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By Lana Vawser
This morning as I sat just being with the Lord I was prompted to turn on the song “In Over My Head” by Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music). As the words played and I saw where situations have been ‘crashing upon’ God’s people over and over, the Lord was now coming to “crash in over His people” to catapult them into the most beautiful “in over their head” place of peace, joy, freedom, strength and stability in His presence.
“You crash over me, I right where you want me to be, I am going under, I’m in over my head. Whether I sink, whether I swim, it makes no difference when I’m beautifully in over my head..” (In Over My Head Lyrics – Jenn Johnson – Bethel Music)
There is a breaker anointing that the Lord is releasing right now that is breaking the pressure and heaviness of the situations that have crashed upon you. He is going to suddenly catapult you into a deeper place of knowing His peace, His covering, that He’s got this, and you are completely SAFE and SECURE in His presence.
This season has seen many in the body of Christ moving into unfamiliar territory. Places they have never been before and there hasn’t been much “direction” in the natural in knowing how to navigate this new place but just the continual deep sense of the heart of God calling out to TRUST Him even when you feel like you are walking blindly.
I saw many you continually following Him deeper and deeper into unknown places. Moving into places you haven’t been before but you can feel the drawing of His Spirit to come and walk out on the water and trust even when you don’t know where He’s leading or what He’s doing. The hunger and desperation to have more of Him and all He has for you has kept you moving forward even when the giants have raised up their ugly heads and have been screaming and intimidating you more in this season than ever before.
Your radical ABANDONMENT to Him, is not only going to see the greatest promotion of your life and breakthrough explode into your life that you have ever experienced, but there is a gloriously beautiful level of intimacy with Jesus that you are about to enter into.
This new level of intimacy with Jesus was so beautiful. There was so much life, there was so much joy, so much stability, peace and accuracy in HEARING from Him and knowing His heart. There was a GIDDINESS of JOY and excitement bubbling up in hearts. This level of intimacy was the answer to the radical hunger that many have been experiencing to just know Him deeper than ever before.
The DOORWAY to this new level of intimacy was that place of being “IN OVER YOUR HEAD”. The place of relinquishing any control completely to Him. It was a level of surrender that says what Jenn Johnson so beautifully sings in this song “Whether I sink, whether I swim, it makes no difference when I’m beautifully in over my head…” (In Over My Head – Jenn Johnson – Bethel Music) It was in the “letting go” that the “cares” were going to suddenly fall away and the burning convicting revelation of His goodness and that you are HELD by Him, you are SAFE in Him and what is before you, even though you don’t see it or understand what He is doing.. IT IS GLORIOUSLY GOOD and BETTER than you have ever dreamt (Ephesians 3:20). In the “letting go” the cares will fall away and in the “in over your head” in His presence, the deep, deep trust and letting go, you are being positioned for one of the greatest catapults into your promised land.
There is a HUGE door of the NEW before you, but to enter it, it requires your complete “YES” of trust. In this NEW door before you, in this place of “letting go” and “relinquishing control” He is going to show you again, His faithfulness, His extravagant provision, His strength, His alignment, His promotion, His favour, His healing and His goodness and neverending, mind blowing kindness.You are going to be IN OVER YOUR HEAD at the GOODNESS and KINDNESS OF JESUS!
Many of you have been looking at the feeling of being “out of control” and not knowing what’s going on as a bad thing. The Lord is shifting your focus. In your LETTING GO, your place of DEEP TRUST you are moving into a level of freedom you have NEVER known, a place of JOY you have never known, and in that “in over your head place” you will receive exactly what you need in a MOMENT to carry you in and through the catapult into your promised land.
The “letting go” will build such a deep strength in you of who Jesus in, that when you move into your promised land and the giants rise up and scream, you will not be moved, intimidated, confused or shrink back in fear, but move forward with conviction and resolve and overcome them by the power of His Spirit with greater ease than ever before.
“In over your head”.. the BEST and most LIFE, JOY AND FREEDOM FILLED PLACE to be!

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  • Dawn Toy

    Thank you so much for your words this morning, Gods timing is always perfect I needed to read this this morning God richly bless you and give you even more anointing


    You have my Yes, of Trust Abba, praying, trusting, and still holding
    on to you, for your words shall come to pass, at the appointed
    time for me. I thank you this day, for speaking your words, as
    I fully receive them, in Jesus name. Glory to God !!!!! Awesome !

  • Kim Leiter

    Thank you for hearing! I am up at 2:00 am preparing for all the tasks that start tomorrow. An extremely full schedule that I have never taken on to this degree before due to wanting to keep my priorities straight. But last week God gave me a like a living vision (more than a picture-I was in it at the same time I was walking). He showed me or put me on a “spiritual treadmill” as I walked in the natural. My stride in the natural remained the same but in the supernatural, I was able to make about 3 times the distance due to the new supernatural increase. He impressed upon my heart that in this season you will do what feels the same in the natural but your seed will go much further and be more effective due to this new treadmill…

  • Rhoda

    I could not be more excited, many times I just feel I could explode with joy and most of those times it’s no particular situation just divine happiness.
    I hoop, and bellow “Hallelujah to The Lamb of God!!!” at the top of my lungs like a nut. I can’t remember the reference but in the bible it says praise works faith, builds it up. It generates excitement and expectation.
    Someone once said of me I’d be ideal for a game show because if I won I’d be one of those that freak totally out. When we get into the promise land “ecstatic” you said? Oh yeah, they’ll be like who is that crazy girl? Its just Rhoda.
    God is so good!! :))
    Glory! Glory! Glory!

  • Patrick from South Africa

    Hi Lana, I feel the need to encourage you somehow, the words you are releasing so consistently have evolved from a strand of hope to a full blown YES and Amen. My wife and I are worshipper musicians who find our joy and strength in His presence day after day in our home, as we draw near to Him through music, we write our own music too. Last night I wrote a song inspired by your last word. (not the first time). We for over 20 years have lived in total dependence on Him. Sometimes we go to the USA on 6 mths stints to minister intimacy through worship. At the moment we feel like God has us in a cave. About a month back I started writing a book out of the Spirit, an interesting place to be, of new revelation and understanding. Blessings

  • Rhoda

    I did want to share this song I wrote for a radio version of “Cinderella” in 2004.
    The phrase “crashing over” reminded me. The chorus talked about love crashing all around me bringing out the princess who lives inside. It’s not me singing on the recording but it is my song and my sentiment :))) fitting

  • Rhoda

    I did want to share this song I wrote for a radio version of “Cinderella” in 2004.
    The phrase “crashing over” reminded me. The chorus talked about love crashing all around me bringing out the princess who lives inside. It’s not me singing on the recording but it is my song and my sentiment :))) fitting
    Oops here:

  • Liz Williston

    Thank you Lana….I have been asked to a part of a ministry at my church and my first reaction was; What!!??? Me…oh no, I can’t do that. Then I took a breath…prayed about it…and God showed me I need to step out of my comfort zone(and this will do it:) so I will put all my trust in Him and that this is where He wants me at this point in time.

  • Yisro'el Ngow

    My heart sincerely love U sister Lana Vawser thank U so so so much .
    My gratitude are overwhelmed n my soul body mind been brightened n lites-up.
    Toda Toda Raba Lana,
    Toda Toda Raba Yeshua Hamashiach
    Toda Raba Aveenu n Kadosh Atah
    Amen n Amen
    48 years going day to months near to year u just written in your www Site today seeking Abba Father he show me your www n Facebook it’s lovely beautiful n wonderful pens down Amen
    Am from Malaysia
    Name Yisra’el Ngow
    57 yr n male Malaysian Chinese