Prophetic Words


As I woke up this morning I heard the Lord saying "I am bringing an adjustment in My body aligned back to My goodness."
I then saw what looked like a "spine" running through the body of Christ, and the Lord was working on this spine, making an adjustment and bringing the spine back into line, the way it was created.
I heard Him speak again.. "As I bring this adjustment in My body to greater revelation of My goodness, blood flow will improve, pain will go and the body will stand taller and gain height that she has lost."
The heavenly Chiropractor is bringing alignment to His body corporately and individually in this season. He is "putting into place" all areas that were our of alignment against the core truth that HE IS GOOD!
You will see REVELATION and DEMONSTRATION of His GOODNESS in new and fresh ways!
I saw that many circumstances, long periods of waiting and disappointment had seen the spiritual "spine" of many hindered, "out of joint" and compressed. His goodness and faithfulness is one of our very foundational core truths that we stand upon as believers. Many of these spines were out of alignment, and the Lord is working on bringing this adjustment as His people continue to lean in.
The "adjustment" may be uncomfortable and painful for a moment, but it is placing you in the place of greater life, strength and blood flow that you were created to stand in. The unshakeable place of despite what your natural eyes see, His goodness and faithfulness is ever true.
As this adjustment takes place I saw a DEEPER revelation and remembrance of the POWER of the blood of Jesus released into hearts of believers. As this deeper revelation was received and remembered, LIFE was being brought to minds, bodies and souls. Greater revelation on the forgiveness of sins and redemption. The circulation of life was no longer hindered but release, breakthrough and healing through the blood of Jesus.
Healing was taking place as this "adjustment" was taking place. Broken hearts were being healed in His goodness, disappointed hearts were being healed in His goodness, back pain was being healed in His goodness, issues with the physical spine and nervous system was being healed in His goodness. Anxiety was being healed in His goodness. Pain on multiple levels was being healed as the people of God step into greater alignment and adjustment to the revelation of His goodness.
Wrong "beliefs" about who He is are being broken in this great heart adjustment of truth. The truth when it is seen is going to set many FREE.
(John 8:32)
In this "adjustment" that is taking place I saw the people of God begin to stand taller. No longer crippled by wrong beliefs of who He is or themselves. No longer crippled by the "symptoms" that these wrong beliefs and heart wounds brought upon their lives. They were standing taller than they have stood before. The heavy weights of pain and disappointment had been removed. They were standing taller in confidence of who they are in Him, who He is, and their levels of faith were sky rocketing.
Radical boldness and courage was rising within the people of God as they leant in for this adjustment, and fear no longer had a place, but a radical hunger to believe for BIG things. Faith was going to another level that was birthing wise spirit prompted risk takers for the Kingdom of God. Powerful people are being birthed out of this adjustment, and that is YOU! You are powerful because of HIM!
In the natural when there are issues with the spine and discs, you can lose height. When the spine and discs are repaired you gain height that was "lost" to this compression and issue.
The disappointments, pain and areas of "misalignment" to His goodness have caused many to lose height. They are not living at their potential. They are not living in the abundant life that Jesus purchased for them, and I felt the heart of God to bring restoration.
"No longer will My people live beyond their heavenly means as they press in".
The Lord is opening eyes to see what is OURS! Deeper revelation of all that is ALREADY OURS for the taking because of His glorious loving sacrifice of His life for us.
Not only will confidence in Him and who He created us to be increase, but a greater "adjustment" of walking in peace, joy, strength, discernment, compassion and the fruits of the spirit happen. In this "adjustment" His people are becoming more like Him as they behold Him in all His splendour and goodness.
In the natural "height will be gained" through greater promotion and favour. Areas where this "compression" on the spine has caused hindrance in doors opening, this "compression" and "misalignment" is being broken off and double doors are swinging wide open.
Also areas where this "compression" and "misalignment" has hindered wisdom and discernment, those effects are breaking off and bringing greater clarity, discernment, insight and wisdom to the people of God. Seeing from heavenly places is increasing.
"I am bringing an adjustment in My body aligned back to My goodness. As I bring this adjustment in My body to greater revelation of My goodness, blood flow will improve, pain will go and the body will stand taller and gain height that she has lost."
Surrender and lie down before Him people of God, the heavenly Chiropractor is at work and bringing about one of the greatest "adjustments" you have experienced before, and oh how you shall rejoice at the greater revelation of His goodness and splendour.
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  • Lidia Hidalgo


