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This morning I had a vision where I saw ceilings of containments and limitations over God’s people in this last season and they were suddenly being lifted off by the Lord. 
Not only was the Lord lifting off these ceilings but He was TURNING THEM and they became SPRINGS! 
Springboards into new things!!!! The very things that were containing them and the ceilings that were placed over them were going to be the very areas that springboard and catapult them into new realms of revelation, acceleration and increase through this divine turning of breakthrough. 
Where there has been ceilings and containments of weariness the Lord is breaking them and bringing flowing springs of refreshing. 
A whole new level of freedom, expression of gifting and ability to dream again is arising in the people of God. 
Many of the people of God I saw under these ceilings were many with a Joseph type anointing. They were going to rise up into new levels of prophetic dreams, new levels of revelation and doors of favour. Doors of opportunity are and will open and tent pegs are being extended for these ones and bringing them out into a greater place of destiny. These ones were not being contained anymore and told to stop dreaming. A new level of dreaming is coming upon these ones and the Lord estabilishing His government through them in greater ways as they minister. 
As these ones arise into a new level of dreaming the Lord is releasing and will be releasing new prophetic keys of revelation for deeper levels of intercession to bring significant atmospheric shifts, a reopening of ancient doors and digging up of ancient wells, and a great unlocking and shattering of demonic strongholds to release a greater building of the government of the Lord. 
Pay attention to your dreams for the Lord is releasing specific KEYS OF CLARITY in prophetic dreams to unlock SIGHT of TRUE REALITY in circumstances, new levels of heavenly realities that will bring great peace and reinfuse hope into hearts of God’s people as they see the movement and heartbeat of God bringing alignment and working behind the scenes in circumstances. This will lead them to a place of awakening that “things are not what they seem”. What they see with their natural eyes is not true reality but a whole new level of heavenly reality is being birthed and about to be SEEN.


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  • Alanda

    Praise the Lord, confirmation! RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE!!! Decree and declare His promises, His possible on our unpossibld. Watch and see what I’m going to do! Yes & Amen!!!!!

  • Julie

    Your words always seem custom designed just for me. Feeling contained by ceilings describes perfectly how I have been feeling. Like I’m closed in by circumstances. I am so ready for the Lord to lift them off and turn them into springs!

  • MarkB

    Praise the Lord. . . .That ceiling has been so low I got a crick in my neck. . . so ready for the new spring board. . . . Bless you.

  • batya

    Mighty God and King You Alone are Worthy. Thank you for this Word. Lana, thank you for your obedience to the Lord.
    I am so blessed to have found this site, and am so happy that you and your family are doing well. In His Love

  • Charlene

    Praise God for your words Lana. I’m getting a backache from the ceiling of circumstances pushing me down and closing me in like a box. All I can see from my cramped space is God and I’ve learned He is enough and then He sends His Words of assurance and encouragement. I needed this word and thank God for giving it to you.

  • Tania

    Wow Lana, today is the 17th Feb. Last night i dreamt of a double story house, on the 2nd floor was a room with water puddling in the corner (it must have been raining inside), above, the ceiling was a bit open,the roof was broken. When i went back later, half the room was flooded and the water was starting to leak from the first floor ceiling and run down the walls. The dream ended. this is not the first time a dream or vision is running in the same vein as yours. My husband has been referred to as a Joseph…so it is all falling into place.. Thank you for sharing, it is comforting to know when one is hearing the Holy Spirit. I pray a blessing over you, your family and your ministry in Jesus name.

  • João Ribeiro

    Lord of peace, I do translations of some of your posts here in Brazil, I’m sure being benevolent to many people !!!

  • Tanya Maxwell

    Wow! This is an on time word as I am in the process of writing my second book. The Lord has released me to write on the prophetic dreams I’ve had over the past several years to be revealed now for such a time as this. This word pretty much sums up my purpose for writing the book. Thanks for always releasing the Father’s heart with such compassion and accuracy. Blessings!

  • Kesh

    Thanks Lana,
    I normally see some of your words on Elijahlist, but I’m so glad I checked out your website. Your words are extremely pertinent to me right now. May God bless your ministry and draw you even deeper into him.