Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Yesterday I did a Facebook Live and I released a prophetic word about the things in this season that have attempted to TOPPLE you are now being TURNED and THOSE THINGS are being TOPPLED and the TIPPING POINT of SIGNIFICANT BREAKTHROUGH is upon you.
In the middle of the broadcast I saw the word "TEN YEARS" in the Spirit and the Lord spoke to me that MANY have been battling a GIANT, whatever it is, illness, financial hardship, marital issues, addictions, issues of the soul, relentless opposition etc, but it has been TEN YEARS of battle with this giant and I felt the Lord wanted me to release this word in written form, and with the added parts of revelation I have received today as I have continued to seek His heart.
The Lord spoke to me that those TEN YEAR GIANTS are now COMING DOWN. Those TEN YEAR CYCLES are now being BROKEN. The TEN YEAR BATTLE is now ENDING.
There is a FINALITY happening right now. No longer will you deal with this anymore.
Where there has been a TEN YEAR BATTLE, God is turning it now, and you will receive a TENFOLD breakthrough, a TENFOLD increase, a TENFOLD restoration.
He has seen every tear, every moment, every struggle, every bit of pain, and He has been with you, strengthening you, holding you, encouraging you, teaching you and empowering you.
Your prayers, your decrees, your seeds of faith and declaration over the last TEN YEARS has not been for nothing. There’s a TEN YEAR TIPPING POINT upon you!
The grief that has come from this ten year battle with these giants, that has left your heart crying out "God, it’s been 10 YEARS!!!! I have lost so much and so much time!!!" – God is removing the grief, He’s healing your heart, and I feel to prophesy over you that where the last TEN YEARS has been filled with the chaos and pain and struggle because of these giants, the next TEN YEARS you will see great fruitfulness, multiplication, and blessing. Over the NEXT TEN YEARS, you will have some of the greatest encounters with Jesus that you have EVER had.
What you have SOWED in the last TEN YEARS. The seeds of faith, obedience, finances, tithes, offerings, encouragements, prayers, intercession and decrees over the last TEN YEARS as you have been in the hardest battle of your life over the last TEN YEARS with this giant, you are about to REAP a HARVEST. Where you have sowed in the dark places, where you have sowed when you have had little, when you have sowed in your pain, in your wrestle in your battle, you are now going to REAP THE HARVEST, great blessing and the SPOILS of the last TEN YEARS are about to be given TO YOU!
I saw as this MAJOR breakthrough and SEASON SHIFT comes upon you TOPPLING these TEN YEAR GIANTS, I saw BOOKS being birthed EVERYWHERE in acceleration.
The Lord is going to have many of you write about your TEN YEAR journey and your testimony of breakthrough, increase, provision, healing, freedom, and there will be great favour on these manuscripts and many will be healed, set free, and delivered because of your testimony and the revelation the Lord has given you through your TEN YEAR BATTLE. The Holy Spirit is breathing SO heavily upon these manuscripts. You will see that you haven’t been fighting for nothing, and just for you. You have been fighting also for the MANY people that are going to receive breakthrough from your testimony.
I saw many of you over these last TEN YEARS have been battling these GIANTS and WAITING for your the FULL release into your DESTINY, into what the Lord has called you to do. But over and over, over the past 10 years, there have been SO MANY CLOSED DOORS.
In this TEN YEAR TURNING POINT upon you now, I saw the Lord bringing many of you to an EFFECTUAL DESTINY DOOR. Once that DESTINY DOOR opens, doors are going to open in rapid acceleration, like a DOMINO EFFECT of doors. One after another, after another.
Things are going to happen suddenly to position you and release you into the calling and the dream God has given you, and God is going to make up for delays and lost time in ABUNDANCE through these doors of favour and positioning that will suddenly be opened up to you.
You will RECEIVE TENFOLD blessing, restoration and recompense through these doors and God’s positioning of you that will FAR OUTWEIGH the LOSS, the PAIN, the LOST TIME and GRIEF you have experienced especially in the area of your dream, destiny and calling, over the last TEN YEARS.
I also saw PRODIGALS that have been away for TEN YEARS are now SUDDENLY coming home. They are SUDDENLY coming back to the Lord. They are SUDDENLY coming back to their family. There is SUDDEN restoration, SUDDEN healing and SUDDEN increase that will take place in the season. The TEN YEAR PRODIGALS are coming home.


