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By Lana Vawser
This morning I sat down to write out a prophetic word that came out of a very powerful encounter I had with the Lord last night in a dream. As I sat to write this word out, I had a vision that took me completely by surprise.
The vision opened up before my eyes and I saw snakes (metaphorical picture for the enemy) slithering in the darkness and they were heading towards the BACKDOOR of the WHITE HOUSE.
It reminded me of the word I released yesterday about snakes looking for the ‘backdoor’ in the lives of believers. In this vision, the snakes were slithering in the darkness, ‘under the radar’, attempting to go unseen, coming from ‘unexpected places’ and they were coming with a specific assignment to do whatever it took to hinder what God is birthing in the United States of America and through President Donald Trump. Their assignment was to kill the birthing and take out President Trump in whatever way they could.
There was such an urgency in the spirit all around me. I heard the sound of an ALARM going off in the Spirit, and the Lord decreeing “CLARION CALL!!! CLARION CALL!!!” over and over. I felt that this was a strong warning to the intercessors to increase prayers at this vital and pivotal time of reformation, breakthrough and restoration in the United States of America.
As they heard the sound of the alarm and rose up and prayed, I saw the intercessors running out like warriors with swords, with such resolve in their eyes. They were convicted by their authority in Christ and the POWER OF HIS WORD.
I watched as the Lord showed these warriors all the strategic places in the spirit where these snakes were hiding. They were going into the dark places in intercession. The Lord was UNCOVERING the hidden places, strategies and assignments of the enemy and as they were interceding and using the Word of God, they were finding them and stabbing them with their swords and killing them.
Even though the Lord was releasing a warning, I felt such excitement in my spirit because I could see VICTORY exploding everywhere. As the intercessors prayed, the enemy’s attempts were FALLING TO THE GROUND.
It was then I heard the Lord say “As My intercessors pray, the enemy is going to fall on his own sword.”
In this explosion of such VICTORY I watched as the GLORY OF GOD fall so heavily upon the White House. I watched as encounters with Jesus happened in the White House. The Glory of God resting upon the WhiteHouse and flowing out into the nation. Such a strong sense of the Lord refining, purifying, cleansing and increasing surrounded me. Such a significant birthing and a “taking of the ground” was taking place. In watching the Glory of God falling upon the White House my spirit was filled with excitement that the Glory of God is about to be seen across the United States like it has never been seen before.
Amidst darkness in the earth, the GLORY of God was going to be seen in the White House and the nation, seeing people and other nations drawn to her light. The words surrounded me “United States of America, the new day is upon you! Marked by My Glory and a beacon of HOPE and BREAKTHROUGH”
Why? Because of the great awakening and arising of His people in the nation. The Church taking her place, standing in the midst of the darkness and saying “NO MORE” in the name of Jesus, and seeing the Glory and light of Jesus shine brighter than ever.
“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” – Isaiah 60:1
In this vision I heard a sound that I heard also during the inauguration of Donald Trump when he was being sworn into his office of President. It was the sound of DEFEAT. It was the sound of the enemy shrieking, I heard such loud shrieks of pain in the ‘losing of ground’ and the pain of hearing the name of Jesus being glorified and lifted high. The shrieks of pain of the enemy in the breakthrough that was taking place, the new day dawning upon the United States, the shrieks of pain in the NEW LIFE bursting forth.
This word, is a call to pray, it’s a call to increase intercession, and to not fear. The heart of God I felt in this word was one of VICTORY! As God’s people pray, he will make a PUBLIC SPECTACLE of the enemy and all he’s attempting to do to gain back ground again.
Remember, we pray and fight not FOR victory but FROM victory!!!!
It’s a new day in the USA!