  • Terry

    I love your words you put out and definitely believe they are inspired by the Holy Spirit. I’m having a hard time believing that any of this is for me. I love Jesus with all of my heart I’m walking in obedience and growing in the areas that I was weak and immature. The harder I press into God the worse my situation gets. I have been praying that God will restore my marriage and bring my wife and two children back home for years now. I gone to see them many times but her heart seems to be like a roller coaster towards me. One minute she wants to be a family the next she finds something wrong about me I must do and get counseling. I’m getting counsel from three different counselor who are spirit filled believers and I like the direction I’m going with there counsel because it encourages me to press into the face of Jesus. After three years of praying and repentance I feel I’m at a point where my wife has abandoned me and really never intends to reconcile. Sometimes I wonder why I call her my wife when she has divorced me and sold her wedding ring, but still says she loves me. I getting so weak and my children are getting severely injured in the process. Our three year old asked me last night over Skype if she could come and live with me it hurt my heart so much because I see her pain and that’s what I want more than anything. I wonder if I need to let go of any hope of my wife ever wanting to reconcile and go and fight for my children. Jesus please help me I’m desperate.
    Terry Vos 402-779-1356

  • tillcrystal

    Early Wednesday morning I had a dream that I instantly thought of when I read this post. At first, I was looking at it regarding the people that were in it, then as I thought about it more I began to wonder if it was as much or more about the Body of Christ as a whole. After reading this post I’m thinking that it definitely applies to both. Here’s the dream with some of my explanations included:
    We were gathered in a living room (a large group of people including my intercessor partner). Not mine or hers, but there was a lot of people there. I was in one corner of the room and she was in an opposite corner. It was packed. Johnny and Rebecca (a couple that we’ve known for years…Rebecca is paralyzed from the neck down from an accident that happened over 20 years ago) were there and they were telling a story of one time gathered at church and everyone was laying hands on Rebecca and my intercessor partner was pushing her way through the crowd to get to Rebecca because she had “a word” for her. At that point, she took over telling the story. Finally she said and the word was “LIFE”. Right at that moment I got up and went across the room to Rebecca and put my hand on her back and started saying the word “LIFE” over and over. At that time, I began to feel her spine move around underneath my hand. Then it seemed as it Ms. Vikki (our Pastor’s wife who has back problems) was there and I could see her spine moving. Then when I went back to sit down. At that point, everything became pitch black dark and we heard noises from outside. The next thing I saw was Johnny walking through the house toward where the noise was coming from with a rifle drawn (and it had a scope on it). He was confident and moreover I remember that Rebecca was confident in him and his ability to handle this matter. Then I woke up. Whoa!!!!!
    In one of my dream dictionaries I found this: Guns (rifles, assault weapons, pistols) to dream of having a gun is symbolic of being armed with the word of God.
    So this is where I ended up…since it started out with Rebecca but then Ms. Vikki was there and affected by the word also I began to think also about Daddy’s back and Josh and so I say over all these BACKS … LIFE. And when the word was being declared and signs were being manifested an ATTEMPT to scare and/or steal came, BUT Johnny knew just what to do and that weapon he had was nothing to laugh at, it was a serious gun WITH A SCOPE FOR PRECISION AIMING AND HITTING THE TARGET. And based on this definition above, Johnny had THE WORD OF GOD and he was confident in his use of it and Rebecca was too as if she’d seen him do it before and she wasn’t worried. This is why we must eat the Word of God and have it hidden in hearts that we may use it as a weapon against any ATTEMPTED (not successful) attacks. (THIS WAS WHAT I SAID TO MY FRIEND LATER THAT MORNING.) But, then as the day went on I sent her a follow-up email that maybe this was about the Body of Christ as a whole and that the body has been paralyzed, but that God was wanting us to speak LIFE to the body and as we do spines will be aligned and what’s been “stuck” or problematic will begin to move and come to life again. Additionally, any attempt by the enemy will be stopped with precision aim of God’s word!!

  • Diana Bell

    I have had pain in my hip and leg for many years ( no insurance to go to doctor) resulting in a limp. This week the middle of my back felt like it was in a knot and uncomfortable sleeping. Today I emailed my husband with this comment “strange but I have no pain in my hip or leg although I can feel a little something”!!! Is this You God??!!