Prophetic Words


I have been sensing the Lord speaking to me about angelic encounters coming to the people of God and many have begun stepping into these encounters and manifestation.
Then this afternoon I have had Daniel 10 on my heart this afternoon where the angel was delayed by the enemy/principalities in answering Daniel’s prayers for the restoration of Israel.
I saw many who have prayed and believed God for their restoration and have felt the Lord answer that restoration will be released, even specifically through angelic encounters. Yet there has been a sudden delay and stop.
The enemy is opposing many of the angelic hosts in releasing what the Lord is sending them forth to do. There has been a great battle happening in the spirit realm.
But take heart, the angels are on their way to you, and restoration of what the enemy stole that may have taken years will be released in “days”.
Despite the delay, you will be adorned in heavenly restoration array and accelerated into your new day.