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As I sat with the Lord today, I could feel the weight of many in their desperation for breakthrough, to see the Lord move, to hear His voice and encounter His heart, yet there had come upon them a sudden shaking, and a sudden fire that had been surprising. Again, I saw many wondering what they had done wrong. Why there has been a sudden feeling of being in a ‘wilderness’ when this is the season of breakthrough and the season of increase. I saw a cloud of sadness and despair begin to settle over many hearts as they were seeking out the Lord, and sometimes to “silence” and a “stillness” in the Spirit they had not experienced before.
In this vision, I saw many on their face and they were crying out to the Lord. I saw many crying out and examining their hearts and almost a ‘fear’ of having ‘missed it’ or ‘done something wrong’ and had caused this ‘change of atmosphere’, especially in the secret place.
I then heard Psalm 51:11-12 from The Passion Translation:
“May there never ever be even a shadow of darkness between us! May you never deprive me of Your Holy, Sacred Spirit! Let the passion of my life be restored, tasting joy in every breakthrough You bring to me! Give me more of Your Spirit-wind so that I may stand strong and true to You!”
The Spirit-wind is going to blow upon you SO strongly to strengthen you!
The Lord is not hiding FROM YOU, He is hiding FOR YOU. Bill Johnson says that the Lord does not hide things “FROM YOU, but FOR YOU”. There is a deep divine ‘searching Him out’ that is taking place across the body of Christ in the stretching. He is increasing your hunger. He is increasing your hunger for Him and for revelation of His Word, and He is going to FEED AND FILL YOU! (Isaiah 55:8-11)
You are being stretched to increase hunger for Him, to be met with greater encounters of His heart.
As I worshipped the Lord I then heard these words:
“In the “searching” for Me, I am extending you to see and carry more. You are actually being strengthened, shaped, prepared and increased for what you are about to step into. I am here! I am here! I love you and am taking you deeper! I am always with you! I will never leave you!
I am actually promoting you in this extension, in this stretching. I am actually taking you into the deeper realms of revelation of who I am and My Word. I am stretching you to the deeper level of revelation. You are about to enter a whole new world of revelation and My power on and through you. I had to extend you to bring you to that place. I am actually working FOR YOU!!! You have felt like this stretching was going to kill you, but I am saying that this stretching is actually bringing you to a place of greater empowerment and flow of My Spirit. You are about to move in greater levels of the power of My Spirit than you ever have before as you yield to Me.
You have been surprised by the shaking and surprised by the fire but it has come to ignite you, to purify you, to increase you and to “add to you”. The shaking and the fire is ushering in a suddenly. I am coming suddenly to MULTIPLY!!!!
You have NOT got it wrong. This is the season of JOY upon JOY upon JOY!!!!!! I am extending your hunger, I am releasing greater joy, I am rebuilding and strengthening you My people. I am increasing the confident expectation of HOPE inside you My people for what I am doing and ABOUT TO DO. You may feel like you have been suddenly catapulted into a wilderness, but as you yield you are about to suddenly come out empowered by My Spirit and leaning on Me like you never have before. (Song of Songs 8:5) You are in a boot camp moment of preparation for the greatest release of your lives.”


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  • Cecile Jo

    “tears” Once again ABBA Father wrote my chapter and used you precious one to confirm what I had JUST inquired of Him today! This message has brought such peace and now revelation and understanding in my life and walk with Him! Bless you 1 million fold over and over for all that you do for Him and us! Love and Hugs in Christ!

  • CC

    I am in tears reading this. Thank you for posting. I am praying for my heart to be completely healed in this experience of seeking him more. Please agree with me in prayer for deep healing. thank you.


    Sister Lana know that your ministry of encouragement from the very intimate heart of Jesus is profoundly affecting multitudes all around the world in transformational ways that you will be awestruck and amazed to find out shortly. I feed on many fountains of revelatory encouragement but honestly there is none as full and grand as your ministry. I look forward to meeting you and Kevin at Danny Dean’s gathering in Yakima

  • Brian Modra

    This, and your previous word on either late Sunday Night or Monday morning, was very in line with what I had experienced. very encouraging! Thanks – very Timely.

  • Estelle Strydom

    Thank you so much, it is confirmation to me, it touched me deeply as many of these things He told me the last couple of days and you just came and put the pieces of the puzzle together. I can now lay my anxieties down at His feet and yield to this stretching.

  • Nicole

    This word was so right on for me. This week has been intense. So much fire and stretching. I did think I missed it. I did think I did something wrong and God was silent. Thank you Lana for your encouragement.

  • Gene McCorkle

    This writing touched my heart because I have been going thru a trial physically for the past 3 years. Thanks for your ministry.

  • Jimmy Little

    You have been so right on point these last few months! Thank you so much for your ministry. Thank you for the encouragement. I always look forward to your emails. Thank you

  • Jimmy Little

    All I’ve been able to think about the last few months is that i have missed it or done something wrong for things to be this bad. Thanks for that word.

  • Julie Calderone

    My God Yes and Amen !! I have been experiencing this for about six months . The Lord gave me a picture of a piece of silly putty being stretched and pulled in about 18 – 20 different directions . The silly putty represented me at times I felt like I was going to snap and break . But the Lord assured me I would not. He said that I was being tested, tried , strengthened , shaped, that He was teaching me. It did seem like I was picked up and sat in the desert but at the same time I knew it was God and that His sovereign hand was upon me . I know I am getting ready to experience the greatest long awaited breakthrough for me and my family . Praise the Lord !! God spoke this to me through a prophet a few months ago . He said you will not miss what the Lord has for you . You will not go around that mountain again . Do you hear me , God is moving your train tracks and you are going straight in to what the Lord has for you . His plans and purposes for your life will come to pass !!! My advice KEEP your EYES on the Lord , stay in the word ask him who should be speaking into your life and who should not !! Press in stay in prayer God is for you and He is with you ..