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By Lana Vawser
This morning I heard the Lord say “A new breed of warriors are arising”. When I asked the Lord about these warriors, I saw they were “secret place” warriors. They were ones who have heard the invitation of the Lord to step “deeper into” the secret place, and are waging war FROM the secret place.
I had a vision where I saw in the past some warriors have run into battle, and have run in to ‘take out the enemy’ and to ‘take back ground’ from the enemy, but they run into battle wielding their swords to take down the enemy, but have ended up being wounded, assaulted, traumatised and in some cases ‘taken out’.
When I asked the Lord about this, I noticed part of their hearts ‘were exposed’. Part of their hearts ‘were uncovered’, it wasn’t covered with truth. I began to realise that these were areas of their hearts where the revelation of God’s love and nature hadn’t taken root as deeply as it should.
These warriors were running out into battle to ‘face fears’, and ‘overcome’ and ‘slay the giants’ before them, but because of these ‘uncovered openings’ in their hearts where there were wrong views/concepts of God, lies about His goodness and love, and areas of fear that were hindering them from approaching Him with confidence, because of past experiences, hurts and disappointments, when they went into battle, the enemy was landing upon those places and terrorising and assaulting these warriors.
The Lord reminded me again that the revelation of His goodness and His love affects EVERYTHING. The Lord began showing me right now many warriors are going through the fire, they are wrestling with giants, they are wrestling with fears and how they have run into battle in the past to try and overcome seems to be the ‘logical way’ to ‘overcome’. Yet, there is fear in stepping out again because of the trauma they experienced in the past. Many are wrestling with ‘the only way I am going to get free is to step out again’.
I felt the Lord say “The freedom is found in STEPPING IN!!!”
Instantly I remember the quote by Graham Cooke “Your intimacy with Jesus is your greatest weapon.”
The Lord is always calling us to live outside our comfort zones. To live in a place of total dependence upon Him. Right now, many warriors are wrestling with “how do I take steps out in the natural to get free and get breakthrough?” but I feel the Lord saying “the stepping out in the natural isn’t going to deal with the root. It is in facing the fear, the wrong beliefs, the hurt, pain, trauma and fear IN THE SECRET PLACE WITH ME THAT IS GOING TO SET YOU FREE!”
The enemy is wanting many warriors to step back onto the battlefield through some ways these ‘battles have been fought in the past to get free and overcome’ (but the past stepping out hasn’t brought freedom but pain, trauma and wounding because of the uncovering of the heart) but there is a NEW STRATEGY upon the warriors.
The Lord is calling the warriors walking through this season to FOCUS ON STEPPING IN!!!!! Focus on stepping into the SECRET PLACE more than ever before. Position yourself before Jesus and He is going to meet you and overwhelm you with His love. Many warriors are being called to REST, and move into a hidden place before the Lord, so He can heal their hearts and souls.
Rest is THE KEY for you right now!
The reason the Lord is focusing upon the ‘stepping in’ rather than ‘stepping out’ right now, is because there are ‘cracks in foundations’ that He sees. These ‘cracks’ in foundations need to be healed by the revelation of His love and kindness so you can be strengthened, healed, filled again and then sent out again.
Don’t allow the enemy to tell you by focusing on the ‘stepping in’ that you are losing ground. The OPPOSITE is true. You are GAINING GROUND by stepping in. Don’t let the enemy tell you that you won’t get your breakthrough by ‘stepping in’, you will only get it, if you ‘step out’. Right now, for many of you, your breakthrough will come in DOUBLE PORTIONS IN THE SECRET PLACE.
I feel the Lord wants to soothe, comfort, and breathe upon many wounded, weary warriors right now. The Lord has seen your faithfulness. The Lord has seen how you have run into battle, faced fears, and continually positioned yourself to obey Him, to pour out and fight for others. He SEES your faithfulness. He SEES your heart! He SEES that you want to please Him and do all that He wants you to do. Condemnation and fear of ‘disobedience’ and ‘missing it’ is chaining MANY warriors right now. I want to break that off you in Jesus name and declare over you that as you PRIORITISE the SECRET PLACE, as you FOCUS upon spending time with Him more than ever, letting Him love you, letting Him love you through the walls you have put up between you and Him because of disappointment, fear, trauma and wrong views of Him because of past experience, He WILL set you free. He WILL bring breakthrough. He WILL bring peace. He WILL bring joy. It’s just coming in a NEW WAY!
Where you have always pushed through and kept going, running head on at the giants and the battle and getting wounded, but still going, God is bringing you to the quiet ‘come away place’. The place ‘by the still waters’ where He will restore your heart and soul. He wants to POUR INTO YOU!
A lot of fear and issues that many of you are facing right now, much of the torment of the enemy has found its ground in foundational cracks. In the secret place, God is uprooting, cementing truth and rebuilding again.
You stepping “IN” to the secret place, you taking more time to REST and allow the Lord to bring rejuvenation to you, is not a step back, it’s a position of being catapulted further forward than you ever have been. In and through the secret place, you will go further than you have ever been.
Wounded, weary warriors, He wants to heal you! Your healing season is upon you! Your freedom season is upon you! It’s not about running out and slaying the giants on the battlefield in the ‘stepping out’, right now, it’s the ‘stepping IN’ place that is your place of VICTORY and FREEDOM.
He’s going to show up in the secret place, in the garden of intimacy. It might be scary to be real and vulnerable with Him. For some of you to open up your hearts to Him again, but He will tenderly love you through it, He will whisper His Words of truth, life and love to you, and the weariness and wounds will melt away by His love. You will know fear NO MORE because you will SEE HIM like you have never seen Him before. He will show you how He is breathing UPON your dreams, not attempting to take them away. He will SHOW YOU His pleasure for you, rather than you being plagued with fears that if you open up and invite Him into the deep wounded, hurting parts of your heart and soul, that He may say, He isn’t pleased or delighted. That you are disobeying or missing it.
For many of you, the scariest place right now is allowing Him into those wounded, fear-filled, hurting places of your heart, the real broken places. In some ways, it would be easier to ‘do what you have done in the past to overcome’, but there’s a new strategy upon you. It’s to open up those parts of your heart to Him and let Him in and watch and see the resurrection life that will burst forth, and the healing that will come.
Many of you have ‘held it together’ for so long, ‘fighting the good fight’ when your hearts have been breaking inside and you have been so wounded. Let Him come, soothe your hurting heart and soul and make you whole. His plans for you are GOOD and to PROSPER YOU and NOT TO HARM YOU! (Jeremiah 29:11)
The revelation of His goodness and kindness will change everything! Wounded, weary warriors, it’s your time to COME ALIVE in His presence.


