Prophetic Words

LVM Update. Scammers and Website Contact Page is now fixed

Hi friends.

It’s been some time since we last wrote an update email. We pray you have had a great Christmas and New Year celebration.

I wanted to touch base on a couple of things. Firstly – scammers. We still see multiple pages on Facebook and Instagram that are created to look like Lana Vawser pages, often called Pastor Lana Vawser, or Lana Vawser Ministries. We are reporting them as we see them but sometimes they can remain for a long time unhindered despite our reports. Please be diligent. Our Facebook pages have many thousands of followers, we will not reach out via messenger (or telegram). If someone does contact you please contact us using the contact page of our website for verification. There are some on Instagram with a thousand or so followers. 

Secondly, I realised tonight that the contact page of our website was not working, nor was it keeping logs of whom tried to contact us. I have fixed both issues now.

If you have tried to contact us over the last few weeks and we have not responded, please write in again. The contact page is

Thank you all for following us, we pray your day is blessed

Kevin and Lana Vawser