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By Lana Vawser

I have been hearing the words “This is the season of increased warning dreams given to you so you can pray to keep the enemy at bay.” I saw Jesus whispering into the dreams of His people in significantly increased ways in this season to alert them of the enemy’s plans and not only see them reversed but greater ground taken. I kept hearing the words “Pay attention and Pray”. As you “pay attention and pray” the Lord will open your eyes as He did with Elisha’s servant in 2 Kings 6 to see the true reality that greater angelic hosts sent by the Lord are with you than the opposition against you. These warning dreams are just setting you up for greater manifested victory as you partner with Him in HIS strategy! Ask Him to show you the strategy and how to pray and you will see the enemy kept at bay. 

Jennifer Eivaz has also released a word concerning warning dreams today that you can read on her page


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  • Nancy

    Both my husband and I have started receiving many more significant dreams than usual in the past couple of months. I am journaling all of his and my dreams and then re-reading them periodically to see if some of them have similar themes that may have significant warnings in them for either of us or for the body of Christ that may be confirmed by others later.

  • Heidi Dawson

    Thank you! I agree! My dreams this week are showing the strategies and it is so affirming to read what you wrote. What once was keeping the captives captive, is now becoming disarmed.