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  • Alma Woodcock

    Dear Lana
    Thank you so much for your very profound and accurate words that you receive from the Lord and share with many, these have been a source of strength and encouragement to me over the past year when faced with a battle of our daughter being diagnosed with cancer – how that word can piece your heart right deep down, however, even though we still await the breakthrough that God has promised will come to pass, He has done amazing mighty works in us all and our family, but during that battle some of the words you have shared have literally been for me like clinging on a cliff edge as you are about to fall, this one today is so amazing once again, so thank you for your faithfulness and obedience in sharing
    much love and…

  • Jaz

    I can’t believe how on point this is .. even down to the detail of the garden of intimacy as I had a vision of this about an hr ago . So on point as I have decided to pull away from so many things (SM .. dead end relationships ..) and even dropped down to part time. About a year ago I felt God say he was calling me away to be with him for three years .. he confirmed it many times . And today I decided to step into that secret place for deeper healing . There is more to it but thanks so much for these words. I am always amazed at your accuracy. God bless Sis ?

  • Terri Richardson

    This has truly spoken to me. Yes, it is very scarey. I did not recognize disobedience and disappointments as being a wall. I invite the Lord to heal those places in my heart
    Thank you for sharing

  • marilyn metzger

    Lana thank you so much for this word it is very timely for me. It has shed light on some things I have been asking the Lord about.

  • Rhoda

    When God speaks an unpleasant truth to us it is to bring to sufface the exposed vulnerable places that are giving the enemy leverage. The truth is to bring freedom and victory. He reveals the unpleasant truth of our hearts and says replace it with MY truth and be lead by the Holy Spirit from the sweet place where we pull away together.
    God says have the right kind of fear. The reverent worshipful fear of the LORD, but fear nothing and no one else.
    Everything without love is nothing at all. Master Love. Love speaks the truth for our good and benefit and victory. Engaging in love heals and strengthen and refreshes; first to God and then to others.
    It is time to embrace and love. Ecclesiastes 3:5,8 He says. This in itself will heal.

  • Amy

    Thanks you for this great message of Justice and Divine Mercy mankind needs to know the love and goodness of Jesus through this message and secret intimacy with Jesus is very true.
    I appreciate this message so much this morning. Thank you Lana.
    God Bless You.

