Prophetic Words


“But He was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed.” – Isaiah 53:5 (New Living Translation)
I have a real excitement in my spirit entering into Easter this weekend. As I spent time with the Lord this morning thanking Him for His beautiful sacrifice so I could be with Him forever, be whole, set free, healed, forgiven, have abundant life, and know what it means to truly BE LOVED and LOVE, I was then taken into an encounter.
In this encounter I saw the Cross before me and I saw so many of the people of God and they were on their knees. Some were sobbing in heartache, some were moaning in physical pain, some felt they couldn’t stand because the heavy burdens of life on their backs were weighing them down.
While looking at the Cross it was like I could see through the Cross and I could see the open tomb and the most glorious light and glory was flooding from the empty tomb. As I looked through the Cross and I could see the empty tomb I could see a pathway leading from the Cross to the tomb. The words were resonating in my spirit “THE PATHWAY TO VICTORY”.
“I am leading My people deeper onto the pathway of victory that is already theirs.” I then saw Jesus standing there and He was shining.
There was so much glory and light emanating from his robes. I have not seen Him shining like that with such Glory in an encounter before. I almost felt like it was hurting my eyes it was SO bright, yet so inviting and comforting.
He looked at me and said to me “THERE IS HEALING IN THE REVEALING.”
Suddenly such a deep excitement started to bubble up in my spirit. I want to cry and jump up and down and scream with joy all at once. The understanding was given to Me that He is leading His people to a deeper place of revelation of who He is.
This Easter, I felt the Holy Spirit really emphasising the importance of taking time to meditate on His sacrifice for us. His death and resurrection and there is a BREAKTHROUGH of revelation happening.
Tremendous healing is being forth this Easter in hearts, minds and bodies as HE is seen. LONG AWAITED healing, deliverance and breaking of heavy yokes is happening over this Easter weekend as the people of God press in and meditate.
I had the famous quote running over and over in my heart “Friday’s here but Sunday’s coming” and I felt the Lord saying that He is leading His people as they press in this Easter into a deeper revelation and manifestation of VICTORY found in Him. In the encounter I had, as I watched many of the people of God before the Cross, I had a sense that there was so much focus upon the “pain” and “burden” that has been in their lives because it has been SO long, that the “empty tomb” (VICTORY) was being clouded.
The Lord is leading His people to see Him in a new and fresh way. As I saw the people of God looking at the Cross, a place that represented indescribable pain to see the victory (empty tomb) that lay ahead. That is why I could see through the Cross, because I felt the Lord wants His people to see through the pain and struggle that is before them and to SEE the victory that LIES AHEAD.
God is leading you deeper and further onto the pathway of victory that is ALREADY yours. The revealing of Him in His presence this Easter is bringing breakthrough on the pathway of victory. It is going to manifest in your life.
“A thief only has one thing in mind – he wants to steal, kill and destroy. But My desire is to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect – life in its fullness until you OVERFLOW” – John 10:10 – The Passion Translation
In this encounter I was in, when I saw the pathway of victory the Lord was leading His people further down, there was so much healing, breaking off and deliverance happening, suddenly I saw Him take the hands of the people of God and began to fly with Him.
They were soaring through the skies with Him and the word I could see Jesus with such joy beaming from His face, He was laughing and He said “GET READY FOR A NEW ADVENTURE.. NEW HEIGHTS AWAIT”
In this time of “healing and revealing” He was taking His people higher into the “new life” that is already theirs because of His beautiful sacrifice at Calvary and victorious resurrection.
Dreams of flying were being had by many of the people of God, as He is leading His people to new levels of encounters. Many have been having the experience during worship of feeling so light like they could fly, He is wooing them higher into new realms.
As we move into this Easter weekend, there are new adventures and heights awaiting the people of God. New sight and new greater levels of flight as things that have been holding them down are being healed and broken off. IT IS ALL HAPPENING IN SEEING HIM!
Many are moving into a “new lease” on life through this Easter period. Press in, Press in, Press in.
Greater flight awaits you in the “new life” that is ALREADY yours.
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  • C Cotten

    Walking in His Victory as I press into Him! Life is life, & I am keeping my focus on the cross where He died & rose to save us ALL. Amen!
    Evg. Esther

  • Gee Alexander

    I’m believing God for this Word and all the others to began to manifest in my life! If you ONLY knew my story. Lana, I’m not sure you’ll read this but just in case you do…I thank and praise God for encouraging us!!!! And I thank Him for using YOU to bring comfort to a lot of people but ESPECIALLY ME!
    Thank you… God continue to bless you Lana. 🙂

  • Ruth

    Lana, Thank you for always sharing what God shows you. ..I eagerly await each day as you share your encounters with Him with us via email. .it’s like I need it to get by day by day. Thank you for your faithfulness and for loving God so’s such a blessing to be encouraged by God this way. I really need this support from the Throne of God daily. God knows. blessings Ruth .

  • Elsie Bouwman

    It was very unusual what happened to me in the night last night at about 1am? All these memories came in a bunch; a collection of them all at once over a half an hour of time? I think they hit the armor of God that I had on because they couldn’t stay, though they tried. Then I heard this in my spirit: “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them ALL.” (Yes, I did see the final word capitalized like that too on ALL!!) Ha, ha! He revealed Himself there that He, THE LORD had delivered me from all those afflictions from several years back, that had come back into my mind all of a sudden. Must have been the sword of the Spirit, because it was the Word of God used of His Spirit in offence against the enemy! Oh what comfort and peace came as that Word was savored and relished there in the night. Then I was wide, wide awake at 2am in wonder that I could use this “very awake time” spending it in the Lord’s presence. Got to read a small 6″ by 4″ book published by Harrison House: “John G. Lake. Diary of God’s General.” The first chapter is titled: “Adventures in God” and the final chapter is called, “More Adventures in God”!! And there it is in the Forward that he was born March 18, 1870 at St. Mary’s Ontario, Canada. While he was still a child, his parents moved to the United States.” That’s our province, and that’s our nation of Canada where he was born!!