  • Ronit

    In August 16th, TEN YEARS AGO I landed in canada with a promise to be part of The HAMILTON REVIVAL.
    I accept this word and I declare it to pass.

  • Doreen Bucher

    Indeed 2017 marks my own 10 year arduous battle. I needed this word for strength/vision. Thankyou LORD. I receive these words deep into my spirit and heart.Thank you Lana for being obedient.

  • Robyn

    Gosh Lana this is so accurate. I was really traumatised as a child. I had cut off from the traumas all of my life. Ten years ago they started bubbling up. I have walked through hell for ten years into my healing. If it wasnt for God I would not have made it. He is taking me from one level to the next in Him at such a rapid pace at the moment. What some consider to be unusual encounters with God are my norm, and God is constantly taking me past this. I have screamed out to God, and leant so hard on Him when I have had no one. Trauma is so poorly understood, particularly childhood trauma. But God has given me such a depth of understanding and revelation throughout all of this. I know many will be set free because of what He has done. It truly is not by my might or power but by His spirit.
    The other amazing thing that is happening is that every time I worship something really incredible happens. Not completely sure what is happening, but I seem to be worshipping more and more out of my spirt (it feels like the words come from my tummy rather than my throat as I sing). And I know the tangible presence of God, am singing more in tongues, often know I am singing with angles, and sometimes feel the words being sung are causing change across nations. Not sure what is happening here. All I know is that I feel very close to God as I worship Him in spirit and truth. My favourite times with Him.
    He continues to heal me every week. And through this I am growing more in love with Him, trusting Him more, and learning to trust others more. The greatest miracle is knowing in my heart that He loves me and that I dont have to fear and that He is never going to leave me. This truth is making me stronger in my spirit and I am able to do life far better than I have been able to. I have so many hearts desires and dreams that I am waiting on. But my intimacy with God is trumping all of those at the moment. If I have God I have everything. Without God I have nothing. I am absolutely blown away by how kind He is.
    Thank you Lana for your obedience to God. Your words have helped to sustain me during some very dark times. Huge blessings. Robyn

    • Rae

      This is awesome! I wish I could talk to you more directly because my husband has had much trauma in his life since conception and the effects of it are horrible. He struggles with giants of fear, night terrors, anxiety, OCD, etc and we know it is connected with trauma experienced from his youngest years but do not know how to break free because much of his trauma is locked down and dissociated. We have prayed and sought counsel for years and are still feeling stuck, but I know God is faithful and that there is a powerful ministry on the other side of these giants because so much of the world is in bondage to these same demons. My husband is a musician and I know worship is a HUGE weapon against these goliaths so it is so wonderful how you are having such powerful experiences when you worship. The worship coming from your belly is significant because that is where our spirit resides. Out of our inmost being (belly) flows rivers of living water!

  • Thomas Nodoubt

    Yes, Lana, that word is what I’ve been hearing about breakthrough also. I have seen in the spiritual realm some unentangling of the webs of lies and deceit over my self but more so over the area which I am living. There is a great stronghold of fear, doubt and disbelief working with a spirit of sorcery and witchcraft here and I’ve been seeing and hearing things shifting around in the heaven lies but was not given this word of what is happening there till now. Thank you for sharing that with me and others.
    This really helps me to know and direct my prayers more effectively.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you,
    Thomas Nodoubt

  • Julia

    Praise the His leading, I am being cleansed and healed of many things one of which is post natal depression with rage which began with the birth of my just turned 11 year old. The Lord has said of The deliverance ministry he led me to, that our trials and sufferings will in turn help others.
    All glory to Him

