Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Today I have had the words burning in my spirit:
“The fierce repayment of God is upon you for the ferocious battle you have faced”
FEROCIOUS: savagely fierce, cruel, or violent. (Google)
FIERCE: showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity. (Google)
I felt the Lord saying that the opposition that has come against His people in this season has been completely ferocious.
I could feel the Lord’s burning heart for His people that the enemy has been so cruel, so violent and so savagely fierce in his relentless opposition of God’s people in this season. I could feel the burning fire of His heart decreeing “NO MORE”. The heart of a perfect Father that was standing in righteous anger over His children over the way the enemy has continued to assault many.
In the midst of this fierce feeling of love and Father’s heart of vindication and protection of His children, I could feel such a SIGNIFICANT weighty shift in the atmosphere and it was the shift that was declaring the FIERCE REPAYMENT of God.
I could feel the heart of God encouraging His people that the REPAYMENT is going to be FIERCE, not in a negative way, but in a POWERFUL and INTENSE way that is going to far outweigh the ferocious opposition that has come against many.
I heard the Lord say:
* TIME: For the time that the enemy has stolen and hindered, you will now receive and see more accomplished in a day than you have ever seen. Through the empowerment of My Spirit there will be a significant acceleration right now of things the enemy has attempted to hinder, being accomplished supernaturally in a day.
* RESOURCE AND FINANCE: I saw the Lord restoring RESOURCES and FINANCES in supernatural acceleration. Not only was He restoring resources and finances that had been stolen, hindered and locked up, He was releasing tidal waves of resources and finances where His people were receiving more than had been stolen from them.
* OPEN DOORS: I saw the Lord opening SIGNIFICANT doors and connection in breakthrough momentum. One after another after another. Where there has been hindrance to opportunities, networking and open doors, not only were those doors being restored, but many new doors opening. I heard Him say “Not only will old doors be restored, those doors that closed will come back to you and open up, but you will have more doors before you than you have ever imagined. There will be many choices before you.”
* RIVERS OF PEACE: I saw MANY of God’s people who have had to fight for their life in this season to keep their peace, I saw SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTERS upon you with the Lord right now where He is going to lead you into a special place in the spirit reserved just for you, where you will find rivers of peace like you never have before. The giant, the opposition, the fear, the dread, the torment that has assaulted you in this season and stolen your peace, you will know that thing NO MORE. Not only will your peace be restored, but you will be full of joy and awe of Him as you realise you are walking in more peace than you have EVER KNOWN. The things that have bothered you in the past will no longer bother you.
* DELIVERANCE AND HEALING: I saw the Lord bringing complete turnaround and total vindication and the breaking chains and healing soul wounds OVERNIGHT. Major swift deliverance and healing is upon you, ESPECIALLY in generational assaults and soul wounds and torments you have lived with your whole life. Things that have plagued you your whole life, you will KNOW THOSE NO MORE! There is a FINALITY and FULLNESS OF the manifestation of deliverance and healing upon you right now that will explode in this mighty furious, beautiful, divine repayment of God. I also saw that the VERY AREA where the enemy has tormented you through these hurts of the heart and soul, the Lord is giving you KEYS. Keys to begin to set others free. Teach, write, and release revelation to others that has been birthed out of this major deliverance and healing that will set many others free. Many health issues are going to suddenly fall away in this divine repayment and you will see a greater manifestation of health in your life and have more energy than you have ever had before. He is restoring physical strength and the energy of youth to many.
* REVELATION, CLARITY AND ACCURACY: Where the enemy has attempted to hinder you from seeing and hearing what God is saying, which voice is His, where He is leading etc, in this divine repayment, the Lord is not only restoring the confidence in hearing His voice, but He is increasing revelation, clarity and accuracy upon you to hear His voice. Not only will you be more confident in His voice and the fruit of His voice, but the Lord is going to be releasing to you GREATER DIVINE INSIGHT, WISDOM and VISION FOR YOUR FUTURE. Where the enemy has attempted to hinder the flow of revelation, the Lord is now releasing an increase of this waterfall of revelation in your life of who He is, who you are, His Word and His plans.
* FIRE ON FAMILIES: I saw many strategic assaults had come against families in this season, and in this divine repayment, I saw the fire of His presence falling on families and there is INCREASE everywhere. The enemy has been screaming lies through fear, of loss, hindrance, God’s promises not manifesting, dark days ahead, but God is releasing His fire and He is decreeing INCREASE. Get ready to see more joy, more provision, more adventures, more positioning as families in this divine repayment. Where the enemy has attempted to come against families, God is now lavishing greater blessing and restoration upon families.
* FEAR OF THE FUTURE AND FOREBODING, HE IS RELEASING THE HOPE OF THE GOOD TO COME: I saw many struggling with fear of the future, a foreboding spirit of something bad happening, what is coming, but it’s all negative. I saw a sunrise in the spirit, and as the sun was rising, I saw JESUS, the SON, standing before the sun. He was heralding the HOPE of the GOOD to come. As the sun was rising and Jesus was heralding, I saw FEAR OF THE FUTURE and the FOREBODING SPIRIT screaming in terror and fleeing. As the sun was rising and Jesus standing before it, I saw rays of revelation being released from Jesus’ heart and it was the RAYS OF REVELATION OF HIS LOVE. The revelation of His love was exploding all around and was filling the people of God and the dark places in the heart and soul that were traumatised and terrified for the future because of the battle they had endured, I saw those parts of the heart SUDDENLY filled with DOUBLE the revelation of His love than they had EVER had. Again He spoke “No longer will you know foreboding, but you will know that I AM the hope of the future. I am good and I am bringing GOOD THINGS to you.”
The atmosphere was SO FULL of expectancy that the REPAYMENT of God being released now, is FAR OUTWEIGHING the ferocious battle many have been facing.
I then heard Him speak again:
“Where the enemy has caused trauma to My people, I am healing them and I am now about to traumatise the enemy with the blessing and repayment I am releasing into the lives of My people. The enemy has been assaulting many of My people with fear of “everything is about to change and the change will be painful and it won’t be good” but I am decreeing, “YES, everything is about to change, but it is going to be the most glorious changes and divine repayments you have EVER seen Me accomplish in your life.”


