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Lana Vawser 

I had a vision where I was taken above the nation of the United States of America and I could hear the heart of the nation groaning. A deep groaning in the heart of the nation to be free of the bondage that it has been placed in. I could hear the groaning in the heart of the nation to be catapulted into its God given destiny. The groaning was so deep, and one of such pain, like it had been in bondage for so long. I then saw the groans coming from the heart of the nation begin to rise into the atmosphere and the people of God who had their ears leaning on the chest of their Beloved, began to hear the groaning louder than ever. 

I saw the heart of the nation and it was barely beating. As I looked at it there wasn’t much ‘life left’ in it.The heart looked grey, almost stone like, struggling almost to make every beat. The sense surrounded me that the heart of the nation was tired… the heart of the nation was tired of the bondage, tired of the struggle, tired of the oppression and was crying out for freedom, to be embraced and loved.

As I began to hear this groaning getting louder and louder I saw the hearts of God’s people being knitted together with the heart of God for this nation, a heart of deep love. There was a resolve and conviction that was building stronger and stronger in them to not give up on this nation no matter what, and continue to speak life and call out the gold in it, no matter how dark things looked around them. 

As this was taking place, the Lord was releasing specific keys of ‘strategy’ to these ones. Many of the keys He released had Jeremiah 33:3 on them.. “Call to me, and I will answer you and tell you great and mighty things you do not yet know”. The Lord was revealing insights, secrets and revelations concerning the United States of America and future events so they could come into deeper alignment with His heart and what He wanted to do in this nation. 

I then heard the words “It’s time to love the nation back to life” and I felt the Lord was encouraging His people to continue to speak words of life(Proverbs 18:21), His promises into this nation despite what their eyes saw in the natural. As they prayed and ‘loved on this nation’ through what they declared, I was then taken above the nation a second time and all I could see was pregnant stomachs over cities all across the United States of America. Where there had been ‘curse words’ placed over cities, the Lord was moving powerfully as His people prayed, and the fire of His love was beginning to break and melt chains of oppression in different areas of cities right cross the nation that have held them bound.

I saw the word BOUND suddenly disintegrated by His love and replaced with the word BIRTH!!! I then heard the words over and over again “IT IS TIME TO BIRTH! IT IS TIME TO BIRTH! IT IS TIME TO BIRTH!”

Suddenly, I was taken into the body of Christ across the United States. I watched God’s people all across the body of Christ, that were aligned with His heart, and praying and declaring what was on His heart, beginning to birth. God was birthing a greater move of His love through their destinies, through their giftings and their callings and as it was happening, what looked like a tidal wave of His love was beginning to build. As this was happening the greatest strategic alignment of destiny was happening across the body of Christ, for God’s people. Positioning them in new strategic places and platforms and this powerful move of His Spirit, a great move of His love was being released into cities. A new breed was arising!

“Sing, O childless woman, you who have never given birth! Break into loud and joyful song, O Jerusalem, you who have never been in labor. For the desolate woman now has more children than the woman who lives with her husband,” says the LORD. (Isaiah 54:1)

As it was being released into cities, the chains on the cities were beginning to lose hold. The people of God continued to cry out and intercede
for the nation from the strategic place of positioning the Lord had released them into. 

Their tears of repentance on behalf of the nation and their heart of love for the United States of America, began to send what I can only describe as “shock waves of His love” back into the heart of America, and I saw the heart slowly begin to turn from a deathly, cold grey colour, to starting to find warmth, life and strength in beating again. It was turning to a pink colour. The colour of love and life coming back into the nation. 

The “forecast” was being changed over the heart of the nation and I heard lyrics from famous song “It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sun shiny day.” 

“For behold, darkness will cover the earth And deep darkness the peoples; But the LORD will rise upon you And His glory will appear upon you. “Nations will come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising.” – (Isaiah 60:2-3)

Instantly I saw the manifest sons and daughters of God in the United States, who had given Him their YES, rising up all across the nation COMPLETELY AWAKENED. Awakened by Jesus and to deeper revelation of His nature in ways they never had been before, and they were awakened to new levels of their identity. The manifest sons and daughters of God were rising up, coming out of hiding, and SHINING BRIGHT. Where there was deep darkness, the BRIGHTNESS of His light was EXPLODING, declaring the HOPE of a BRIGHT NEW DAY found in JESUS, the SON. Where there was still deep darkness, the BRIGHTNESS OF HIS LIGHT was extending across the nations and releasing TIDAL WAVES OF HOPE in the revelation of who Jesus is and I saw captives all across the nation being set free suddenly. 

