Prophetic Words


The Lord was highlighting the word “UPGRADE” to me this morning. As I saw this word I could hear it being heralded in the heavens by the Lord. 

I then saw a sign in the spirit that said “DIVINE UPGRADES, THIS WAY” with a huge arrow pointing to the right. 

The Lord spoke to me that He is releasing major UPGRADES in the body of Christ right now that is going to bring significant change. The Lord showed me that He is releasing direction through these upgrades and I heard Him say: 

“Pay attention right now to where the favour and upgrade falls.” 

The Lord is repositioning many. He is rearranging and there is a shift of direction and assignment taking place for many right now. It requires a deeper yielding to His promise, His direction, His positioning and timing. 

I kept hearing the words: 

“Don’t fight the direction! Don’t fight the rearranging, for great favour and upgrade is falling upon these new directions and assignments.” 

I want to encourage you in these divine upgrades the Lord is releasing, to guard your heart. For the Lord showed me that a spirit of jealousy will attempt to come against the divine upgrades He is releasing. That out of wounding and the lack of revelation of sonship, identity and His goodness, that many moving into these upgrades could find opposition from fellow brothers and sisters. 

Friends if this happens, pray for them, bless them (Luke 6:28), pray that the love of Jesus would engulf them and deeper encounters for them regarding their identity in Christ. 

The Lord showed me that just as those moving into upgrades right now may come head to head with a spirit of jealousy, there is equal a warning for those moving into the upgrades to guard their hearts from offense and bitterness and to be ones who bless.

The major shift and awakening that is taking place right now in the body of Christ is stunning!!! The Lord is inviting His people into a deeper place of yielding and there will be major divine upgrades in following the direction of God and moving forward in obedience to Him. 


As God’s direction is followed in obedience and many step into these divine upgrades, the Lord showed me that the positioning in great favour will take place to release His fire. 

“Favour to release My fire!!” 

There shall be major fire that will fall on the decree of the Lord! 

In these divine upgrades there is an increase of the fire of God upon eyes and ears to see and hear what God is saying. As divine alignment takes place with what He is saying, I saw the fire of God come out of mouths with a weightiness never experienced before and SUDDENLY places will be ignited with the fire of God. 


In the divine upgrades He is releasing, I saw an increase of positioning and purification taking place upon the prophets. 

The Lord is reassigning many prophets right now to new realms of influence, sending them on new assignments and releasing greater strategic keys and revelation to them to release to the body of Christ. 

In the place of obedience to the Lord in flowing with His repositioning and new assignments, there was an increase of fire upon their mouths and the Lord said: 

“I am releasing an increase of My fire upon the mouths of many of My prophets that will cause the ancient gates to shake and release the sound “AWAKE! AWAKE!”

There are going to be major changes that will be seen in the prophetic ministry in this new era. God is realigning and reassigning. He is purifying, changing and reshaping. There is a clarion call to the prophets right now to yield and draw close and to embrace because things are rapidly shifting and changing in these divine upgrades. 

The King of Glory is stepping in!!! 

The divine upgrades He is releasing in greater positioning is to see His name glorified, His Kingdom extended and the whole earth to be filled with the knowledge of His goodness and kindness. The glorious sound of the Gospel, Jesus Christ the hope of Glory resounding louder. 

The earth is going to be set alight by the fires of revival!!! 

It’s time!!!

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