  • Marianne Gustafson

    Hi! I am bit shocked by the words of ten years.There are words that I had in my mind for a long time and felt so sad for the ten years passed because of the battle in my life. Sometimes it has been so hard, i never thought i would survive. But for the past six months, I’ve experienced the battle is over and the peace and the joy has filled me. About a year ago a friend gave me a pen. She felt I would start writing. I have not started yet but it’s a reminder that I’ll write one day. Your words from the Lord came so unexpectedly to me, but straight into the heart that I almost lost my breath. A greeting from God written from the other side of the globe from my perspective. It is so encouraging. God is so amazing. Thank you for what you share.

  • Stephanie carter

    2017 …august 2017 is my 10 yr battle of hell, loss, depression, n more. It has been sooo hard but Jesus has been my everything. I have been praying for impossible breakthrough for so long ive begun to think I’d never see good again. I h have a gift to write and I’ve written three books already and just in the last month I’ve had a sensing to just write like crazy as many books as I can really sensing the presence of the Lord this word was for no one but me I totally claim it as my own I’m looking for my suddenly break through and it will have to be a God breakthrough thank you so much for this word

  • Debbie King

    Ty Jesus! I receive this word in Jesus name! The last ten years have been a night mare. Prodigal kids, stolen finances, homes, cars, dreams. When u said ten years yesterday, I about jumped out of my chair!

    • Mary

      All I could think of was our prodigal coming back as I was reminded just today that it had been 10 years…!!. But when I read what you wrote I immediately could identify stolen inheritance, two car wrecks and the money involved to get straight again, and stolen and lost dreams of destiny. Thank you for writing. Iron really sharpened iron here…!!!

  • Nancy Klintworth

    Oh my it has been 10 years since I graduated from Bible College and no doors have opened for me. We went through bankruptcy and foreclosure. Plus my husband has been very ill. Now the Lord has provided. Thank you for your prophecy.

  • Esther

    Thank you so much Lana, indeed the last 10 years have been a battle. As I read this word, I not only say “AMEN” for myself, but also for the many along my journey I’ve been believing for. Let it be as the Lord has spoken through you! God bless you!

  • Jenn

    Lana, so many times your word cooresponds to what God is speaking to me, but I am fearful to believe, fearful to set myself up for another disappointment. But the overlap in what you write and what I hear is incredible! Even the pictures you post on your blog, one specifically, was in my personal vision! Thank you Lana. I’m thankful for the encouragement and how you share The word your receive ?.

  • Sarah

    I wouldn’t have believed this unless I saw it with my own eyes. My husband has told me since March he is leaving me because for the last TEN YEARS he has been MISERABLE. ( married 22 years). And he repeats it again and again. TEN YEARS of my life gone I can’t get back. TEAN YEARS! Well 10 years ago he had a heart attack and I was left to hold the family together emotionally (5children) and I shut a part of me down. Only in April or May did I beg God for healing from this pain and hours later Sexual abuse from when I was 10 years old flashed in front of me. Healing? This is healing?
    Well, it is August now and I am healing. For 10 years I didn’t feel fully safe supported and loved, even though I was. My husband had been TRYING to love me but my body and emotions had built a wall I was literally unaware of. It has only recently come to light and made sense to me. I did not know that the unconscious effects of the childhood sexual abuse along with my husband’s initial physical and emotional weakness from the heart attack set something off in me that went into survival mode.
    He had had enough and is still considering leaving me for an old girlfriend. I’m leaning on the Lord heavily along with asking friends to be cognizant of the Lord and increase their prayers…. and somehow I am surviving this though it is painful. He wanted to separate from me in March and is still at home, though we are not intimate. It is very painful feeling rejected and I do believe that only recently he is beginning to understand that I didn’t have control over my rejection of him, yes 10 years, not fully but a LOT. ( I didn’t want to be touched, awoken, lightly tapped, it was getting more and more rules all the time and I didn’t even know why).
    He is angry and hurt still though it is lessening. I think at first he thought it was an excuse and really, at first I was happy to have that excuse. Then I was aghast at it. The mirror had been held up to my face. All along I thought it was him. But it was me. And my healing is HAPPENING! After TEN YEARS! I pray that part of the healing is our marriage restoration. Please all pray for that. We do actually really get along except for intimately and I do actually want that now.
    Wow, Lana. Your words from God have applied to me before. I don’t read every one you send out, but THE GREAT LORD has me reading the ones for me. God bless you and your ministry Lana. I was just feeling discouraged tonight and I went up to bed to read this. Praise God, thank you Lord Jesus for your comforting arms.

