Prophetic Words


Man have been feeling like their footing has been shaken and situations around them are causing great turbulence in their hearts and lives.
There is a swirling confusion, anxiety and frustration all around. No matter which way many have turned there has been constant turbulence in situation and heart.
Draw close to Him, you will see Him and in seeing Him, wisdom will be released to you to make your way through.
Let your roots go down deep in Him and His love for you. It is time to PRESS THROUGH! Do not let the turbulence deter you as that is what it has set out to do.
The giants in the land may be raising their hands and taking a stand but you are being held in THE greatest most loving and victorious hand.
Do not be deterred but rest assured that He will make a way for you.
Many have felt a battle in getting into the Word. PUSH THROUGH! Revelations are coming through His Word holding keys and great jewels of truth that will release heavenly wisdom.
His WORD is going to light your path!!!! His WORD is key! Do whatever you have to do to keep His Word before your eyes and in your ears!
He is making your paths straight! Do not haste, but know that as you push through this turbulence, you will come out on a smooth straight path, direction clear and a higher level than before. Rest assured!
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  • djkidseven

    God Bless You..your words have really helped me grow! Its so right on always!
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  • harpeth21

    Talk about ‘Turbulence’. On Friday, January 16, 2015, I was terminated from my job AND given a 30 day eviction notice. I live at the apartment complex where I was working. Not only so, but I just moved in December 5, 2014. The reason they gave for letting me go: Apartment was NOT in the budget. What? That’s a LIE, if I ever heard one. Three days before this happened, I was laying in bed and I saw a hand moving my boss out of her position as it moved me into her position. The next day, I heard the Lord say, ‘This body is rented. The lease is almost up. You better hurry and get out or you’re going down with it.’ I knew this meant alignment with God’s Word. So, I complied. The next day, Friday, approximately 15 minutes before I was to clock out (which is when I was notified of my termination), Jesus asked me, ‘What would you do if you got fired today?’. I answered, ‘Well, Jesus, I guess it’ll just be You and me, walking the streets together, cuz I’m not going back to my parents house. I’m keeping my commitment. So, when my boss told me she was letting me go, I raised my hand to the Lord and said, ‘Glory to God. Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus, for preparing my mind for this moment so I could overcome. I’m still on cloud nine. I’m sticking closer to Him, now, than I ever have. He’s all I’ve got. Also, that great whore in Revelation 18 is NOT coming in with her trailing thoughts. I keep telling that WHORE where she can GET OFF! JESUS, all the way. It’s not about me anymore. It’s about JESUS!!! HE’S GOT THIS AND IM BEHIND HIM, 100%. AMEN. Jesus is about to open this world up in a Way I’ve never known and I’m going with Him. Shalom and thank you, Lana.

  • jesusvictorius

    …so grateful Lana …so grateful
    Thank you for your hearing ear…
    The words of the Lord, through you, are an encouragement in ways you’d probably never fully understand…
    Thanks again!
    Vic ( South Africa)