Prophetic Words


Recently I heard the Lord decree the word “PROPEL” over the body of Christ. 

PROPEL DEFINITION: “To drive or push something forwards, to spur or drive into a particular situation” – Synonyms: “spur, drive, prompt, precipitate, catapult, motivate, force, impel” (Google)

I then heard Him decree:


EXCEL DEFINITION: “To be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject” – Synonyms: “shine, be excellent, brilliance, outstanding, skillful, stand out”

In the decree of the Lord “PROPEL AND EXCEL” I hear the sound of Isaiah 60:1 booming loudly in the earth:

“Arise (from spiritual depression to a new life), shine (be radiant with the glory and brilliance of the Lord); for your light has come and the Glory and brilliance of the Lord has risen upon you.” (AMP)

Friends, now is your time! Now is your time to arise and shine. For the Spirit is God is awakening and activating you into your “next steps” for His Kingdom. There is a great awakening taking place over your life where the downcast, the depressed, the discouraged, the despaired are being healed, lifted up, fortified, strengthened and activated into their destiny in ways they’ve never experienced before.

There is a loud sound in the heavenlies where the Lord is trumpeting the new sound of awakening over your life. You are being awakened to revelation of Jesus and His Word that you have never carried. You are being awakened to heavenly strategy that you have never seen. You are being awakened to giftings you never knew you had. You are being awakened to passions that He placed within you that fear has drowned out for so long. You are being awakened to vision that you have never moved into because of doubt. You are being awakened to the power of God moving upon you, in you and through you like you have never experienced. 

There has been such a battle for so many of you that has attempted to keep you stuck and out of the momentum of the Lord, but the Lord has released the word that now is your time to be propelled. 

The Lord is decreeing “PROPEL AND EXCEL” – where He is sending you, where He is releasing you, where there will be a sudden release in momentum and acceleration in that place you will excel. Watch the hand of the Lord upon your obedience. Watch the hand of the Lord upon the vision He has given you. Watch the hand of the Lord on the new pathways, spheres, ministries, assignments and creative strategies He is releasing to you, for where you will go, where you follow Him, there WILL be great favour. Where the enemy and the words of others may come against you, where limitations, doubts and past failures try to contain you, the Lord is decreeing that where He propels you, He will EXCEL you! 

For where He sends you to govern and rule in your spheres of influence, there will be great joy, awakening and outpouring of His Spirit to bring revolutionary change. 

In the past few weeks the enemy has fought many of you intensely, that’s because of the birthing of new vision and stepping through new doors into a breakthrough of being PROPELLED and then to EXCEL. 

For many have put their hands to things in this season that the Lord spoke to them to do, but those things for many have come to an end and new doors await. The enemy has tried to write the word “failure” over many, but that is a lie. Where the enemy tried to write failure, the Lord is now writing “FAVOUR”.

For there will be even greater fruitfulness and favour in this new areas the Lord is propelling His people into that will usher in a greater awakening. 

You are being propelled to new heights and depths in Him and being extended further than you ever thought you’d go. The favour and excellence of the Lord upon you as you partner with Him will draw many in the world to come to know Jesus and His goodness and love. 

There is a divine set up upon you! Effectual doors are opening as the Lord decrees over you: 


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