestation of the purity and integrity of God, leadership moving together with boldness and courage, fire, love and honour of one another was just stunning.
The Lord is shaking up a ‘chessboard’ in many leaderships in the Church of Australia, but we must be willing to embrace His shaking. Whatever He wants, His timing, His way, because at the end of the day, He is setting the stage for the greatest move of the Spirit that we have ever seen.
I continued to inquire of God about this move of purging and cleansing amongst church leadership I saw a vision of what is in leadership filters down into the Church. So the Lord was bringing a deep shaking and cleansing first to the leadership of the Church, so then a greater flow of His Spirit, purity and washing with the Word may flow into the body of Christ.
Any “infection” or “toxicity” that has crept into hearts and souls needs to be addressed and allowing the Lord to clean it out, so the leadership of Australia may rise up to a new level and move further into increase with purity and avoid any increase of this “toxicity” or “fatality”.
As I asked the Lord about why “Queensland” was highlighted I kept hearing it as two separate words ‘QUEENS’ ‘LAND’ and the sense of ROYALTY and IDENTITY being birthed out of a deeper unprecedented level of encounters with the King of Kings and experiencing His wonder like never before was a KEY of STRATEGY for this nation that would flood forth from Queensland in great impartation for the rest of the states of Australia. There was such a sense in me that Queensland is forerunning in many ways in a greater revelation of what God is wanting His people to understand in the area of ROYALTY.
“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” (1 Peter 2:9)
I then heard that when James Goll visited Australia many years ago, he made some significant prophetic declarations of Australia and one of them was “QUEENS LAND the place where the KING RESIDES”.
“Lift up your heads, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.” (Psalm 24:9)
There are encounters with the King of Kings in significant ways for the body of Christ in Queensland in this season. Strategic encounters that will release a a greater revelation of the ROYALTY that we are in Jesus released into the body of Christ and into the other states of Australia that will bring nationwide shift in this area.
I saw the word “ROYALTY” on the lips of many. There is an AWAKENING of royalty beginning in Queensland that is going to spread into the rest of the nation. The revelation of “ROYALTY” that brings such a deep “REST” to the people of God that FREES them from competition, striving, performance. Oh the purity that we are going to see in Queensland and the nation if we embrace the invitation of the Lord.
The King of Glory wants to come into Queensland in a way we have NEVER seen, we MUST make room for Him. We MUST examine our hearts and souls. We MUST stand in His Word, stand in His truth, stand in purity, stand in integrity, stand in humility and honour of one another. Not from striving but from the place of AWE and WONDER of who HE IS!!!!
There is a BIRTHING of royalty that’s beginning and about to increase in significant ways from Queensland and spread like wild fire. The awakening of ROYALTY is upon us body of Christ in Queensland and from that awakening and the aligning of our hearts and soul with Him to deal with any deep rooted compromise issues in the hearts and souls, doors of favour are going to FLY OPEN to see Queensland shaped, changed and ignited and kick start a MOVEMENT OF ROYALTY AND PURITY across the nation of Australia.
This warning I felt from the Lord was FULL of hope, full of ENCOURAGEMENT, and FULL of the fear of God. I encourage you, that this is our time to really allow the Spirit of God into those areas and wounds in hearts and souls to bring healing. Let Him in! Let us repent of any compromise and move together from the place of intimacy into the purity, integrity and humility He is calling us to. He is calling us higher.
This is a time to pray for one another, for the church leadership of Australia and for our nation like never before. We are not to condemn or judge but to embrace, love and honour and STOP this TOXICITY and see the greatest move of the Spirit of God flood into the nation of Australia and spread like wildfire.
Let’s take our place people of God!
I want to encourage everyone whether you are in church leadership or not, now is a time to join together in unity and pray!
Beloved, let us honour our leaders, encourage them and be diligent in our speaking words of life over them.
Let us join together in praying for beautiful, deeper, more glorious, radical encounters for Church leaders here in Australia.
That they would be even more overwhelmed and overtaken by the love of Jesus.
That they would see Him and His Word come alive like never before. That they would step deeper into an awakening of their true identity in Him as ROYALTY! That anything that has been “festering” would be cleaned out, removed and healed.
Let us take this word and speak life and LOVE EACH OTHER WELL!
We are in this together! We are one body! United in Christ! Just watch and see just how effectual your prayers are (James 5:16), as you pray from the Word and the heart of God for your leaders. There will be great increase and breakthrough and a corporate national shift.
It’s time!

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  • judy bormann

    I think all states could say they are a catalyst for revival in Australia, not just Queensland.. Excellent word though..

  • Tamara Kuchera

    I am taking this word personally and letting the Lord purify me in His word and bring me into ALL of His Glory. And I am praying this word through for your precious nation! Lord, cleanse Austalia and Your Church by Your Word. Glorify Your Name through the mighty things You do in her and through her!! In Jesus Name!!

  • Rae Graber

    A little over a year ago, three separate people had visions I believe were related. A friend in Texas saw what looked like a shooting star flying in a North East direction. Within the head of the star were several bright spots of light. Around the same time this happened the Lord showed me a weather vane, compass, clock that was also pointed in a NE direction. The third person, during a time of corporate intercession, saw the Lord thrust out a spear and in the tip of the spear were several people groups the Lord was going to use to lead His campaign. I believe the “native sons” of Australia, the Americas, and Hawaiian Islands will be part of the tip of the spear. It is interesting that Queensland is in the NE of Australia.

  • Rae Graber

    The parable of chess. When we are first called into the Lord’s service we start out as lowly pawns inching forward bit by bit, but if we are faithful to persevere under trial, we will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him (James 1:12). He watches over His word to perform it (Jer 1:12). Once we reach the other side we are suddenly transformed from pawns to Queens and our power and authority increases to the highest order. The enemy has been stirring things up because he is very afraid of our reaching our destination. Could it be that many hidden ones in NE Australia will finally reach their destination and find themselves transformed/transfigured? May many receive their crowns in Queen’s Land!

  • Eleanore Hurst

    Praying into this Lana! Our heart is for your country. We have a daughter & 2 children in Adelaide. I’ll send this to our team of intercessors here. Also praying for full physical recovery for you!! Many blessings!!