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By Lana Vawser
For quite a while now I have been seeing the ‘shifting of gears’ over the body of Christ, where the Lord is bringing a changes and in some circumstances a change of focus regarding destiny direction. Many have been “feeling it coming” in the sense of that almost “unsettled transition” feeling, but not yet “seeing” the doors open to what this “change” actually is.
These “doors into new realms” and “change” are literally beginning to open up. The Lord is about to highlight and confirm in supernatural ways the new ‘realms’ that He is taking many of His people into in this season.
I kept hearing the words “I am singing RISE and SHINE” and the sense of the Lord singing over you that a new morning and new day is upon you, but it is also a season of stepping into greater realms of your destiny and shining in that area. (Isaiah 60:1)
Many that have continued to embrace the fire and process of the Lord are about to find themselves in places of significant promotion and increased responsibility and influence for the Lord. There are new assignments that the Lord has been releasing all year, but they are now increasing significantly in their quantity, provision and manifestation.
As I watched the Lord handing out these new mantles they seemed so much bigger in size than the people He was handing them to. There was a sense that these ones have been prepared for “such a time as this”, their intimacy with Him was deep, and their character had been shaped significantly, but there was still the place of deep dependence needed upon the Lord at all times to function in this new anointing, and ‘grow up into knowing how to carry it’. He was birthing such a beautiful dependency in His people through these new mantles, not only in ‘growing up into them’ but also in the operation of them.
I saw the Lord take these ones into a new “strategy space”. These new assignments and mantles were nothing that they had stepped into before, so the “land” was completely foreign. I saw Jesus sitting at a table with these ones and He was laying out new strategies, He was teaching them the ‘new way’ and revealing deeper revelation of Scripture that would be needed to move in these new strategies. As He was sitting with them and training them the winds of acceleration were blowing STRONGLY around them. As the winds blew I saw angelic hosts standing all around and they were declaring “Welcome to the ACCELERATED HOLY SPIRIT BOOT CAMP”. The people of God were eating ‘scroll after scroll’ and impartation was FLOODING into them.
I heard Jesus speak to them “What would have taken years to learn in the natural is being downloaded in moments through My Spirit.” There was so much activation and revelation taking place it was like tidal waves. The strategies were at levels and manifestations that were completely new, but there was SO MUCH EASE and GRACE.
“Promotion! Promotion! Promotion!” buzzed all around the atmosphere like electricity. Such excitement and anticipation of what He was doing.
As this was taking place in the spirit, in the natural, the people of God were moving out into these new assignments in the earth with such grace, such ease, anointing, favour and royalty over them. Isaiah 22:22 “I will place on His shoulder the key to the house of David. What He opens no man can shut and what He shuts no one can open.” flooded all around. Where there was nervousness or fear of “I don’t know how to do this Jesus” as soon as they stepped in, all that the Lord is depositing in them in the secret place came FLOODING OUT as the anointing flowed.
New realms and doors bigger than you could imagine are about to open up to many of you, and you have been prepared for such a time as this. “As you go” KNOW that in your secret place you are in the Holy Spirit bootcamp. Know that He has gone before you and goes with you. Let those roots of dependency upon Jesus go deep as you are called further and further out of your “comfort zone”. You are growing up into these new mantles and assignments and you will receive the impartation and revelation of the NEW STRATEGIES as you step in. You will see the Glory of God rise upon you and through you in ways you have NEVER imagined in these doors into new realms of influence. You will carry the insight, wisdom and witty inventions of the Lord that will begin to shape and change atmospheres, people, cities and nations.


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  • Rhoda

    I love you sister Lana! God is so good, so beautiful !
    Isaiah 22:22
    I love that!
    Ok, so the last few weeks, maybe even a couple of months now I’ve been praying, thinking about all that is not gleaned from the suffering and resurrection of Christ, so I began to pray and ask: God what Christians throw away, their callings, gifts, and blessings and miracles, give them to me? Gifts and calling are without repentance but we can give them away. Then I saw Shawn Boltz interview on Sid and it talked about divine transfer to complete unfinished works of others, wh I h is the same idea. I was pleased to see this prayer must be Holy Spirit lead and the will of God. So I also requested that as I go through life and ministry that any unsaved persons

  • Rhoda

    …that I encounter, that when we make contact; I bump into them, touch them in any way that.what they reject from heaven will then be held by me and what I cannot accomplish of it that the LORD will direct me to the believing soul that will complete that task of the LORD. Every unfulfilled call, every blessing, every miracle completed in the earth through the remnant of those who would believe it possible and do it.
    Have a.wonderful day sister! xo

  • Connie Bumgarner

    Was just saying something like this to my son! (For him not to be surprised how differently the Lord uses him)

  • Michelle Strong-Swift


  • Judy

    Lana, if I would have read this yesterday morning, I could have only hoped for this to come to pass, but what took place yesterday afternoon absolutely confirms this word. It has been a long time coming, but the delay was on my part because I hadn’t fully released a previous assignment. When I did, He immediately opened a door! Glory!
    You know you bless me, but I wanted you to know how wonderfully timed this, and so many words you have shared with us, has been.
    I also want to encourage others reading this to release anything the Holy Spirit has shown you to release so that God can strategically place you where He needs you the most. Knock the dust off your feet (so the ‘dirt’ doesn’t come with you to the new place the Lord sets you)…

  • Susan M

    Praises!! Thank you, dear Lana…..”Not to us, O Lord, but to a Your Name…be all glory, honour, thanks, and praise…” (Psalm 115:1) …for the great and wondrous things You have done and will do…You are the Potter…we are the clay…(Isaiah 64:8) King Jesus, grant by Your Spirit’s power alone that we will be ready and equipped to do and accomplish great things for You! Amen and glory! ?????

  • Monica Singh

    Amen, Pastor Lana. I was just so overwhelmed emotionally while reading this message. I don’t know why, but I just felt tears rolling down my face. Thank you.

  • Kathy Pfeiffer

    Wow! This speaks to us very specifically. We are sensing God moving us to a different state, different ministry opportunities, and it is both a bit frightening and at the same time so exciting! We are both retired but know Father God hasn’t put us ‘out to pasture’. The best is still to come! Thank you!~

  • Dixon Osure

    Just want to say the LORD bless you Madam Lana Vawser. May even more graces be poured into your cup of joys. Blessed be all who the LORD is speaking of. Blessed be the LORD. May this ministry see and experience greater increase. Peace be upon Isreal. Shalom

  • Lise

    Hello Lana, I so love your Blog and Ministry and I am a partner of yours with monthly donations because I so love and respect your Heart for the Lord. Just checking to see if I can Pray for you as I noticed you haven’t posted in the last week and wanted to be sure you are ok. I send you the great Love of the Lord !! In Jesus Name I send you full health, Joy and More Love of the Lord!!

  • Nahomie Riche

    This Word is still speaking. Its not only for the year 2016, I bear witness to that. I feel like your reading my life, my future. Here I am reading this a year later and it is a Word of The Lord for me now. I only knew of your ministry a few months now, not even a year. Isn’t GOD good!!!Again I am amazed at the accuracy of The Word. I just haven’t heard the Lord like that through other vessels often prophectically. Another dear sister Katie Barker, I hear The LORD through so clearly. Beautiful Language of The Lord I hear from her too. It’s just beautiful what the Lord is doing through you and her. I’m sure there’s others.. Just knew about Katie Barker a few months now too.