  • Robearh

    Glory to God !!! Hallelujah !!!! Thank you Jesus !!!! I Receive your Words, this day, in Great Expectations. Yes Repayment, Yes,
    indeed so everything is about to change for the better, Divine Repayments than I Ever, seen accomplish in my life,is here Now.
    Increase, Increase, joy, joy, joy, laughter, Great Glorious Month in August, Prophetic Words, Birthing forth, as I read them.
    This is so Awesome, so Good, Good, Praise you Father God, for All and everything you are doing in this particular hour.
    Amen, I Receive it, with an abundance of thanks and praises. Hallelujah !!!!!

  • Diva4Jesus

    Yes, I receive this Divine Repayment. Let it be experienced by each and every one of us brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world. Hallelujah!

  • Jan

    Yes, Lord. I receive this timely word through your faithful and anointed servant, Lana. Let it be as You have said, in Jesus’ mighty Name.

  • alzaruba

    Lord YES! I can feel the shift! You are my HOPE and JOY! For all the years of my being on the enemy’s hammering block, You are restoring and paying back. Teach us a spirit of unity in Christ and a boldness to walk in the shadow of the Lion of Judah!!!

  • kelly thompson

    this is everything I have been feeling – thank you so much for hearing HIM and passing it on obediently! thank you again and again!

  • Debra Pritchett

    Lana , I love you so much ! I look forward to your posts , because I believe I am hearing right from the throne room of God , These last several months have been awful.
    Just wanted you to know how your are valued ! Blessing and Favor be multiplied to you

  • Nyna M Babcock

    Yes & AMEN!!! Our family has been in a very long, difficult “season” for 4 years now, after stepping out in faith & obedience to follow what/where God showed us. We are ready for the turn-around & divine repayment!!! In Jesus name, so be it.