  • Amy

    Thanks you for this great message of Justice and Divine Mercy mankind needs to know the love and goodness of Jesus through this message and secret intimacy with Jesus is very true.
    I appreciate this message so much this morning. Thank you Lana.
    God Bless You.

  • Kristy

    Thank you… this seems to describe what I have been going through for such a long time, and is so relevant for me right now. Thank you for this encouragement. By the Grace of God, I am being given some time out next month, and I hope to make use of this time to just REST in His presence. Shalom

  • Susan M

    thank You, precious listener/warrior, Lana…this is exactly where the Lord has been drawing many of His frontline warriors…into His Psalm 91 haven of rest and renewal. I have felt Him tugging me there, but I am also one of those many Kingdom fighters who have grown so used to battles, I maybe didn’t so much fear gong to the secret place…but I FORGOT…to go. When we are battle weary, it’s so easy to hear Satan’s mocking voice trying to keep us from pressing into the love of God. Thank You, Lord for reminding us to ‘fall into You’ and more in love with You…in the secret place of the Most High…Jesus, we run to You!!! ALLELUIA!!

  • Diane

    Well, I could hardly hold back the tears while reading this post….I am the wounded warrior and have been through all you have written about.
    I know Jesus is doing something new in my life right now, I have sensed it for quiet sometime.
    You have confirmed it.
    I just feel so encouraged, I can face another day.
    Thank you Lana.

  • Bro joe

    Lana, Hello we havent meet officailly yet! Im brother joe spencer from eureka ca, This word is for me it spoke directly to me! Thankyou! My father said to me come up higher next to me! I have a place beside me prepared for you! So of course i love him and want to be where he is, its my understanding i can come into the throne room at will in the spirit. Glory! praise God forevermore! It looks like its my time to shine! Of course ive been sowing for 8 yrs now and have sown for my fathers feast days for 3 yrs and was promised overflow,overflow,overflow in 2014 and 2015. I know im do for a suddenly! Lana its nice to meet you! Thankyou! again Godbless! peace to you! enjoy your day! Love joe

  • Rochelle

    Oh my goodness, timely again! Your prophecies are uncanny! I have been warring spiritually hours at a time 2x a day while having a full time job that I am now exhausted. I was actually resting in God a few weeks ago until the enemy came to attack me and got me warring again. The enemy just wants me to keep warring and take my time away from resting in God. I haven’t had time to even read my bible as much and learning about God because of all this warring. And I told God yesterday I wanted to rest already and why He couldn’t just take over the battle for me. And I knew before I was attacked too that the enemy’s agenda was to keep me fighting to take me away from spending more time with God. And yet I fell for it! Thanks for confirming!

  • steve mahan

    Thank you Vana for lovingly serving us so well. Another bull’s-eye, it’s been so hard to open angry hurt heart to Him, He showed me my hand on a door knob and I agreed to open it and come in to the Father and let go of the secret case against Him etc., and then I found this message , this a shallow attempt to thank you not worthy or equal to the reality quality of the substance of what you’re releasing

  • Shelley Duffy

    Lana i just read your latest post on z3news. I am a wounded warrior, i have been for years. I would like those good things to happen to me. But am afraid to hope for it. I dont have many dreams but i had one over a week ago, i remember some kind of fighting and abortion came to my mind and i was giving in and then came to my senses and screamed no. Then Jesus came up to me and told me to open my mouth and he put a little white ball in my mouth , i swallowed it and then i woke up. I have never had an abortion, i am 62 years old and have 2 grown children. Do you have any insight as to what that white thing was?

  • Robin Knapp

    Thank you Lord and you Lana, his servant. I am entering in right now, and am already amazed at what is being revealed. Bless you and thank you so much.

  • Pam

    I have been screaming ” Lord HELP!!!!!” I couldn’t even tell you half of what I needed. I am almost through and done with the flu and pneumonia. I am getting rest. Lana, every word you spoke from the Lord was a bulls eye. You said the the deep things I couldn’t verbalize. And all the condemnation I have been battling! Whew!!! No more! I even had a dream last night that the Lord sent others out to battle but told me not to go but stay back. I watched others get all geared up to go out but I couldn’t . Now I have peace. I am so grateful to the Lord and to you.

  • Elizabeth

    This was spot on for me. I have been in a battle ground for the last 8 years and I was just praying this morning that God would heal the “cracks” of the past disappointments and lies I fell prey to. I just turned down a ministry opportunity last week because I felt lead to just spend time with the Lord. However, I have been questioning and battling guilt thinking I was missing out on serving God. But God confirmed that I am to rest and draw near to Him. Thank you for listening and releasing His words! This has truly blessed me!