  • Cassie Grissom

    I was watching yesterday as you were speaking this word live. I was so encouraged when you started to speak and prophesy over the ten year word. I had been bed ridden for the last 10 year’s. It’s been the hardest time of my life. I was extremely sick and suffered terribly in my physical body which destroyed my spirit and mind. I was only 36 years old when I became bed ridden. My whole life changed for the worst.
    But I am now starting my come back at 48 year’s old. (Just had my birthday). I am so encouraged by this word.
    Thanks Lana I appreciate you so much!

  • Diana Burton

    There is a situation in my family that I have been praying through for many years, and ten years ago was significant point in that struggle. I believe the Lord has spoken, and that which I have waited for, that breakthrough is here and now. Thank you, Lord for this word, for the answering of prayers, for breakthrough, for the fulfillment of YOUR promises to me. Blessings to Lana for sharing this word of the Lord.

  • Mel

    Thank you Lana for this powerful word of the Lord that you have shared. Although hope deferred from the long and many battles I have endured would have me dismiss this word, I feel compelled as an act of faith to declare that I receive it in Jesus’ name. Know that your faithfulness to share what you hear God saying is an encouragement to those like myself whose faith has dwindled to a mustard seed from the seemingly endless battles over many years. The Giants Have Been Toppled!

  • Phoenix

    WOW!!! I accept this word! Yes the past ten years have been very difficult and the last year has been the worst year of my life. My wife was so distraught and crying just 2 days ago and she was saying… “Ten years…TEN YEARS and NOTHING!” She will be so amazed to see this word! Thank you! I declare in the name of Jesus that the “TEN YEAR EFFECTUAL DESTINY DOOR” opens…NOW! Thank you Lana!

  • Kelly Sellers

    Hallelujah Father Thank you lord for favor. Glory be to God I receive this prophetic message in Jesus name

  • Ford Family

    Amen and Amen. I receive this message. In 2007 we invested in companies that would be revenue for our retirement. Long story short, it’s ben ten years and we’ve lost so much of our hard-earned money. We were deceived on so many levels, by so many people. Lana’s Word from the Lord is so timely; over the last week or so, we are seeing doors open that have been closed for so long. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. May blessing chase you down, Lana.

  • pati johnson lechner

    Oh praise our Heavenly Daddy – this word is so timely! Early in the a.m. of July 31, I had a vision of giants coming toward me, one was getting very close to me & it fell with it’s helmet landing near me. I heard: “giants are falling, giants are falling”. I started praying for revelation – your word arrives! Also, I have been finding dimes everywhere! Oh our Heavenly Father, how He loves to speak to us in His way! Indeed, I claim and receive breakthrough in all areas not only for me but for my loved ones, in Jesus name. AMEN

  • Faith Evans

    Yes, I have lost everything and the last 10 years in particular have been sheer hell and torture! I really hope today is my breakthrough – I receive this word in the name of Yeshua ha Mashiach, amen! P.S. Lana, my eyesight is not good, even wearing glasses. Could you please embolden your words in the future so that I can read them more easily? Thanks sister. Shalom.