The words then flooded into my spirit “It’s time for the multitudes of captives to be set free.”

I saw captives in governmental arenas, in the seven mountains of influence, and people in strategic positions all across the nation becoming suddenly set free by the revelation of Jesus, His love and Glory. Where they were captives, they suddenly became CATALYSTS for breakthrough and the Glory and fresh move of God to be released across the nation bringing hope and healing. 

I saw these catalysts begin to join hands with the people of God across the nation and it created what looked like a force field. It was a force field because of the power of God that was flowing in the unity between the people of God and a strength was rising amongst them that they had not known before. As they joined hands and began to step forward, I saw walls of religion, competition, offense and hatred between denominations across the body of Christ being melted away and shattered in forgiveness and love. 

God’s people in the United States of America began to move forward in greater unity that was acting like a force field and beginning to take back ground in the nation that the enemy had stolen. Areas where there had been significant demonic oppression, the enemy was losing ground as the Kingdom of God was being extended and they were taking it with force. (Matthew 11:12)


In the process of the Lord sharing this word with me I had a dream and in my dream I saw Deborah’s rising up all across the United States. 

“Wake up, Deborah, wake up! Wake up, wake up, and sing a song!” (Judges 5:12) 

The Lord is awakening the Deborah’s. He is awakening them with the fire of His love again and calling them out of hiding and to “take their place”. As Deborah in Scripture did, the Lord is raising up the female prophets to release encouraging war chants and victory songs over the United States of America. Where many Deborah’s have felt hidden, the Lord is bringing them out onto the frontline with a message of hope and victory flowing from His heart that will awaken many. 

Many other Deborah’s have been wounded and become weary, and the Lord is awakening and restoring them, and bringing restoration and healing so they can take their place and sing again.
As these female prophets, these Deborah’s arise, they will arise with the strategic war chants from the heart of God, inviting the people of God into partnering with what the Lord is saying to see victory songs begin to manifest across the nation.


I then saw angelic hosts being commissioned by the Lord into the earth and they were blowing shofars, a clarion call to greater levels of worship. There was an invitation being released across the nation into deeper levels of worship that was great warfare and the people of God began to suddenly rise up in worship all across the nation with a ROAR. 

I saw the Lion of Judah roaring His love through His people as they worshipped. They were releasing the sound and vibrations of His heart across the nation, warring for heavenly alignments to manifest. More and more and more prophetic songs were being birthed through the people of God that was changing and shifting atmospheres in the nation. Hard ground was being shaken to its core and the cracks of breakthrough were beginning to appear and life was being released into the heart of the nation again. 

In this place of worship, the Lord was birthing declarations over the nation, declarations of life and love into the heart, that was bringing forth ‘signs of life’ across the nation, even where darkness surrounded. 


I heard the words “It’s time for My people to discern and turn”. I saw a spirit of greater wisdom and discernment being released across the body of Christ in the United States as they pressed into Him, that was bringing a cleansing of the heart, mind and soul. 

Where there have been great offenses, where there has been lack of wisdom and discernment in discerning what the Lord is saying and what He is doing that was SUDDENLY turning around. 

For the days that we are in, wisdom and discernment is needed on levels we have not experienced before. There is a heart cry on the heart of the Father for His people to move in greater wisdom and discernment to see things from His perspective and hear what He is saying and declare it from His heart of love. As this wisdom and discernment was being released across the body of Christ, I saw many repenting for hatred, offense and lack of discernment and wisdom. They were rising up with keys of wisdom, discernment and revelation to see His people move into greater levels of intercession for the nation and pathways created as they prayed to see His fire move across the nation. 

In many ways the Lord was using the ‘foolish things of the world to confound the wise” (1 Corinthians 1:27). Many were very surprised by who and what the Lord was using to bring a shaking, to bring a sifting, to bring a cleansing, to bring breakthrough. 

The Lord is going after the heart of His people and the heart of the nation. The fire of God is pruning, purging, purifying and cleansing. It’s time to really press into His heart without assumption of how we think He is going to move and with only ONE AGENDA and that is to HEAR WHAT HE IS SAYING and SEE what He is doing. 

This is a strategic time for the United States of America, and it’s time for God’s people in this beautiful nation to unite in greater ways. For walls of offense, religion and hatred to be broken down and the body of Christ to move forward as ONE IN LOVE. A great move of the love of God has begun in this nation and is about to pick up momentum as the people of God stand and continue to pray and declare His heart of love back into the heart of this nation. 

Darkness may be all around, but the light and Glory of God is
going to shine BRIGHTER!