  • Debbie

    Wow what an Awesome God we serve. Thank you Jesus for this mighty repayment and we receive it with humble and grateful hearts. Amen
    Thank you Lana for this sharing this prophecy. It is such an encouragement and so up lifting, it has come at a time for me when I needed that word in season. Bless you.

  • AnnaRobin

    AMEN! Awesome word and TRUE so TRUE. Just this morning I found myself doing spiritual warfare against devils who had been trying to hinder a major important new web site that’s being attacked as it is being built. It’s up now, but the web designer has been experiencing INEXPLICABLE problems with certain features which should not in any way be having a problem. It’s the devil; we know it. I said and say to satan and his minions: THE FIRE OF GOD BURN YOU DEVILS! No weapon formed against this work of God shall stand. Lana, please take a look at this on YouTube and let me know what you think. or type into the browser W J Dittmar and the artwork thumb nail will come up. Please look and get back to me. Thank you.

  • Jeanette evans lewis

    I’m ready for this mighty move of God’s hand to shift inside of me like nothing I’ve ever have experience. Sooooooo excited to be the one God’s has chosen to take part of this apostolic anointed move.

  • Lisa

    I was just quietly sitting at my computer reading this. Every point I read felt like it was hitting me, in the spirit, breaking through the barriers from the darkness in my past. Recompense for all the harm done to me, deep healing in my heart, restoration in my mind, doors opening, one by one, into the newness of life in Him. The Lion of Judah, fiercely roaring triumph over the darkness from my past. Where the enemy came in one way, it was scattered in seven; where the enemy came into my life, I saw this splatter effect of hundreds of trails running away from me. This is day two of an incredible downpour from Heaven in my life. I lost about an hour yesterday. I’ve lost at least an hour today, and I still don’t have the strength to do anything but type.
    Thank you for your willingness to be a channel for Him.

  • seekhim1st2015


  • SeeingEyeGirl1

    Praise the Lord!! I am overwhelmed with awe of the Father for this type of confirmation, which is streaming to me daily!! Lana, I am grateful for how the Lord is speaking through you by way of these posts–many of which are FULL and PRECISE confirmation of what He’s been speaking to me for many weeks now. I believe the manifestation is closer than “imminent” and I am standing in faith, with fullness of joy and expectancy for His sovereign move!!

  • Robin Cameron

    Jan my brother I loved dearly killed himself, I thought I was going to die inside too. Than other attacks this year, but Jesus walked me through every valley , physical emotional spiritual and yes even financial! Our God is awesome people of God, don’t give in to fear and despair and never give up !! Onward Christian soldiers (((hugs))).

  • Joy 4 Christ

    On point servant of God .I receive this word in Jesus Name. Lana may the Lord increase you in every way

  • Shellie

    Praise the Lord! God you are so magnificent and mighty! I praise you for speaking through Lana. I thank you that she is an open vessel and obedient to your voice. I stand with arms wide open, fully expecting the manifestation of this word to change lives! It has been a long season, but you are so faithful, Lord!

  • arlene wilder

    THANK YOU JESUS!!! i give you all the Glory and I receive this message for you know what the enemies have done to me and my family and property. I receive restoration on all and our health and finances. Thank You Jesus Christ! Thank You YAHWEH! Arlene

  • Donna B.

    Let’s Be Clear. No Christian or person is suffering or having things stolen because of their ‘Lack of Faith’. “I have faith. Help my lack of faith!” Mark 9:24. If you have the faith to believe in an invisible God who’s son died thousands of years ago, then you already have enough faith.
    Prosperity needs to come:
    As of 2017 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings (unchanged since 2007) – Moebs — and people have been tithing preaching and confessing for Years!
    If a person is not protected is doesn’t matter what you give them. Job 1:10 – We need a hedge.

  • Christian Counseking

    The text is so light on your page, and.comments make it very difficult to read ~ just use black -> it’s a better use of our time ~
    Thank you !

    • Lana Vawser Ministries

      Thank you, Christian! We have been speaking with the Web Developers for some time about it, I hope to have a solution soon.