  • Cynthia Jurden


  • Gabriel Hanson

    AMEN AND AGAIN I SAY AMEN!!! This is so beautiful and precious to me and my family. I receive this blessing and take it on behalf of my family and the prodigal in our lives. My son,Tyler, will come home and serve the Lord. Giant addictions must go. . . I accept the assignment, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to write about our experience in the hope to encourage others; but mainly to give all the glory and honor to God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, thank you!

  • Rehana Bacchus

    Wow! If I feel so strongly that this word is for me. When I count back how many years I have been battling some giants – 10 years is right on target. This word spoke directly to my heart. Lana’s words seem to always be fresh out of heaven. Thank you. You have been a blessing to my life. I just graduated from law school this past May and just took my bar exam at the end of July. I pray that I will find a job quickly and have an income so that i can be a blessing to your ministry.

  • Barb Purcell

    This!!!!!! So good Lana!my last 10 years feel like Pharoah chasing down my neck! I receive and going to confess this every day

  • Mary

    WOW…!!! A BIG Suddenly…..!!!!!!!!!!! I receive it …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL of it in Jesus Name…Amen…!!!!

  • Rae

    This is an awesome word because 10 years ago, we moved to Maui after two of the hardest, darkest years of our lives. While moving to Maui was a huge blessing and we are forever grateful, it has not been easy, in fact it has been ten years of struggle and grace, struggle and grace, struggle and grace. Just when things seem to be falling into place, a wave of discouragement and frustration will roll in. Recently, I sensed something like gears falling into place. For the last year my husband and I have been working together in a new venture and have invested much time, money, and effort into it. Just when I sensed this “things falling into place” feeling, we had to put down our beloved dog who was with us for fourteen years. This was a huge loss as we got her when we were first married and because we do not have children, she made us a family. Losing her was a devastating blow, especially to my husband and it just knocked the wind out of our sails, but I know God is faithful and not a sparrow falls to the ground without Him knowing it. Losing our sweet old girl triggered some deep things in my husband and I believe God is using it to reopen and access trauma that has been buried for a long time. God uses all things for our good, even and especially, the most painful.
    What is interesting is that just before I saw your notice for this 10 year post, I had just moments before ordered a 10 Day Detox from Modern Manna which is a ministry I had just learned of the night before. I have been dealing with a giant of a health issue for several years and wanting to deal with it naturally rather than the conventional approach which is very hard on the body. Somehow the timing of me finding the Modern Manna ministry and your post are significant because it gave me a surge of inspiration of a wind of destiny blowing in.

  • Roz Campbell

    Only The Lord Jesus Christ knows it’s been 10 years..i said to myself just recently Lord I’ve been in this for 10years….i receive this word. Thank you Lana for being an Oracle for the body of Christ. What a privilege to witness BREAKTHROUGH .Amen

  • Pam Chetty

    Lana, this Word resonates with me. I was moved to tears reading it and felt it was a personal Word from God. I receive it in Jesus Name!! Bless you for your obedience and bless your ministry.

  • Denise Specht

    As I started reading this my heart was jumping, the Lord has been speaking to me through names and #’ s at my work. I’m a cashier and we check ID’s on all credit cards. All three of my boys have William as their middle names. For over a week I was seeing William on almost all the men’s cards. So I started Praying more for my boys, as I’ve been praying for restoration for them to the Father. It’s been 10 years of prayers, decree’s over them and 10 years since I’ve seen my oldest son, I’ve yet to meet my 2 granddaughters. Battling, heartbreak, lost time. The Lord was speaking volumes to me about 10’s. I was receiving 10 dollar bills all day, filled my till. I’d never seen anything like it before. This is confirmation!!! Wow!! As I read this I cried, it’s been a long haul. I believe this word is for me in many ways. Thank you Lana!! God bless you!! Much love to you!!

