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Steve Shultz: “Very Personal, Super Important and a Question for you . . .

Dear Reader of Lana Vawser’s Prophetic List,
This truly is a personal email from me to you and it’s only my second email ever to you on Lana’s email list!
Just like me, I KNOW you REALLY enjoy Lana’s almost-daily prophetic words. They’re extra special, highly accurate, timed-by-God, and always encouraging, all of which are exactly as the prophetic word is intended by God to be!
Lana has a rare gift from God! And Lana IS a RARE GIFT FROM GOD.  And because Lana and her gift are so rare . . . 
. . . I have asked her permission (She did NOT ask me about this. I asked HER)… I asked Lana if I could very personally write a short note to all of you – on her behalf. Lana’s list is not huge but it’s very potent, because it has YOU on this list and you’re a follower of this WOMAN OF GOD.
Lana and her husband, Kevin, and their family have entered a new phase – pretty much an amazing promotion.
God has opened up some fantastic travel opportunities for Lana’s prophetic ministry.  Even people in the United States are talking to her about special speaking engagements in the states that are coming up.
That’s the good news!
The challenge is that with travel, comes special personal expenses and ministry expenses back at home that are brand new and they are quite significant.  We need to help Lana up the income that comes to her monthly. It’s yours and my time to help her get her prophetic word, “on the ground” at important locations on the globe! I will be sowing into her ministry personally too! I always put my money where my mouth is!
Lana needs both financial support for her ministry now, and support monthly as well. Whatever you can do, large or small – I will be most grateful and so will she!
One day she will have many thousands on this list. Right now, it’s a pretty small list. That makes EVERY GIFT FROM YOU – AND YOUR FRIENDS — TRULY COUNT!
Let me ask again that if you’re benefitting from these Words from the Lord coming through Lana, Please do help her right now, if you’re at all able. If not, that’s ok too — BUT IF YOU CAN, PLEASE DO!
If you don’t need to read another thing, go to:
And please trust me when I tell you what I’ve tested over and over and over again that — If you sow to prophets like LANA, you WILL receive a prophet’s reward… and what that means is that God will make sure that revelation and financial resources will flow to you from many sources—often unexpected sources.
God always says THANK YOU! With and and you, it’s always PERSONAL.  He loves those who love to give! You can literally expect to be blessed by things you never saw coming!
Try, if you can, to support Lana’s ministry by selecting the monthly donation when you go through this. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAY PAL ACCOUNT TO DONATE THROUGH THIS PAYPAL LINK. JUST USE YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD! At this link:
Now, my good friends — go with God’s special blessings and thank you FROM HEAVEN TODAY TO YOU!
Love from
Steve and Derene
Steve and Derene Shultz
Albany, Oregon USA
P.S. This is how you sow personally into Lana’s ministry. She is worthy of our support. She works with her ministry night and day, I’ve witnessed it myself! Go to:


  • David Crognale

    I, for one, can also attest to the deep encouragement and impact Lana’s daily words have had in my life. Often I weep with wonder as I feel the Father’s heart speaking to mine through her words.
    I gladly support her financially whenever I can.
    Thanks Steve for posting this, and thanks Lana and family for stepping out in faith.
    Many Blessings,

  • Shirley Joy

    Hi Steve, thanks for your post. The Lord has just spoken to me about giving to Lana’sministry. I gave my first small contribution yesterday In fact and had anticipated regular giving. God bless you.

  • Rebecca

    Lana’s words are so on point and extremely accurate not only corporately, but also in a personal manner. There have been many times when I will discuss things with family or good friends,go home open an email from Lana and it be almost word for word what we have discussed… It blows my mind… It is exactly what the body of Christ needs…

  • Dennis Prehn

    The only thing I can give is my prayers for her and her ministry. I have been blessed by her messages. I pray that she prosper as her soul prospers,Amen!

  • Keri Lynn Siegel

    I thank this gentleman for speaking out. I do want to clarify one thing, however. I don’t follow Lana; I follow Jesus Christ Whom I know she also serves. However, if she ever stopped following Him, I would stop receiving her emails and go forward with Jesus. That’s the distinction. I too have had a heart to support Lana financially because I have been so blessed by her ministry that I’ve shared it with my prayer team and spiritual leaders. I do not have the budget right now to do what’s in my heart. Therefore, I am requesting prayer for my finances. Be blessed. Keri Lynn Siegel

  • Shelley

    I am so glad that you honoured Lana and her husband in this way.
    My heart fully supports this. i shared with her this spring on FB msg that Father had said that “this was her time in the earth”…
    I would love to sow in as I am able, and encourage others to bless in this very tangible way!!
    —This is the season to ARISE!! We will receive

  • MyHeart

    I thank Christ for Lana’s obedience to hearing His Word and most importantly expressing it jn the manner that He has giving her.
    My sister in Christ told me about Lana, this site has truly been more than blessing to me. So many times have her Words from Christ been confirmations and encouragement that I have needed.
    I am truly excited to sow into this ministry because Christ Presence is so heavily upon this ministry and Lana.

  • K~

    Mrs. Vawser is such a major, unique blessing to the body – just sowed into her ministry and will continue to do so!