Prophetic Words


The Lion of Judah is roaring over His people and all that is not moving into alignment with His Word is being shifted.
This sudden alignment that is taking place as the authority of God is demonstrated. This alignment is increasing the capacity in the hearts and lives of the people of God. Greater capacity is being extended. Where you have felt squashed, you will arise. Where you have felt you haven’t had time to sow into your gifts, calling, talents and things you enjoy, in this ALIGNMENT you will be GIVEN BACK TIME.
Your capacity is being extended for your next ASSIGNMENT. What needs to be shifted only HE can shift. His ROARING IS REWRITING the story that you are facing right now. YOU WILL WIN! What is UPSIDE DOWN is SUDDENLY going to be TURNED THE RIGHT WAY ROUND!
The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm." – Exodus 14:14
Be still, stay calm, stand firm. As He is roaring, EVERYTHING is being shaken and will fall into place. GREATER ALIGNMENT FOR YOUR NEXT ASSIGNMENT!
Many of you will not go around the mountain AGAIN, you are about to ASCEND. You have reached the HEAVENLY CRESCENDO! (crescendo: the climactic point or moment in such an increase; peak:
Under the weight of it all you will no longer BEND, but you will ASCEND!
The Lion of Judah is ROARING!
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  • nandiphasolomon

    > Amen.
    This is confirmation of a vision God showed me: of me wearing a crown of glory in which a royal diadem shone, the scepter oh God activated the diadem with a royal jewel at its head whilst the lion of Judah roared and all disease, negativity was own away and I was completely healed and restored…every good gift and perfect gift came to me from the Lord and from the Father and I was raised up to rule and reign as wS His calling from the foundation of the world.
    May our Lord Jesus bless you and multiply your reward as you continue to be His vessel.
    > >

  • Becky Powell

    I would love to know about you. Is there a testimony, story written that I may read? Becky Powell, Shelby, NC

  • Teresa Smith Kidd

    Thank you Father! I’ve prayed and waited so long.
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  • crenkat

    Perhaps a dream I had is now being interpreted through this word from Lana. In my dream I was seated cross-legged (“criss-cross applesauce” in primary teacher jargon), but wasn’t sitting on the floor or in a chair or on a couch. I was inside a house, floating high in the air, still in this seated position. I would float/fly through the air moving from a front living room in the house through a side room, then through the open doorway of another room in the back of the house, then down a hallway and back to the front living room. So I was revolving through the house in a way in a circular path, always high in the air, but lower than the ceiling. Maybe this means I am going to “ascend” while still traveling a familiar path related to the home. (I’m a newly single mom to an adopted son still at home as well as a grown daughter and two little grandsons.) I’ve been wondering what this dream meant and have been searching the Scriptures as I felt the dream was God sent. I wonder…