  • Elizabeth

    How very timely!!! Out prodigal son left home 10 years ago to go to the big city. After the first year he had failed out of school, gotten involved in drug and alcohol abuse and “came out” in his alternative lifestyle. His whole life has been in a downward spiral for the past TEN YEARS. We, his parents have never lost hope and have had several people in our church family declare a complete turnaround and major healing in his heart and life, followed by a ministry from him, our son, in leading the gay community into the light and knowledge of God. He called me two weeks ago broken and one step away from being homeless..begging to come home. We have welcomed him with open arms and are trying to encourage him to let God into his aching and broken heart. We need the prayers of all the believers who can join us to push the Dark Powers in his life back, to restrain them from keeping him from the destiny that God has for his life. Praise you, Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, through whom ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!

  • Rosie

    Wow…an incredible word. I have suffered with insomnia for 10 years, which has robbed me of so much, alongside losing loved ones and my calling not taking off. No husband yet at 37, lots of red herrings and frustrated false starts. But my faith is rising more and more recently, quite literally on a daily basis. God is up to something! For all of us waiting on the side lines for 10 years, this is sweet music to our ears. Thankyou and God bless you Lana…you truly are a gem in the kingdom and your words literally bestow courage on people. Xx

  • Charles Bud Luke

    I receive that word in the name of Jesus, been a 10 year battle of my life and receive this word. I am also scared for President Trump, his family and our government

  • danielle351982

    Needing Prayers the enemy has an assignment against me and I call out to ALL Prophets and men and woman of God. Cast this assignment down in Jesus name. Thank you all for all your prayers in advance. GOD BLESS YOU ALL THAT YOU DO.

  • Billie Rodgers

    I receive this word.!!! Amen I give Glory to GOD with thanks giving, I feel you are talking directly to me. It has been a very long ten years. I receive these words with hope with joy and belief that these next ten I will see a smile on my whole families Face. I have seen the Lord pick us up and carry us many times on this last ten year journey. He is so faithful to his word. Amen.

  • Janet

    Wow. 10 years ago, July 29, my husband of 33 years died. It has been a very hard 10 years with many giants…. BUT GOD… He has been speaking amazing, Life giving words of affirmation and HOPE. This word from you is so specific to my circumstances, it is God amazing. And since the week of July 29, He has been speaking words like this one… thank You Lord. I am expecting great things and know that they have already begun. Glory to God our Abba! Yes, Jesus! Have Your way Holy Spirit!

  • B. McDonald

    This was an answer to pray, I have been waiting for ten years for restoration of my marriage. Plus I just put the finishing touches on a book I wrote on the day you posted this word!! It is exactly what you spoke of regarding my 10 year journey!! PTL!! Thank you for being obedient Lana. What a blessing this word was, I am still stunned.

  • Lisa

    LANA VAWSER, sister girl you sure nuff heard from heaven on this word! lol..As you always do! But this one leaped off the pages as I had dream few mos ago in April
    and it was about something’s I’ve been going thru over last 10yrs in my marriage and the Lord spoke thru my pastor to expect a change in my circumstances b4 2017 is over, I’ve been in the wilderness since 2007 but nothing is ever wasted in Christ. I can see the hand of the Lord even restoring now & just recently He healed me of stage 3 breast cancer! I’m in great expectation of my 10 fold recompense!!! And I started a book manuscript in 2008 and now see why I couldn’t finish as my life story unfolds over these past 10yrs! He ain’t finish yet!!! I’ve been separated from my husband in the same house over last 3 yrs… but Satan started getting exposed since 2007, he’s an unbeliever but Father is about to do a supernatural turnaround!!! I say BASTA TO THE DEVIL NO MORE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! (recent word from Cindy Jacobs)
    Love you sis! Blessings to you & your family, keep the fire burning, walking out your purpose & destiny in the earth! ???????????????ALL GLORY TO GOD!!!!!

  • Linda

    Amen Amen Amen and i claim for all the ten fold all the blessings to come
    Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah Lord you reign
    In the mighty name of Jesus i claim all that he has for me and my family
    In Jesus holy name Amen Amen Amen

  • Charlene from TN

    Was thinking “TEN YEARS” when just a day or so later got this Word. It does feel like explained, and I will look to the Author and Finisher for the next TEN YEARS to offer their increase.

