Prophetic Words


At the start of last week I had an encounter with the Lord and He showed me large books and on the front of the book it said “BOOKS OF BEGINNINGS”. The Lord showed me that in this new era there are going to be many BEGINNINGS.

BEGINNINGS: the point in time or space at which something begins.
SYNONYMNS: dawn, birth, inception, conception, origination, genesis, emergence, rise, start, starting point, launch, onset, outset, unfolding, development, developing, debut, kick-off, commencement, opening
(Definition taken from Google)

The Lord spoke to me that in 2020 there are going to be multiple BEGINNINGS and BIRTHINGS. We have entered into a new era, a new beginning and in 2020 there is going to be a dawning, a rising, a launching, an unfolding, an opening that is going to take place like never before.

There is going to be clarity and development of vision like never before. There is going to be the manifestation of things God has said in the dark, come into the light in their manifestation.

There will be significant birthing of promises in 2020 and monumental upgrades, and there will also be conception of new vision from the Lord. New assignments and commissions.

In the encounter I had with the Lord, the Lord showed me that there are many ‘word curses’ being spoken over these BEGINNINGS that the Lord has decreed over the lives of His people. In this encounter the Lord showed me so many of His people in such ferocious battles right now and I know many have been in battles for a long time, but He showed me many looking to Him and crying out because the closer it gets to the closing of 2019, the “signs” of breakthrough in the natural have not yet come, yet their spirits are soaring with the knowing that things are shifting and moving.

There is a battle over the books of beginning that the Lord has decreed for your life in 2020 and beyond. The new things the Lord has for you. There are so many things that the Lord has in store for you in 2020 and beyond that you haven’t even thought about or imagined and what you are fighting is not ‘natural circumstances’ but a spiritual battle.

In this encounter I had with the Lord He showed me the BREAKING off of these ‘word curses’. There are whirlwinds of jealousy, there have been poisonous words and whispers behind backs but the Lord is dealing with it all.

The Lord showed me that these words being spoken are coming like arrows in the spirit but the Lord is sending forth His fiery arrows to dismantle these words being spoken.

I heard the Lord say:

“The enemy is doing all he can to dismantle and abort that which I am building in the lives of My people in 2020, and many have been fighting and standing for a long time. The time has come for the DISMANTLING of the enemy’s plans and assignments over My people’s lives in opposition to these BEGINNINGS I have decreed. I am teaching My people the power of their words and the power of the tongue. I am awakening My people in discernment and heavenly wisdom as they seek Me and cry out for discernment. I am raising up a people who will not tolerate being pushed around by the enemy anymore but live in the secret place in strength. Their strength comes from Me, the power of My Spirit and living in the place of adoration.”

I know I have released quite few words on the power of praise and worship in the last month, and the Lord won’t let me move from it. The posture of ADORATION of the Lord is causing ACCELERATED ALIGNMENTS in the lives of His people. Out of the place of the ADORATION of God and His beauty, rising up from deep within them is the decree of who He is and the Word of God. He is enthroned on the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3) There is MIGHTY MOVEMENT that is taking place in the place of adoration of who He is, worshiping our beautiful King Jesus. The Lord showed me miracles taking place and sudden shifts taking place from the place of praise and worship. The deep place of REST in the worship and praise of who He is and seeing MIRACLES MANIFEST by His hand.


We have entered into 5780 and there is a MASSIVE shift that took place in the crossing over. As I sat with the Lord He showed me that there is a BREAKING OF ALIGNMENT that is going to take place as “2019” closes in the Western Calendar and we move into 2020.

I saw many being assaulted by what looked like black tentacles and they looked like octopus tentacles. Immediately I knew this represents assaults by a jezebellic spirit. I saw Jesus before those who were being assaulted and He spoke “ARM YOURSELF WITH ADORATION”

The sense surrounded me so strongly to lift your eyes to the heavens, for where does your help come from? The maker of heaven and earth (Psalm 121) I know there are specific ways to deal with a Jezebellic spirit and its assault and in this encounter the Lord showed me that many eyes have been on the tentacles, because the battle has been so fierce and going on for so long, in the discouragement and weariness, “eyes have come down” into the natural and onto the “tentacles”. The Lord showed me in this encounter that as His people INTENTIONALLY lift up their eyes to Jesus and make the choice to INTENTIONALLY ADORE Him in the crossover into 2020 there is going to be a MAJOR breaking of ANY alignment with this Jezebellic attack in the lives of believers. The Lord showed me that it will be HIS HAND that is going to bring forth a mighty move of His Spirit. The wind of His Spirit is going to blow strongly in the place of adoration of who He is and He is going to deal with this assault. There will be repentance that will take place of eyes upon the attack, there will be repentance of tolerating this attack and a fresh wind is going to blow upon the people of God that will heal them, refresh them and impart new vision to them for 2020 and beyond.

There will be a SUDDEN ALIGNMENT that will take place with the plans and purposes of God for 2020 and the new assignments that He has for His people. Many will receive their joy, excitement and expectation again for 2020 and the ‘blocks’ they have been feeling and seeing will suddenly fall away.


“And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.” (2 Kings 6:17)

There has been significant opposition against vision in the spirit for many in 2019 and it has been a battle to continue to see and stand because of swirling confusion and haze.

The Lord showed me that there will be a MASSIVE increase in the seer gift in 2020 upon the body of Christ. There is going to be a mighty outpouring of vision like never before. SO much clarity. There will be monumental increase of the body of Christ learning to see in the spirit like never before. The Lord is going to open eyes in accelerated ways. This “opening of spiritual eyes” is going to move MANY, SUDDENLY from the position of DEFENSE to OFFENSE as they SEE what is going on in the spiritual realm and that all along what they have been fighting has been of a spiritual nature and not an ‘earthly’ issue. Mighty deliverance will take place, MAJOR healing and there will be a MIGHTY DEMONSTRATION of the uprising of a victorious army, awakened to who they are in Christ and who HE is that is going to be a game changer. This will prepare the people of God to carry a DOUBLE portion and inherit and occupy what is theirs in Christ.


As God is breaking the ‘words’ over the BOOKS OF BEGINNING and the alignments with the jezebellic spirit God showed me that He is going to lead His people into DIVINE TUNNEL VISION.

Now in the natural, tunnel vision has a negative connotation, but when the Lord spoke it, it was positive. It was to SEE WITH PRECISION and WITHOUT DISTRACTION.

Immediately, I had a vision and saw a horse with “blinkers” on. The Lord spoke to me “In this shift and breaking of the word curses and alignments My people will suddenly positioned with an impartation to FOCUS. I will SHIFT My people into the place of STRENGTH of FACES LIKE FLINT. The attack of DISTRACTION will no longer weigh over them heavily as I will empower them to set their faces like flint (Isaiah 50:7) like never before. As their eyes open in the spirit like never before it will cause an awakening of the heart to SET their faces like never before. A no toleration of anything but what I have said. I will release such PRECISE VISION for 2020 they will be astonished, but I will also release vision SO specific and clear for this next decade that they will be so full of the fire of My vision that they will see NOTHING ELSE but what I have spoken. Where the enemy has attempted to keep them locked in ‘tunnel vision’ of fear and oppression, I am transitioning My people into divine ‘tunnel vision’ of FOCUS and PRECISION of My direction and vision.”

People of God, the shift taking place is bigger than you or I can imagine. What God is doing right now is MONUMENTAL. The BEGINNINGS to be BIRTHED in 2020 are going to be ASTONISHING. Stay the course. Stand firm. Stay close to His heart and ARM YOURSELF with ADORATION of who Jesus is.

Everything is shifting and moving!