  • Cheri

    I am in COMPLETE AGREEMENT with every Word!!!!! It’s time it’s time it’s time!!!!! He is Faithful!!!!! He watches over His Word to perform it!!!!! AMEN & AMEN JESUS!!!!

  • Diania Carter

    Such a timely word for such a time as this. Going through the fire feeling the heat. Standing on the word of God!!

  • Ford

    I believe and receive this message in Jesus’ name. Amen. Restoration come now! God Bless you and your family, Lana.

  • Gabriel Hanson

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I receive this this beautiful word on behalf of my family and loved ones. God Bless you and your family Lana!!!

  • Sue

    Yes and Amen !!! We receive all you have done for us Jesus. God Bless you Lana, your family and your ministry.

  • Tameka Christophe

    I am in COMPLETE AGREEMENT with every Word!!!!! It’s time it’s time it’s time!!!!! Great is His Faithfulness!!!!! AMEN & AMEN!!!!

  • Karen

    Thank you Alna for your obedience. Thank you Daddy for Your promises.
    This is word for word exactly how we experienced life the past few months.
    He is our Hope

  • Lois

    I My Lord receive and decree EVERY WORD as I know how You know how I feel and trying,think, and get a grip in my life to think normal..act..etc. As I read these Powerful Words Lord I felt every word burn inside of me..I felt something rise inside my chest and felt like a Dam was..will burst…I trust the backlog of ‘Living waters’…Will, Have Broken through and all IS …have started to WASH AWAY…Oh! Jesus You are always on time…You are never late..O how I thank You and adore You Completely…Yes! You are All in All Glory and Praise to You Master I Love You. Hallelujah. ‘Jehovah’..”He that is”……”I am” …’Rapha’…..”Our Healer”. Amen.
    GBU Lana

  • Homer Les

    I have to admit honestly Lana I appreciate the words. For 10 years, as God has led us through our wilderness I have struggled with the delay in His promises. Over 20 years I have watched many, many prophets speak about breakthrough, suddenlies, deliverance only to be disappointed time and again with a failure of their words to come true and lack of accountability for the falseness of those words. I am tired of the words. I want God to finally act. The promises He has given me, my family and others I know that have paid a great price in following Him into the wilderness and spiritual maturity, are still unanswered. Your word is thematic for I have been reading your words for some time but have yet to see this fulfillment. I am getting worn out from the waiting. I have lost so much that even the possible hope of excitement about the slightest possibility of a change in our homelessness, poverty and deprivation He led us into, is gone. I wish I could be more excited about this but since July since we again were made homeless I have been hearing your words, and other prophets words, about a mighty deliverance and I struggle to muster the hope that He is about to break into our world and finally bring to pass what He said He would. I am sorry about that. I know you have heard from Him. I would like to believe that this word is true but I am so very tired from the waiting, discouragement and delay that I cannot even express it properly. After so many false promises about deliverance from the mouths of men who use His name I am jaded and cynical. Lord, I hope this word is true. I hope that You will finally break into our world with more than just words. We NEED You. Not just prophetic words and actions but we need YOU! Please don’t delay any longer. I cannot understand why You have waited so song and have stripped us of all we have owned so many times and have not come through for us. All I ask, please, is come to us. Please!

    • Bonnie Redmond

      Words from others need to confirm what you’ve already heard. Be sure to take even just one verse and talk to the Lord directly about it. Ihen he becomes your main source . words from Lana vawser will begin to confirm what he has already told you instead of exposing what you haven’t heard and revealing the loss that you’re feeling. Blessings to you I pray that you have ears to hear and eyes to see for yourself. And that God will only use lana to confirm what he has already said to you for his heart is to give you hope and a future. You…you directly

  • Jeanette lewis

    Loving the promises of our Father God through the shedded blood of His son Jeus Christ. I Received all of this prophecy for me and my family. Amen

  • Bro. Barry Harris

    This timely Word confirms everything that my pastor has been preaching and personally prophesying to me. Woman of God stay in Habkkuk’s tower to hear and see what thus saith the Lord! Saint from Philadelphia

  • Blessing Boston

    PRAISE THE LORD! My sister, you have been consistently declaring DADDY’s Words to the Family. Every time I read/speak the Words of HIS heart through you, I sense HIS presence heavily on me. HE is speaking to me personally. “The wealth of the wicked is indeed in my hands and I am a Distributor for the Kingdom of GOD”, which is the word HE gave me last year, 7/16. The finances are trinkling in and they will only increase and continue with a Mighty, non-stop FLOW…to all HE decrees.

