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By Lana Vawser 
Recently I heard the Lord in an excited way say “SPRING CLEAN!!!!” I could feel His heart SO excited by the precious work that He was doing.
The “SPRING CLEAN” was full of the ANTICIPATION of the “NEW” that was before the people of God. As I was pressing in seeking His heart on the “SPRING CLEAN” instantly a vision opens up in front of my eyes.
I see Jesus standing before a HUGE boiling pots in the shape of hearts. Yet as I looked closer in the middle of this heart shaped boiling pot I saw the words flowing in the pot full of liquid “MINDSETS”, “LIES” and “WOUNDS”.
The heat was increasing so much on these boiling pots that it began to bubble and bubble but what I noticed was I couldn’t see beyond the “top layer” of the liquid. This thick, almost dirty, crusty layer was forming on the top of the liquid. As it came up, more and more, the Lord would use His hands to scoop off this gunk. I knew He was dealing with the hearts of His people in such a deep way.
Every time He would remove the GUNK, He would then breathe into this liquid and I would then hear the words “ThERE IS HOPE IN THE SPRING CLEAN”. It was like LIFE and HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT was being breathed into this pot.
This process kept going on and on and on until less and less GUNK had come up to the surface. I then noticed that the liquid was GOLD. Such a PURE GOLD, like I had never seen.
He spoke again “I am refining you as PURE GOLD!!!! For many of you, you have felt the intensity of the heat in this season bringing things to the surface. You have felt My pruning hand, but keep your eyes on ME for there is HOPE IN THE SPRING CLEAN!!! I am EXTENDING YOU, HEALING YOU, RESTORING YOU and BREAKING harmful mindsets as I BREATHE UPON YOU!!!! This fire and heat will not KILL YOU, but BRING YOU TO LIFE and IGNITE YOU with greater revelation of TRUTH of who I am and who you are. My WORD will come alive in you like never before.”
You will come out looking and smelling more like JESUS!!!!!!!!!!
“Embrace this process and RELAX! Know that there is HOPE as I am preparing you for greater SCOPE and ADVENTURE! You are not going to die, you are COMING ALIVE!!!!”
“You are being prepared for the next step of this new day! You will step into more than you could imagine, and as you embrace Me and what I am doing, I am strengthening you and setting the foundations in you for LONGEVITY!!!”


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  • Sian Loh

    Thank you Lana,
    I’ve been really appreciating your encouraging words for some time.
    When I saw this title: “There is Hope in the Spring Clean” I had to read it immediately because this morning, rather than go in and do the “normal routine” (following the standard “mindset”/ pattern) of reading my devotionals first and praying, I found myself cleaning up my desk and room and sensed God’s pleasure in it, and praying and reading different things at the same time. During this process, I had a gentle feeling of hope and anticipation for the new in 2017 arising as I worked and prayed…This relates closely to your word, so thank you for sharing. This is a confirmation of what the Lord is up to. So, thank you again, and be encouraged…

  • Susan Capps

    Lana, we met at Jeff Metzger’s in Akron, Ohio USA . A beautiful time was shared by all.☀️This Word today is wondrous, as I have been told I have stage 4 bone cancer and asked the Lord how He would show His Glory for His people through this. Then I read your vision, ha ha, I love Gods timing. Be blest and ever strengthened, husband and beautiful boys ( super heroes for the Lord) Susan Capps

  • Kelly

    Lana, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to speak the messages that are coming directly from the Lord’s heart. I have been following your postings for the last half of the year and your words have been so timely in astounding ways and the encouragement that has come from them has been my anchor to get me through each season the Lord has me walking through. It has given me so much joy to see and believe for the breakthrough and has given me a greater depth of understanding The character of Jesus. The Lord has used your words to bring clarity in the confusion Grace in the hard times and to build my faith to believe for breakthrough. May He continue to speak to you in great new depths and in new ways. From one mom to another.

  • Rae Graber

    On 1.2.17, I found myself with a joyful burst of energy to clean my house. There was a sense of hope, anticipation, and excitement in the air. It was really neat, like throwing open the windows and letting the new year blow in a fresh breeze and warm sunshine.
    Years ago I saw a huge cauldron and the Lord was stoking the fire to purify the gold in it. Bubbles were coming to the surface, and I knew it was the sins, wounds, attitudes, and junk hidden in the hearts of His people. As the bubbles came to the surface, God swept His hand over the top and skimmed out the impurities. Those that refused to let go of their junk got swept out, but those that let go fell back into cauldron and were purified and fashioned into vessels of honor.

  • dolores valenzuela

    This is what God has been reviling to me for the church I attend. This has been a long process in the our life and God is still working, many are coming through the long process, while others is slow, but still moving. God gave our church favor it started a year ago, and I thank our heavenly Father. I ask the Holy Spirit to show me what to read for there are many good words given to other saints, the lord lead me to yours and it brought tiers to my eyes. May the Lord continue to lead and guide you into all truth. God bless you.