A great cleansing is upon God’s people, a great uprooting of hindrances, chains and roots of unbelief and offense. The Lord is uprooting these things so God’s people can partner with Him and move into greater freedom and see His light and Glory shine through them in greater ways. 

People of God in the United States of America, this is your season of awakening. The time of slumbering and hiding is over. It’s time to be awakened in intimacy in new and fresh ways by the kiss of love from a good Father. 

You have a strategic part to play in this beautiful nation, if you haven’t already, it’s time to take your place! It’s time to arise and shine!


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  • Kim Ivey

    This so speaks to what I’ve been declaring and believing in my heart about a revival that will originate here in the United States and will reverberate out across the entire world. It is imminent. The greatest revival and winning of souls that this world has EVER witnessed – all in preparation for the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!
    Come Jesus Come!!!

  • Rita Biesemans

    I, will cry you a river
    And much much more
    My dear dear America,
    Once so beautiful !
    You sold your soul
    To a bunch of mercenaries
    Which entered your sheep-fold
    As wolves and goats
    You sold your skin
    To the highest bidder
    You resemble a harlot
    The new BABYLON
    Eating and drinking
    With the rich of this world
    Prostituting yourself
    For money and power
    And became a den
    Of thieves and murderers
    You forgot all about
    The One Who blessed
    You so abundantly
    Biting the Hand of the Blesser
    Embarrassed to mention His Name !
    Did He not teach you
    To be wise as a serpent
    And harmless as a dove
    Why then do you behave
    As a silly goose ??
    He invited you to His dinner Table
    He so diligently prepared
    But, you made light of it
    And went your worldly, haughty ways
    One to his farm,
    Another to his business.
    But as the Father of Fathers
    He waits for your return
    The return of His prodigal daughter
    Humble your pride
    And follow the Way, the Life and the Truth !!!
    Or, I SHALL cry you a river
    A river of bloody tears
    And much much more !!!
    Rita Biesemans 02/17/2003

  • Retta

    America is infected as is the world. America is laboring because no one will speak aloud the sin of hatred and racism. The Word says how can you love the Lord whom you have not seen yet hate your brother whom wou have seen. Again The Word says who is my brother or sister ? Those who do the will of The Father. The arrogance and (false) pride…..again The Word says pride goeth before a fall….that is found in the racism of America, in God’s people is a spot and wrinkle. May as we read your words indeed pray for America and all Believers who are deceived by this sin. There is no superior or supremacy in any man.

  • Beth Sheldon

    Yes! Yes Jesus! Your love for this beloved nation is paramount and powerful! Your love IS breaking through and we are singing our agreement, your victory songs! Sweet to our spirit is the good news of your rescue and redemption coming to our nation! Thank you, Lana, for your beautiful and willing heart to encourage the heart of this nation to respond to the heart of our good Father and come alive! I love you, sweet sister! Thanks for contending for this beautiful nation and her people! May the Bride arise here in glorious radiance and bear many children! ❤️

  • Julian Jordan

    KJV Malachi
    2 But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
    Elijah has returned.
    Seek The LORD on this.

  • Susan Borjeson

    Lana, I want to thank you. Not only for your incredible weekend with “us” at Glory Fire in FL recently, but for this message today. The Lord gave me a commission five years ago to identify the Deborahs and Baraks He is raising and bringing together with me. As a forerunner since 1972, we proceed by faith often without seeing the fruit…appearing barren. But believing. The past five years have been amazing and fruitful, even while waiting to hear the voice of a young Deborah carrying the sound of heaven. Your word for the nation and about Deborah resounds and is accomplishing right now and continuing its assignment. Bless you and Thank you.


    Lana, Lana, Lana, ………..I am speechless…………………………….. You have a direct line into my life, I am convinced that God reveals to you what is happening and has happened and will happen in my life. You use words, scriptures, and descriptions that ONLY GOD, could have given you because they are words, scriptures, and descriptions that the Holy Spirit has communicated with me personally over the years………your scripture from Isaiah 54, to calling upon the Deborahs, to prophetic songs,……I mean I just feel like my insides are going to explode from excitement!!!!! Thank you for your gift and your obedience. YOU ARE INDEED A POWERFUL WOMAN OF GOD, AND I HAVE NEVER MET ANOTHER TO MATCH YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Annie. Hopkins

    Thank you Lana,
    It is so encouraging to hear such powerful prophetic words spoken over America – to hear it’s almost arrested heart is metamorphosing into life and love.

