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By Lana Vawser
This morning the Lord was speaking to me about this season that we are in as the body of Christ and the “pressure” that many are feeling. The pressing and pressure feels like it has come in on “every side” and the Lord spoke to me that He is MAKING A WAY that is about to manifest in the natural where there will be a VISIBLE TURNING from “pressure on every side” to MIRACLES ON EVERY SIDE.
He then spoke to me that the PRESCRIPTION for the pressure is Psalm 66:5-6:
“Everyone will say: “COME AND SEE the INCREDIBLE things God has done; it will take your breath away! He multiplies miracles for His people! He made a highway going right through the Red Sea as the Hebrews passed through on dry ground, exploding with joyous excitement over the miracles of God” (The Passion Translation)
In this “pressure from every front and every side” the enemy has really been taking advantage of it all, stirring things up, coming with a SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENT to bring such a heaviness and oppression over God’s people to the point where they feel they cannot breathe under it all anymore. The enemy is on a rampage right now because of the manifestation about to burst forth of the miraculous conceptions of God in His people. The enemy is attempting to kill the “life” in the people of God, vision, hope, passion, hunger, excitement for the future…. but I declare over you today that the “LIFE” in you will not be killed, because HE, Jesus is the life in you, and HE cannot be overcome.
“Greater is He that is IN YOU than he that is in the world”
He is about to make a HIGHWAY right through your impossibility. You are about to PASS THROUGH on dry ground. You are not only about to miraculously PASS THROUGH, but you will move through UNTOUCHED!!! You will NOT be affected by the ‘surroundings’. You are moving through in the power of His Spirit and an angelic army surrounding you.
Not only is the Lord going to display His faithfulness LOUDLY through the MIRACLES He is about to perform in the area you have been contending for, and the areas the enemy is relentlessly hitting you, He is going to perform MULTIPLE MIRACLES!!!
There are SURPRISE MIRACLES that are about to take place for you. Not only will impossibilities be moved out of the way in Jesus name, but He is about to SURPRISE YOU with things that you NEVER thought could happen, He is about to make happen. There will also be abundant rivers of PROVISION flowing into your life, above and beyond just your “needs”. He is about to SURPRISE YOU with MULTIPLE MIRACLES!!!!!
Where many have felt like the Psalmist in Psalm 25:17:
“Turn to me, for my problems seem to be going from bad to worse”
You are about to experience His goodness demonstrated through MULTIPLE MIRACLES which will result in a significant turning, releasing LIFE, upon LIFE, upon LIFE! A domino effect of breakthrough, goodness and life releasing the relentless pressure!


  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    Oh glory to God??????????????YES JESUS!! Thank you Jesus!!! Thank you Abba! Father! I recieve it in jesus name HALLELUJAH !!!☺ Thank you!!???

  • Robear

    Thank you Abba, awesome words to hear this day, thank you
    Praise unto you Father God ! I love you, evermore. Amen !

  • Lito

    My breakthrough has been happening, and I’m expecting for more. What is meant evil for me, God will use it for my advantage. Glory to His name!

  • Lito

    My breakthroughs have been happening, and I’m expecting for more. What is meant evil for me, God will use it for my own good. Thank You Lord, and glory to His name!

  • Bec M

    Thank you Lana, for speaking out the words of life God is giving you. It’s exactly the medicine I need. Praise God

  • SharonS

    I am so thankful for this word! Joy & tears, relief, expectation of what I’ve been believing for after all what you said, as right on it.

  • Monica Singh

    Thank you for sharing the word with us. Truly I look foward to the Supernatural Miracles coming my way. It’s long overdue…

  • Diane Willis

    It is 2:21 am and I read the Prophetic Word and I know it is a Word from The Lord! I’ve been feeling exactly the way described in the prophecy and I receive the Miraculous from my Father. I will be hosting a Pastor’s Wives Conference on Sept 30 – Oct 1 (ten years in the making) and the registration is very low. But I know God’s going to come through as He always does. Again, I am blessed more than I can put into words. Again, thank you and may The Lord bless you in the areas you need it the most, in Jesus’ Name!!!

  • Doreen Bucher

    Added commet, the eagles circled 3 times and 3 moving vans crossed my visual path as I was leaving the allotment where I would enjoy living!!!!!Doreen

  • Rhoda

    Yes dear sister! God gave me a dream dream last night of a 4th of July celebration, liberty. I awoke to the phrase “supernatural love” rolling through my head from the song entitled “God of Miracles”
    Then he lead me to Habakkak 2:8-12 and then Nahum 1:9 and also verse 13 for me, which spoke, as did the dream of liberty.
    Bless our God, there is no other!!!
    Glory to His name!!!
    John 10:18
    No one takes…I lay it down…I take it up.
    He does what He wants, when He wants, how He wants. He alone is able and makes able. To Christ alone be all glory, laud, and honor! We love You LORD!
    What an encouragement!! Thank you Lana! :)) xo love you

  • Michelle

    God beside us in everything. He is the storm chaser and calms the seas. Thank You Lord for the Jesus in Lana. Your every word through here is a game change and confirmation every time. The arrows that fly by night meant to destroy things in Gods people have boomeranged back to its source. Thanks for your faithfulness Lana, the Jesus in you is a lighthouse to my heart. A vision of what God is doing through what feels to be the lowest and darkest time in my life, is in every word He gives you. Its a constant confirmation. Thank You Lord and thank you mighty Jesus in Lana! Pour into Your beloved Lana Vawser Lord. Open the floodgates of heaven for her, she gets into the river and lets it take her from life to life for us all143 peace b still

  • Deborah Lobo

    Amen! Amen!!! I receive every word, every blessing spoken in this very timely post! Thank you Jesus!!!
    O Lana, every word relates to me! I am closed in on every side, But I know my Papa is Greater, He will have the last Word! Hallelujah!??
    God bless you Princess??

  • Lyllie

    Amen, let it be so Lord God, in Your own Son’s name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, move every blockage from the evil one, out of the way, LORD GOD, “BREAKTHROUGH” AND OUT TO THE OTHER SIDE IN JESUS NAME, AMEN, LET BE IT, JESUS FOR YOUR NAME SAKE, LET IT BE, LORD PLEASE LET IT BE SO, AMEN!!!

  • Sherry Singletary

    Amen! We receive this in Jesus name!!!❤️ Thank you for being a true vessel Lana!
    Sherry Singletary

  • Kathy Craft

    I love your awesome words! I have been overwhelmed at the precise accuracy and sooo many confirmations I have received, Like Jesus is sitting right with me speaking into my life and circumstances. Thank you for your obedience and keep prophecing because from all the way around the world, here in America God is using you mightily! Can’t wait to share my miracles when they happen!!!!