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By Lana Vawser
I had a vision today where I saw many of God’s people walking in the garden with Jesus. I noticed the countenance of many of these ones, they were heavy laden, confused, disorientated and their hearts were fearful. Many of them were even struggling to look at Jesus. Their heads hung low and looking at the ground.
I then noticed above them was a HUGE black/grey storm cloud, and this cloud was raining on them, there was lightening and the thunder coming from this cloud was LOUD. I saw the word written across and inside the cloud “CONDEMNATION”. This cloud of condemnation was SCREAMING ACCUSATION and RAINING heaviness down upon these ones. Even though they were in a beautiful place of intimacy with Jesus, there was life all around, the flowers were blossoming, there was fruitfulness, favour and increase, their hearts were heavy. This cloud had come out of nowhere and was screaming ACCUSATION into different areas of their heart. I could hear the ACCUSATIONS and they were all based around “You are displeasing God”, “You are disobeying God”, “God is not pleased with you”, “You are on the wrong track”, “You haven’t done enough”, “You are hindering the plan of God for your life.” This cloud of condemnation had found areas of the heart were their were wrong beliefs of who they were, who He is, or major fear. This cloud was screaming it’s accusation of God’s displeasure and adding more and more fear. This cloud was even screaming at areas that God is breathing on and adding INCREASE to, but saying that they were the things to be laid down in this season which is a deception. These areas especially, were areas where many of God’s people had been fighting “Giants” in that land, and because the “Giants” haven’t been overcome yet, this cloud of condemnation was screaming that these things must be given up to overcome. Where Jesus was actually decreeing, I am setting you free and you are overcoming with INCREASE, AS you CONTINUE TO MOVE in these lands and areas.
I then saw the cloud suddenly shift. A moment of breakthrough came where, the cloud of condemnation, turned to a cloud of refreshing, a cloud of life and awakening, raining down His delight. A cloud of REVELATION. The cloud of His Glory and goodness raining down upon them and dismantling this assault of condemnation. Life, truth, joy and peace was being released in the revelation of His goodness, kindness, delight in them and His GOOD PLANS for them in this season. There was also a REAFFIRMATION being released to REASSURE their hearts that they were on the right track and the right place at the right time.
“The earth shook beneath your feet; the heavens filled with clouds before the presence of the God of Sinai. The sacred mountain shook at the sight of the face of Israel’s God! You sent the REVIVING RAIN upon the WEARY land, SHOWERS of BLESSINGS to REFRESH it. So there your people settled. And in your KINDNESS you provided the poor with abundance.” (Psalm 68:8-10 – The Passion Translation)
In this season there is a highlight on the “LION IS ROARING” and the Lord showed me that the lion, the one who seeks to devour, is roaring loudly. The enemy is prowling around like a roaring lion seeking one to devour. (1 Peter 5:8) Be alert! The enemy is roaring with lies, accusations and fear.
I want to encourage you, that THE LION OF JUDAH is ROARING over your life. He is ROARING and BREAKING the lies and assaults of the enemy with His truth and authority. Ask the Lord for discernment, for the prowling lion is roaming whispering in ways to attempt to “sound” like the Lord, but it’s deception. You will know it by its fruit. The Lord is fighting FOR YOU. He is ROARING BREAKTHROUGH, AWAKENING and INCREASE and RESTORING THE ROAR IN YOU! You’re going higher! You are being extended!



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  • Susan M

    The Lion of Judah is roaring LOUDER and stronger than the enemy’s fake roars, Hallelujah! This word was a divine timing that was extraordinarily accurate this week…blessings, praise, shalom….

  • Kim

    YES, YES, YES!! The enemy had me in a state of dread and fear that I was on the verge of being fired from my job. It just came out of nowhere and with no true foundation. I’m only in this job because the Lord placed me here and it will be Him that removes me — and He has already spoken to me that the assignment that I started will be completed as planned, which is September 30 of this year and not any sooner. This prophetic word truly resonated with me and I am grateful!! THANK YOU!!

  • dmelody

    Perfect timing your word measures perfect with perfect timing thank you lord. He knows when your ready. He gives you instinct results of your test in the most unpredictable ways 144 344 444 544 1044 all month of April. My heart has been in heavy sadness no reason but 4 44 has lead me here after the deep prayer stead fast confirmation from my God spoken through you directly to me. Born in march 12 1987. To. March forward with The true meaning of April ? showers may flowers? 4 30 2017 ?