  • Susanna Hanvey

    U too have had a dream of our nation. Not as extensive as yours but I saw a nation who “thought and appeared” to be free, but as the peopke, and I was one of them, tried to journey to other parts of the nation, or other nations We were stopped by police or military type soldiers. These soldiers told us we only had “freedom” in the area we were assigned to. There was one man who would appear on tv and spout all these charismatic words and make it sound as if we were free, but upon trying to exercise that freedom, we were stopped at the borders of our area.
    The Lord impressed upon me to begin to pray more earnestly for true freedom to be restored to our nation. To cry out for the Body of Christ to becone, THE BODY OF CHRIST! I have the opportunity to preach/teach at my church and God has had me teaching about being the Body of Christ, knitted together in true love. In two weeks I will be preaching on restoration of life dreams and visions we once thought were dead.
    What an encouraging word! Thank you for lustening, seeing and sharing prophetically. I will be praying andcwstching for future words.

  • Pastor Pricellious J. Burruss

    I receive it as a word from the Lord, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing it!
    Pastor Pricellious

  • Christine Laboy

    This was an immensely remarkable word of prophecy…I believe you have heard from God for this Nation…I have recently recognized snippets of what was said here, in others…I believe when God is shedding light over a specific area all words will correspond somewhat…I really enjoyed reading this…so glad I found you!

  • Rev. Marilyn Correa

    Thank you Lana for your obedience and willingness to be a prophetic voice to this nation! I was overwhelmed with the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon this Word from God, which pierced me through with its accuracy. It confirmed so much of what God has been speaking to my own heart and to others who are listening attentively to His Voice. It also speaks to the restoration and healing God is doing in my life and in the lives of those around me… the call to arms cannot be ignored by those with an ear to ear what the Spirit is saying.
    Thank you for your courage and obedience. You are in my prayers.

  • Otilia Curiel

    Wow Lana Thanks for sharing. And bringing ínsight. Sunday I felt the Lord say read Isaiah 60:1-3 to the church. It’s time to arise and shine Gods light and love. God bless you. ❤️?

  • Gladys Kamphuis

    This message is very inspiring and brings the strength and encouragement that is needed in America where all hope for restoration back to the fullness of God seems very far. God bless you Servant of God.

  • Christine Darwazeh

    I am in such agreement with this message! I have felt this groaning and know they are men and women who are so devoted to their Father crying out for this great nation that was birthed by God himself! Bless you sister as you send out the sound God has given you!
    Pray for me that I will walk in His will for me with courage and power.

  • Veronica Mayne

    Thank you for posting…..this is mostly confirmation for me as the Lord has also showed me a lot of the things in your posts in my dreams as well! Godspeed!

  • Sandra

    Prov 29:2 – When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked rule, the people groan.
    Too bad more people weren’t paying attention to politics. Its runs 98% of our lives. Break off the religion and get involved. More people got their head out of the sand and watched movies about the danger of certain characters Like the Movie Obama 2016.

  • Wendy

    Lana, Thank you for your obedience to speak the Word over America and to America. We appreciate you and honor you as a prophet by responding to these words as God leads us and gives the discernment to do so. Thank you thank you and thank you. It feels so good to know that God is sending His healing and awakening to our Nation and we feel supported as the Body of Christ in the USA by you and your faithfulness to bring us His word. God of Providence, deliver the breakthrough and support into Lana hands today. We love you Lana and beautiful Australia!

  • Rev Donna Kelly

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN,What powerful words that have been given and spoken out. I am a Canadian, and we need a mighty out pouring of the Holy Spirit as well. Our country is in a big mess as well and the Body of Christ needs so much healing and restoration. We need to preach the whole Word of God, His love, mercy and faithfulness, but also holiness, hell and heaven.
    I am an evangelist and declare the power of the Word of God where ever I go as the Lord leads and directs. God bless each one of you as you do forth and proclaim the Word of God. We as well are praying for revival here in Canada. There are so many who have become passive, luke warm and need healing so very much. May we bind together as NORTH AMERICA NEEDS REVIVAL!! God bless…

  • Kacy IHV

    Thank you so much for sharing what must have took some great time to write out. I needed to hear these things. I was ashamed because I didn’t want to be a teacher, I jus wanna be me. I thought he was asking me to change everything, my partner even. I no longer want to have these things that hold me back in my life. Foolishly I turn back to them. I realize god wants me to use my gifts and that is still me. Just a better version. I’m terribly scared though. I don’t know how anybody is going to listen to me because I’m not sure where to go. But I’m going to reach out to a sign I received next week. Or whenever Gods hand brushes by me. Love,love,love. I will never be ashamed lord to proclaim your glory!!!!! PRAY FOR ME TO GET INTO HIS…