  • Elizabeth

    I receive this Word from the Almighty Messiah Jehovah through your servant, Lana. I agree with it…Amen, amen, amen!!! ? Our family has been going through a lot of loss, sorrow from death of loved ones, loss of health, diagnoses of diseases, mental health issues, financial struggling with our small business…everything the enemy could throw at us and we have been fighting just to keep believing that God has not forsaken us. We no more than get over one loss/crisis, then another happens. God of Light please fill us with your light and your love to keep pressing forward and not just surviving, but helping others along the way.

  • jim

    Every one of those words of doom and battle have been my experience for the last five years. I receive all the goodness of this prophecy. It started two weeks ago and now I know it is just the beginning

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    This Word Is SPOT ON! TESTIMONY! Yesterday, I read this before walking out the door to head to work. Stopped to check the mail. There was one envelope in the box. I opened it and saw a check made out to me in the amount of $800.60!! It was from my employer who contracted our department out this past July. I jumped back in the car and headed to work. At the first red light, I pulled up behind a white van with 777 on the license plate – Perfection/Completion/ Restoring 7 Fold. I decided to text and ask our Supervisor about the check, making sure it was not a mistake. He said it was a Bonus check for doing So well last year! UNEXPECTED BLESSING, THANK YOU FATHER GOD!! The enemy had been attacking my finances for years. Even before this, Our former employer paid us out for our Unused PTO time! I had 3 weeks I was compensated for! When Father God says it, IT IS SO! You can take it to the bank! Much Love <3

    • L.M.

      I also had a vehicle in front of me,my daughter was driving and the license plate said 777. I pulled out my camera on my phone and took a picture. In looking at it now, Praise God, it was also a White Van. 🙂 I think the Angels Are Out in Full Force! 🙂 Father, I receive in Jesus Name, your Timely Word Of Fierce Repayment! AMEN

  • Susan M

    Thank you, Jesus!!!! (Bless you dear Lana)…This encourages me through and through & reflects heaven’s heart songs, His powerful renewal this season…like a fresh wind in the trees…(restoration is HERE!) Great is our Lord and greatly to be praised!!! ???

  • (Sam) Setiawan Widjaya

    Lord, I receive your vindication, repayment and your judgement for my behalf. Bring it on! Thank you Lord.

  • Mrs Sue Pulvirenti

    Awesome and Amen to it all bring it on Lord
    Thanks for sharing this awesome word to encourage us all.

  • Pinky

    Thank you for obeying the Lord and releasing this word! We have been praying for vindication and restoration since 2002. Trauma would be an understatement! So we are looking forward to the restoration! I receive it in Jesus name! Thank you again!

  • Blake Dubois Nash

    2Timothy 1:7 False emotions appearing real versus fantastic emotions applied righteously. Praise and worship to God out father. Coach Nash in the house. Shalom

  • Susan

    Praying and decreeing this word from the Lord, believing for the fierce repayment of Almighty God, our Daddy, from the fiercest cruelest torturous battle (for 7 years!!!) which stole every precious memory of 32 plus years. I want them ALL back and I am expecting God to do the impossible …..but that’s His specialty!!!! God bless and protect you and your family Lana.

  • Tree

    Lord Let your fire fall here upon my family and upon the family I have in mind right now. You know how the enemy has robbed, killed and destroyed. Lord, bring healing and restoration. Thank you, Jesus!

  • Nahomie Riche

    Yes LORD let it be so! Your Holy Justice and Judgements! Let the enemy, recieve your vengeance LORD! Satan is a Defeated Foe! Praise Your HOLY NAME!