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  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Praying! Saw 666 twice – when God shows it, i know to pray, be alert for an attack of the enemy. Our Awesome Father gave me a dream last night – I believe it’s in line with this Word Ms Lana. Saw 4 or 5 different scenes & in each scene, a Praise Song was being sung. I found myself humming along with the songs, but only recognized the last one. On a tv set, Loretta Lynn was singing “Your Praise Will Ever Be On My Lips” – Loretta or Lora: referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of Honor and Victory. Later i kept seeing 717 & 7:17 (7 is Completion, 17 is Victory) – I believe it’s Psalm 7:17. Verses 14 -17 Confirm what Father spoke regarding the enemy falling on his own sword … I will post it

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Psalm 7:14-17
    14 See, the wicked one is pregnant with evil,
    conceives trouble, and gives birth to deceit.
    15 He dug a pit and hollowed it out
    but fell into the hole he had made.
    16 His trouble comes back on his own head,
    and his violence falls on the top of his head.
    17 I will thank the Lord for His righteousness;
    I will sing about the name of Yahweh the Most High.
    Praise our Father God! Thank You Jesus!

  • mark james

    As the intercessors prayed, the enemy’s attempts were FALLING TO THE GROUND.
    It was then I heard the Lord say “As My intercessors pray, the enemy is going to fall on his own sword.”
    Yes the enemy Will Fall “ALL” of them on their own words as is the Sword of The Lord as that Logos judges each soul and yet the Rhema of the Lord is absolutely in the hand of His Warriors because they are Hearing and following after their Commander as He is the Commander of “ALL” His Heavenly Host as the battle is His. Beloved Holy Ones Stand firm and “KNOW” that I alone am God and you are My Set Apart ones to bring Salvation and wholeness as Holiness back into the All of this earth as it is within you as you are dwelling “IN” Me in those Heavenly…

  • April Maus

    Thank you for this urgent call to pray! Last night in my sleep, 2 hymns came to my mind in my dream…they were “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” in my dream, I kept trying to sing them but didn’t know all of the lyrics by heart so I was frantically trying to look them up online in my dream, but every time I entered the word “hymn” in the search bar, it would never pull up the lyrics, but instead pulled up demonic links and pictures. When I woke up this morning and read your post, I knew immediately that the enemy was trying to hinder the prayers and praise of the Saints. Praise God, my family and I have joined in prayer and worship this morning for the USA and President Trump. God Bless You!

  • Dianne Tembe

    Hello Lana,
    I am blessed by your ministry. I thank God for you. I know the price you have to pay to receive this level of anointing so I thought that I must encourage you and thank you for the gift of you to the body of Christ.
    Yours in Christ,

  • Rhoda

    I haven’t read any of your posts since I last commented so I just got on the catch up. I dreamed as well of hundreds of snakes with the skin pattern of a leopard which indicates ambush. But as you said that you felt excitement…good news, also in the dream were squirrels with the same leapord skin.
    A squirrel indicates pursuing empty and fruitless endeavors.
    God is so good! I imagined (reimagined Eph. 3:20) cutting up the snakes and putting spaghetti sauce on them and eating them. Silly I know but it was the first counter war strategy image that came to mind lol!
    Praying, dancing, praising and…
    Glory to God!!!
    Love you,

  • Bradley

    Hi Lana’s
    Thank you for continuing your Presidential watch. I followed your instructions and cursed the snakes and then the very next day I get a poisonous snake on our property.

  • Edith Hudson

    Amen Prophetess, I believe!!! The statement you made at the end. You said pray and remember “we are not praying for victory we are praying from victory ” JESUS!!!!! Something leaped in the depth of my spirit after I read that. Thank you. I’m praying.

  • Susan Wilson

    Please also pray for Canada. The enemy here is just as bad in our government; Justin Trudeau. He to is counted among the NWO globalist elites. The church here in Canada is asleep to the destruction in this nation. Please pray that the church here in Canada wake up like never before and to pray!

  • Sylvia Wood

    Hi Lana, First of all I just want to thank you so much for your love for America and the American people. You are amazing and I love you and all your words for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I look forward whenever I see your name come up in my email or on FB, to read your post. I always get a confirmation in my spirit about what you say and are hearing from God. May God bless you tremendously for all your time and effort spent on spreading the gift that God has given you.

  • Patricia Daniel

    Everyone who seeing this message i want you to help me out with prayers and also i need someone to trust with my life and worth because i can not do anything now, I am in the sick bed fighting with my illness.
    Contact me if you are willingly to know me more [email protected]