  • Ursula

    Amen. This hit me so hard because for the last 10 years I have been through it. In 2007 me, my son and nephew were in a car accident and we almost lost our lives. My son has a bad scar(believing it to be supernaturally desolved and healed). My nephew had shoulder replacement. I had basically neck trauma and had bad effects. The devil tried to take me out several times. I had surgery in February 2015 to remove a massive tumor it was literally draining me. But through it all, I have remained steadfast! Through it all I given, prayed and help others when I can. I still tithe and give offerings (on my part time job). My husband and I were married March 13, 2013 and we have been attacked financially. I’m believing for 10 Fold blessings for my household. For my son Quadell to come to the Lord, be a good father and Godly father to Zahra and Amaiya. That all my kids are saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, serving the Lord. (Erice and Joe) (Sarita and Joe). Believing for lost jobs, lost inheritance and properties restored, relationships restored and reconciled! Yes believing in the 10 fold return and the next 10 years we will be blessed, healed, delivered, supernaturally free of student debt, supernaturally debt free so we are able to give back to God and His works, Amen! ??

  • Nahomie Riche

    I remember when I first got this and again it was an on time Word of The Lord, because once again had endured another hit by the enemy n it was real bad one. I was hoping for my fire, wilderness season to come to an end at a certain time and when it didn’t happen I was really hurt. I was under nonstop fierce witchcraft attacks severe for days n it seem not much rest. You should see me I look like Jobs in the bible sister if u know what I mean. I’m skin n bones,my body is somewhat disfigured. I try to hid it with very large loose clothing. My family doesn’t recognise me and think I’m nuts even the christain ones. The pain I’ve experienced thru satanic attacks have been unbearable almost lost my life a few time in the past years.I’ve been persecuted from my family because they dnt understand The hand of God in my life most of the time they think I’m the’s funny because they accused THE LORD in the bible of being Satan to at one point I believe. Have no person in my life I could talk to that could walk with me and stand with me in understanding but I know it’s by The will of The Lord. What He has given me is online ministries to feed on and get strength n encouragement from. I dnt usually leave reply just began to a Few months ago because I felt the release THE LORD to. I’ve experienced n seen satan like I’ve never had before. Talk about a rude awakening! I’m weak most of the time n had to rely on mom to financial support me which she isn’t to happy about which makes it hard for me to feel at peace n comfortable. If I tell u Lana I’m unable to go out because satanist parole my home day n night ill think I’m crazy but it’s true andthat’s the least that they do. And you know what I can’t even say the rest.The Lord has placed this on me as my refiners fire, my wilderness my training season for what is to come and it will be Glorious. The Lord volunteer me to be attack by satan like He did Job,THE LORD JESUS. I think The Lords is allowing me to talk more about it now because that time is coming to an end. I originally call it my tribulation season started about 7 years ago, and when it didn’t end around that time I was so angry, so hurt. I knew satan was just pushing my buttons but I was so tired already from all the other attacks that had me sick, unable to sleep properly ,tormented in my mind and I was fighting and fighting n fighting and fidnt have noperson to rest on, you know what I mean. The Lord us always there but there was some really bad times when I cried out to The Lord n it was like no answer…I know He was working but you know what I mean? Anyways when my tribulation period didn’t end at the 7 year mark whoa, I felt depleted. Then I got your messageof ten year giants and I felt The Lord speak to me thtu it. He brought yo my remembrance when my tribulation period really started which was really around ten years it just was at its worst around 7 years.I felt so encouraged n lifted by The Lord. Once Again it gave me strength to go on, a light at the end of a tunnel. And I know The Lord will continue to encouraged me and strenghtren me to bring me to the end of this time, victorious, mature,and ready to be used by Him. The stuff Hes told me what is to come is truly Marvelous…Anyways I’m grateful I was able yo share today.