Prophetic Words


Over the last few weeks I have had numerous encounters with the Lord where He has been showing me a battle that’s been raging over many. There has been a battle that seems to be raging on every side attempting to stop you from moving into the assignments and momentum that the Lord has for you in this new era.
The Lord showed me that there is a slumbering spirit that is attempting to hinder and abort the new assignments and the occupying of new territory that the Lord is leading His people into.
This slumbering spirit is attempting to ‘shut things down’ in many different ways but it is imperative that God’s people recognise that this ‘slumbering’ is not something that is taking place in the natural realm, this is a spiritual issue.
As I have continued to seek the Lord, the Lord spoke to me that it is WORSHIP and PRAISE that is breaking through this slumbering spirit and bringing the people of God into the greatest awakening of their lives. Stepping into the place of victory, inheritance and occupation of their promised land in the manifestation of the Lord’s hand of power in their lives.
The opposition that is coming against many through this slumbering spirit right now has been more intense than they have experienced before but the Lord showed me that this attack is looking for ALIGNMENT. You must PAY SPECIFIC ATTENTION to your ALIGNMENT right now and what you are giving your alignment TO. It is time to be FEROCIOUS in faith for what the Lord has spoken to you and promised you. This is the crossover moment. We have already crossed over into the new era as the body of Christ and the ‘taking of land’ is now taking place and the enemy is roaring. He is roaring attempting to bring a slumber over the people of God because there is a major worldwide shift taking place in the body of Christ right now to lead God’s people into the greater manifestation of the OVERCOMING LIFE.
God is moving His people into the place of WALKING IN the manifestation of being OVERCOMERS like never before. The Lord is transitioning His people from sitting back ‘passively’ to being FULLY AWAKE and moving in their inheritance and OCCUPYING all that is theirs in Christ.
The Lord spoke to me “This is about OCCUPATION”. The greatest manifestation of OCCUPYING is about to take place in the body of Christ. Where the people of God are going to begin to OCCUPY like never before through their authority.
THIS IS the moment of POSITION. This is the moment where the army is taking her place in the position that has always been theirs in Christ.
The Lord spoke again:
“This is the moment of the SIT AND STAND”
Instantly Ephesians 2:6 surrounded me:
“He raised us up with Christ the exalted One, and we ascended with him into the glorious perfection and authority of the heavenly realm, for we are now co-seated as one with Christ!” (The Passion Translation)
He spoke again:
“This is the moment in time where the Church will take her SEAT like never before in the revelation that she is seated with ME and the victory that is hers in Christ and FROM that place she will STAND in the earth like never before to declare, to decree and to SEE the manifestation of My power and the supernatural invade earth like never before.”
The Lord showed me the body of Christ being SHAKEN AWAKE and called into the place of FEROCIOUS FAITH.
God is uprooting unbelief, He is uprooting fear and He is calling His people into the place of greater conviction of taking Him at His Word. The battle is raging because the people of God are moving into the days of POWER and seeing the demonstration of the POWER of God in the earth in unprecedented ways.
The Lord showed me MAJOR upgrade that is taking place right now in the Spirit.
This is the time to be FEROCIOUS and not be passive. This is not a time to disengage. This is a time to PUSH THROUGH like never before and to ROAR at EVERYTHING that is opposing the promise of God because THIS IS the moment.
This IS the shift you have been waiting for. Is it painful in the pushing? Absolutely! But you are not STUCK, this level of opposition, this level of pushback IS the sign that you are PUSHING THROUGH and moving into the greatest season of your life of seeing the power of God manifest in your life and the MIRACULOUS MANIFEST.
There are significant encounters taking place right now where the Lord is releasing revelation of what is being decreed in heaven, and as the people of God are aligning their voice with that decree, the way is being made for the demonstration of what is looks like for ALMIGHTY GOD to step in.
ALMIGHTY DEFINITON: having complete power; omnipotent.
SYNONYMS: all-powerful, omnipotent, supreme, most high, pre-eminent, invincible, unconquerable (Definition taken from Google)
The moment is here to SEE “This is what it looks like for ALMIGHTY GOD, the all-powerful, omnipotent, supreme, Most High, pre-eminent, invincible, unconquerable GOD TO STEP IN”
I heard the Lord say “Push past the sound of chaos and you will hear the sound of divine alignment”
There has been so much chaos and noise in the spirit. There has been so much distraction, so much witchcraft operating, so much confusion and noise but I heard the Lord inviting His people higher. Look PAST the noise in the atmosphere. Look HIGHER and look to Jesus and what He is saying and you will HEAR the sound of divine alignment.
God is bringing things into divine alignment and preparing you for a miraculous 2020.
God is teaching His people to not live in the second heaven, but to LIVE FROM THEIR SEAT.
This IS the era where the people of God are being invited higher to live FROM the place of victory and to GOVERN with the Lord on the earth like never before. To partner with the Holy Spirit to see the JUSTICE of God manifest on the earth.
God is releasing HIS JUSTICE into situations right now and the spiritual realm is rumbling but the POWER of God is going to bring major demonstration of His justice as the people of God ROAR in praise and worship. The enemy is trying to SILENCE God’s people through slumber, but it will NOT work. The SOUND of praise and worship in the earth is BREAKING the chains and ushering the POWER OF GOD into the earth like we have never seen. Undeniable miracles! The mighty declaration across the earth:
“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit” says the Lord (Zechariah 4:6)
This IS the era where the people of God will see the manifestation of (Luke 1:37)
“Not one promise from God is empty of power, for nothing is impossible with God!” (The Passion Translation)
This is the era where EVERYTHING CHANGES! This is the era where NOTHING stays the same because you see HIM high and lifted up like never before and in His reflection you see who you are like never before, seated, VICTORIOUS and never again to be silenced, held back or pushed into a corner because you are AWAKE and AWARE like never before who Jesus is and who YOU ARE in Him.
Some of you are now walking in the greatest awakening encounters of your life with Jesus where filters of pain, trauma, disappointment and grief have had you seeing Jesus in a way that He isn’t. You are walking in the awakening of healing and seeing who He really. Many of you are coming out of your grave clothes and walking in your resurrection as you see who He REALLY IS!
This IS the era to be RE-INTRODUCED to Him and HIS power!