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Website Update

Hi there everybody

We are happy to say that our new website is up and running, and back to its former glory (we hope)

Right now I (Kevin Vawser) am testing the posting system, and we have fixed
(completed) the migration of subscribers from our old account to our

I have also rectified our donor page error, with the
link to our paypal page fixed and made clearer, so sowers can again make
donations through this portal in a once off and monthly subscription.
I apologize for the missed posts, have decided to re-post the missed posts from 1/8, and I will ask Lana to re-post today’s.

Blessings to all, we hope your day is well, and you grow deeper in Him, hearing His voice in all clarity in the secret place.

Kevin and Lana Vawser


  • Christine.

    Praise God ???
    Your posts are so spot on and helps me immensely like a breath of God breathed air to my spirit?Godbless you Lana and thankyou for giving all who read your dailys?
    They are a blessing ?

  • Bryan Jacobs

    Amazing word Ms. Lana,
    The last year has really been a whole lot of ” i don’t understand, but i trust…” this has been the most challenging 12 months of my life honestly. I thank God that i read the Lords word through you starting on Elijah List. The Lord speaks to the situation of the body through you so clearly and in such a timely way.
    At the end of last year i kept hearing the word “Turnaround” for 2015 and not only yourself but many other trusted prophets have said exactly the same thing. Be encouraged i guess is what i’m saying. This has truly been a year of Turnaround for myself and many others i know. I appreciate these daily words from the Lord and i think i can speak for many that consider them very seriously as the Lord’s word from the Lord’s prophet. Blessings and thank you for posting and being faithful to your gift. God gives us gifts to be used for others, you and your awesome husband are so faithful to this gift given to you by the Lord. AMEN, i speak increase in Jesus name, AMEN, I speak heightened awareness of the voice of the Ancient of Days, AMEN, and further, further, further in to HIM. AMEN!

  • Arlene Straight

    Awesome for the updates, although the I am not receiving my daily word, should I re -describe? Thank you
    In His Love & Grace

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Kevin and Lana, thank you for filling us in about the transition from the old website to the new. Grace, grace to the new. The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former!!

  • Diana Mujica

    I just received the first email since you switched to your new site. Thank you and blessings.

  • Sharyn Blakman

    Many many thanks and bless you Lana and Kevin. I have seen tremendous growth in your prophetic words since July last year when the Lord led me to your page. Every day you have ministered to me. Some days so spot on it’s unbelievable! !
    Thank you for your faithfulness. May He increase you more and more. I bless you and your lovely family in Jesus name.