Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord showed me that there is a greater increase of His counsel and wisdom right now, but especially in dreams in the night.
The Lord showed me a divine REROUTING, WISDOM, CORRECTION, RECALIBRATION AND INCREASE being whispered by the Lord to His people as they sleep.
Psalm 16:7 says:
“The way you counsel and correct me makes me praise you more, for your whispers in the night give me wisdom showing me what to do next.” (The Passion Translation)
The enemy has really been coming against many in fear in many areas, and there has been such confusion, many have been fearful of “missing it” or “going in the wrong direction” but I felt His love so strongly reassuring and comforting His people, that He is whispering wisdom and counsel on what to do next, especially in the night hours.
I felt a challenge being released from His heart in this season to remain open to His ways. To remain yielded to His direction and continue to allow Him to take the lead and embrace any REROUTING the Holy Spirit may be whispering and bringing forth.
“Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there.” – Proverbs 16:9 (The Passion Translation)
I feel such a weighty urgency and fear of the Lord right now to remain close to His heart, and to be hearing His counsel and His ways. It’s nothing something to be “afraid of” but out of love and reverence for who He is, He is bringing a greater awareness of our stewardship and obedience to Him.
We are not slaves, but friends of God. The Lord is inviting us deeper into that place of dreaming with Him, awakening the ability to dream again, but also calling us to a deeper place of yieldedness to follow HIS WAY in obedience.
This is a season of significant increase, and the stewardship of this increase first and foremost is to remain yielded to His way, His strategy and blueprint amidst the vision that you are dreaming with Him.
Where He is leading there is life. Where He is leading there is greater fruitfulness and new wells of His presence and living water to be found.
He whispered to me..
“There is so much more available in this season. I am unlocking deeper wells of revelation, moves of My Spirit and presence and outpouring of My Spirit.. but only the HUMBLE THIRSTY SEEKERS (Isaiah 55) will find them.”
The Lord is moulding, fashioning and raising up a YIELDED ARMY. Those who truly seek Jesus and long to know Him and know His ways and will follow wherever He leads. Much shall be entrusted to this yielded army. Great increase. Greater favour. Greater positioning.
The invitation is for all..
He’s looking for the humble, thirsty seekers and to those, He will entrust with much.
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  • Judie Gutierrez

    i feel so lost right been seriously ill for 10 years and when I am healed get out of bed to find out that my whole family has turned against me .my husband has turned them against me.i don’t have the Love of family i hold on to Jesus with ALL of my heart but im having trouble with the pain and lonlieness. can you please pray for me i know you are busy but a small prayer please

  • Derrick L

    Amazing how the Lord speaks directly to a household – and so many allover! Thank you for hearing our cries, and our prayers. Jesus bless the giver!

  • Bell & Treas

    Hello Lana & Co 🙂
    We just wanted to express our gratitude for your obedience in yielding to our precious Lord, listening so intently and then sharing His heart with us.
    Since the beginning of the year my Husband and I have been reading your words, and I often get the giggles because He and I would have just had a conversation detailing what we are feeling The Lord addressing in us, etc. and then with great surprise – and now anticipation because it has happened so often i.e. even today – we receive your words. It is hilarious how ridiculously spot on they are, in that they even use some of the same wording or examples that He and I have just used together in conversation… it’s fun because it is as though you are listening into our daily convos and then either confirming or ‘filling in the gaps’ for us…
    It’s as though we are receiving a personal love letter everyday and we are just so thankful because it has been a very wearying season for us both, and having The Lord’s gracious external confirmation via you re: what we know He is saying to us, helps eliminate any doubt or whispers of ‘yeah right, you’re insane’!
    So thank you! Thank you for all that you (& co) have invested and sacrificed to so beautifully minister to us – we know that it has come and does come at a cost. We honour you for your faithfulness and for giving of yourself so generously to His beloved!
    Love, Bell & Treas

  • lisanne3015

    In one day, two people in two separate times and places mentioned your prophetic wisdom to me as a writer. I’ve been reading ever since. My dreams have became more significant and although I still teeter on the cusp of believing my writing is worthy of God, I am more sure than before about taking steps. Thank you.