Prophetic Words

“WHOLE LIFE” Breakthroughs

I saw many of the people of God praying for breakthrough and healing in such desperation and despondence, and their prayers were like this…”Lord please bring healing and breakthrough to me” and the highlighted words I heard were “I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR THIS, BELIEVING FOR THIS… MY WHOLE LIFE”.
“My whole life” prayers are being prayed. Areas where many of the people of God have felt like they were under a curse and no matter what, there was never breakthrough and healing and in some areas things just seem to keep getting worse. They have done all they know to do and obeyed.
Many have felt like they were living under a “curse”, living under a ceiling of constant lack of breakthrough. The one place the enemy continues to hit hard and continue to bring dread, discouragement and fear to the people of God because “life” seems void in this area. Those areas where it has felt the enemy continues to curse, I heard heaven say “the curse IS being reversed.”
These huge areas where there has never been breakthrough, one of the heaviest burdens many of the people of God carry, where doubt and discouragement hits constantly as things seem to get worse, and the faith to believe for God to do anything is getting harder and harder to hold onto because many have been waiting their whole lives… THESE are the very areas the Lord is bringing breakthrough and healing. NOW is the time!
Do NOT be discouraged. Do NOT give up! Creative miracles, breakthrough and healing is beginning to accelerate. Partner with Him. Remember the power of taking communion, having a heart of thankfulness no matter what.
Not only is He going to fulfil His Word to you concerning your “whole life” prayers but the manifestation and breakthrough in these “whole life” prayer areas, are literally going to change YOUR WHOLE LIFE for the good.
WHOLENESS and LIFE will arise in your life. Greater wholeness is coming in revelation of His goodness as a GOOD FATHER as He answers these “whole life” prayers.
Where there was such dread and discouragement there will be JOY JOY JOY. He is taking your “WHOLE LIFE” prayers and changing your “WHOLE LIFE”.
Let’s dive together deeper into living the abundant WHOLE life.