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Today as I sat with the Lord I was surrounded by this incredible excitement and stirring in my spirit concerning the women of God. “Daughters of Mine, your greatest awakening is upon you!!!!”
I began to hear myself prophesying “Women of God – your greatest awakening is upon you!!!!”
I was struck by these two phrases and instantly I felt the Lord speaking to me that the greatest awakening that we have ever seen in women across the body of Christ is happening RIGHT NOW and He is awakening women to:
1. Their identity as His DAUGHTERS
2. He is maturing His daughters in the revelation of their identity right now into WOMEN – the AWAKENING of their authority and greater responsibility.
“I am awakening My daughters, I am awakening women in the Church to who they are and what I have called them too. This is the season where women are being set on fire by the fire of My love like never before. Burning for Me, awakened in their giftings to the creativity, gifting and anointing over their life.”
I watched in this encounter as I saw women in ALL their roles being awakened by fire and awakened to their giftings, creativity and influence. From mothers, to teachers, to speakers, to lawyers, to writers, to missionaries, to painters, to artists, to dancers, to students, to prophets, to pastors…. I saw women AWAKENED to their sphere of influence ALL across the body of Christ. SUDDENLY fire will fall from on high like in Acts, like a MIGHTY RUSHING WIND and women will be SUDDENLY AWAKE and PRESENT in a whole new level of INCREASE. Especially in the areas where they felt overwhelmed and like they weren’t going to survive, the fire of God was falling and the ‘barely surviving’ was turning to ‘FRUITFUL THRIVING!’.
“I am awakening and releasing CREATIVITY in new levels in women all across the body of Christ that will see doors of significant favour opening to them and see them positioned in places of great influence to move into greater realms of influence to release the impartation of My heart and love into those areas. Creativity will NO LONGER be locked away over many women. NO LONGER will creativity be hindered anymore. I am BREATHING on creativity all across the body of Christ as My daughters arise in a whole new level of creativity and fire. Explosive doors of creative favour are opening up this year!”
In this encounter with the Lord I saw DESTINY DNA being released into women all across the body of Christ as they continued to seek His heart. As His daughters continued to give the Lord their YES, DESTINY was exploding everywhere! “I call you WOMEN OF DESTINY because I am RELEASING YOU FURTHER into your DESTINY in this season and RISING YOU UP as powerful women who know who you are in Me to RELEASE DESTINY in others and to SHAPE AND CHANGE HISTORY!!!!!!! This is the time I am rising up My daughters with a NEW, LOUD, ROAR!!!”
“There is a new roar of authority that is rising up in My daughters all across the world. Deeper encounters are coming for My daughters all across the earth right now that is awakening the ROAR that I have placed within them. I am rising up women with a NEW ROAR that has come from the place of intimacy that will see women SUDDENLY placed in SIGNIFICANT and STRATEGIC places of influence to release a ROAR of My love and authority, a stand against injustice in My name and see groundbreaking breakthrough and shifts.”
I kept hearing these words over and over. I saw the map of the world and I saw women popping up in positions of influence all over the world! From mothers to prophets meeting with world leaders, I saw the Lord releasing SURPRISING POSITIONING for women all across the body of Christ, all across the world in this season for NEW MISSIONS! The Lord is releasing new assignments, new alignments and missions and these will be the VERY THINGS that the Lord has preparing you for in this season.
I heard the Lord say:
“I am releasing a PIONEERING SPIRIT over women across the body of Christ right now. I am BREAKING the chains of FEAR, comparison and insecurity over women as they press into Me and rising them up with a COURAGE to go where others have not gone. To pioneer new assignments, new lands, new missions for Me that HISTORY will WRITE ABOUT! What many of My daughters are about to step into right now in this season, HISTORY is going to write about, because I am birthing women as fearless warriors from the place of divine love, awakened to My love, that will take ground and release the sound of VICTORY across the world in a whole new way. The VERY PLACES where the enemy has attempted to keep My daughters silent and hidden are the very areas where I am going to IGNITE with My favour, provision and increase in this season to see DESTINY released IN and through them.”
“There is SIGNIFICANT promotion for My daughters in this season as they have stewarded well with purity. Where they have stewarded with purity and integrity I am releasing great promotion.”
I saw high level book deals, doors of extravagant favour in media, government, business, arts, education flying WIDE OPEN to women in this season that have followed the leading of His Spirit and given Him their yes, He is moving them to places of promotion and favour beyond their wildest dreams.
“Dreams are coming to pass in SUDDENLY for My daughters all across the body of Christ. It’s time! It’s time! It’s time for My daughters to arise! I have saved the best till last! Gold class promotion and favour is coming upon My daughters that have said YES. The Esther’s are now being called for! You have been prepared! Arise! Arise! Arise! Don’t hide! Now is the time to ARISE and SHINE, and as you are called for, know that you have been prepared and have ALL that you need to accomplish ALL that I am asking you to do in your place of influence.”


