Prophetic Words


There is a fresh wind blowing. It is the fresh wind of His Spirit. It is not only a fresh wind to bring refreshment, healing, empowering and strengthening, this fresh wind of His Spirit is bringing a DEEP REST, a DEEP CLARITY and a DEEP stirring of what HE IS BREATHING UPON!

I had a vision recently and I saw many who were in their different seasons but what I noticed was the pressure of the season had been pushing on them on every side for a long time, but the sense in the vision was that the “pressure” has still remained for many. What I noticed in this vision was there was SO much pressure around people’s ribs and their chests.

I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Many pressures in the season many of My people have walked have left them feeling like they have lost their breath, they feel like they have lost their peace, they feel like they have lost their REST. They are living at a high level of intense pressure and I am releasing a fresh wind of My Spirit that is breaking the pressure and they shall BREATHE DEEPLY again.”

“There is a deep rest that I am bringing to these ones in this hour, where the pressure is coming off and they are moving into a time of deep time of being at rest in Me. There is a deep rest of CLARITY I am bringing to them. The confusion of the season has almost taken them out, My fresh wind is blowing away. The depth of CLARITY that My fresh wind is bringing will bring about a CONTENTMENT and PEACE of My heart and My blueprint for their season. There is a JOY and a SETTLEDNESS I am releasing into their hearts in the CLARITY of their season, that is silencing the wrestling and bringing a stillness.”

“My mighty fresh rushing wind is blowing and ushering these ones into depths of worship and encounter in Me that they have not known before. There are DEEP TREASURES that are going to be found in the secret place and the place of soaking. There is such a depth of oneness with Me that is found in the lingering. It is such a deep place of healing, restoration and resting that is found in the lingering place with Me. As you linger and soak in My presence, you will be SATURATED in My Glory and My peace. You will be SATURATED in My Shekinah Glory in a way you have never known before. The waterfall of My oil is flowing and bringing such deep healing and restoration.”

I saw His oil flowing upon eyes and I saw “DOUBLE VISION” being healed. As I was watching it take place, the Lord said, “SINGLE FOCUS.” Where the effects of being in such a pressured season have caused double vision, doubt and double-mindedness, the tangible presence of God and His oil was bringing deep healing and realignment. I could hear the sound of REPENTANCE and REALIGNMENT resounding loudly.

There was a single focus that the Lord is bringing, a single focus upon Jesus and a single focus upon what He is speaking and what He is revealing. There will no longer be the questions, “Am I hearing right?” “Am I seeing right?” “Have I discerned my season correctly?” — Many that have been in that deep place of torment from confusion and lingering effects of a very long, pressured season, the Lord is removing it all and He is bringing a FRESH PERSPECTIVE.

This mighty fresh wind that’s blowing is revealing things He is not breathing upon in this hour and it is increasing those things that He IS breathing upon.
I saw the fresh wind blowing upon PERSPECTIVE. As you linger with Him, He is increasing CLARITY and revelation in HIS PERSPECTIVE.

You are moving into the clearing, but He is also extending your vision supernaturally to see further than you have ever seen.


Recently I had a vision and I saw the hand of the Lord come down upon many and His hand was HUGE. The magnitude of His hand spoke so loudly to Me in this vision of His power and He said, “IN ONE FELL SWOOP I AM DEALING WITH IT ALL.”

I watched as His hand swooped across the lives of those who feel stuck, who feel like they have been almost taken out by the pressure of seasons past and even pressures of the current season. They feel like they are living so deeply stuck in burnout, in grief, or pain, all the negative effects of what they have walked, and as His hand moved FEROCIOUSLY over their lives it was ALL cleared away in a moment. It was ALL healed in a moment. It was MIRACULOUS DELIVERANCE.

The POWER of God that was demonstrated and manifested in that one swoop of His hand, lifted them up out of the negative effects of what they have walked through and positioned them in a higher place. I knew so many had been asking for so long and feeling like they would never come out from all the effects of such a long, hard season, but in one move of His hand, there was miraculous restoration, healing and repositioning. It was happening quickly and suddenly. There is a BREAKTHROUGH and a BEGINNING AGAIN actioned ONLY by HIS hand.

I also saw the hand of the Lord reaching into many people’s past, as things that they had endured and walked through in their past they felt were still majorly hindering them, with one swoop of His hand, it was dealt with. The weight of miraculous deliverance in this hour, sudden miraculous deliverance is weightier than I’ve ever felt it.

“You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way, and in kindness, you follow behind me to spare me from the harm of my past. You have laid your hand on me!” (Psalm 139:5 TPT)


I saw many who have been in this place of heavy pressure, feeling like they have been winded, lost their breath — not only was this mighty rushing wind bringing them into a place of breathing again, restoration, empowerment, a fresh second wind and DEEP encounter — I saw Jesus releasing FRESH ANOINTINGS upon them.

There are FRESH ANOINTINGS that the Lord is releasing right now — so not only will you breathe again in such deep encounter, such deep life found in Christ, such restoration, peace, clarity and healing — there are FRESH ANOINTINGS that He is releasing to see you walk with Him in new ways. New and fresh ways of partnering and co-labouring with Him.


There is such freedom and encounter found in the secret place in this hour. He is calling us deeper into KNOWING HIM, to beholding His beauty. NOTHING is more important than seeking Him and knowing Him. Intimacy with Him.

I saw the mighty rushing wind in the secret place and I heard the words thundering, “YOU MUST PRIORITISE THE SECRET PLACE.”

I knew that meant there was a letting go of things happening in this hour to make greater room and priority for the secret place. There was a changing of pace for MANY. They were pulling back and doing less because the WOO of His heart to encounter and soak in His presence was stronger than ever.

As they obeyed the Lord and changed pace and priorities were realigned and re-established they caught the mighty rushing wind that was blowing in the secret place and I saw them taken up into heavenly encounters. They were carried up on the call of the Lord, “COME UP HERE.” The level of encounters with Jesus and the revelation He was releasing to them in this hour reminded me of the encounters that John had on the Island of Patmos.
“After this, I looked, and there in heaven was an open door. The first voice that I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” (Revelation 4:1)

The heavenly encounters and throne room encounters in this hour that we are entering into where we shall behold His beauty and Majesty are like nothing we have ever experienced. We must linger. We must wait upon Him. We must follow His pace. We must prioritise the secret place.

There is a mighty fresh wind blowing, let’s lean in. This year is a year to be saturated in His Glory and to be caught up in the deeper revelation of the beauty of Jesus and the revelation and realities of heaven and being IN HIM. MAJESTY revealed!!