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  • Robear

    Glory to God, Thank you for your Words, this day, I fully receive it. It Is My Time !
    Glory, This Is My Time, My Set Time, I’m a part of this Great Awakening, Great Promotion, Is My Portion, as Promised to me. Yes Surprise, is upon me. Awesome Word, this day.
    Thanks for sharing his awesome beautiful words from the Father. I receive them.
    Blessings on you Lana Vawser, What a Word, Powerful

  • Rita

    Ahhhh…iis what I feel reading this word, not because it shocks me but because it came as confirmation in a matter of hours from when I spoke almost these same words to my daughter! I realized in talkingto her that our themes were so similar that I knew iff it sounds like a dream it probably deserves an interpretation of the prophetic. So I began to tell her that women everywhere are finished with the old ways of being shut up, shut down and shut off, and the lioness is arising inside of them whether they realise it or not. I told her we are going to be resisted to no avail, and shall arise from our places and just as the changing events in the nation and Great Britan cannot be stopped, neither shall we. Thank you for this confirmation! What an honor to be on the same page with the one I look forward to everyday.
    Love Rita from Ohio

  • Sharyn Blackman

    Amazing word Lana. Thank you for your obedience in sharing. I say “yes” Lord to all that you have for me to do in this hour.
    Bless you Lana.

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    I Receive the Word of The Lord! Father God has given me favour and influence in my workplace. People come to seek dream interpretations, prayer, a Word and Love from The Father. Last evening i dreamt a homosexual man in a high position came and asked if I could interpret a dream he had – I interpreted his dream as a warning from The Lord. This is the second dream i have dreamt i was interpreting a dream. I just saw 777 an hour ago, and all today i have heard a Dove cooing loudly outside my window. I clean exam rooms in a clinic at night, and Freelance as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator the rest of the time, illustrating and creating book covers and materials for churches, pastors and authors. I’m also a first time self published author, so the Word regarding the arts and book deals made my Spirit leap. I have been called an Esther, for such a time as this, and went on The Life Today show years ago, to give part of my testimony, to which the host replied, “God has saved His best for last.”
    Ms Lana, once again The Lord has used you greatly, to confirm His Promises to the Body of Christ … “Dreams are coming to pass in SUDDENLY for My daughters all across the body of Christ. It’s time! It’s time! It’s time for My daughters to arise! I have saved the best till last!” I am in AWE and AMAZEMENT as things are aligning So quickly, and of the Confirmation and Revelation you continuously bring. THE LORD IS SO VERY GOOD, AND SO VERY FAITHFUL. THIS, IS UNITY WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST. THANK YOU FATHER GOD, THANK YOU JESUS! I can hardly see to type, from the tears welling up. Mighty Woman of God, Ms Lana, The Lord Bless You and All that concerns you.

  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Your Glory Father! Amen n Amen!!
    Love you Lana, thank you n God bless you ??

  • Deborah Gittens

    Amen & Amen & yes lord i received this in Jesus name the son of the living God, & bless you lana for this awesome word, may the Amighty God continue to bless you & your family, lol Deborah.

  • Eszter Kukuda Csefko

    Thank You, my dear Lord Jesus, I believe I receive all these things, and I say YES to You!!!!!!

  • Eldona Little

    Anything I have had to go through to journey to the JOY of the Word for this day is eclipsed by this beautiful Word from our Father God. I receive this Word and thank you Lana for your obedience and Daddy God thank you for loving us the way you do. Thank you for the encouragement you give us, for never letting us forget how much we are loved and for teaching us to love others as You Oh God do.

    • Patty Faulkner

      I agree. It’s been a long road … sometimes gruelling however I have great hope for the present day and future in our precious Lord Jesus Christ, Papa God and Holy Spirit. ?