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I had a vision this morning where I saw Jesus walking down roads with angelic hosts. I saw them entering the "road of life" in the lives of God's people. I then saw many of God's people split into two groups. One group was the people of God seeking direction for this season, seeking wisdom, direction and confirmation on the "next step". 

I then saw the other group and the other group were those who were moving in the direction that the Lord was leading, there had been breakthrough and they had "stepped in" and were moving forward.

Jesus walked to the first group with the angels that were beside Him, and pointed to a spot on the road and said "Right here.." I then saw angelic hosts pull out "SIGNPOSTS" and they began to nail the signposts into the ground. On these signposts was the handwriting of God which was a "sign and confirmation of His intended direction" for them in this next season. It was "specific leading", handwritten Scriptures and words from the Lord.

As the people of God were walking down the road of their lives seeking Him, they were meeting the point of "SIGNS" and I saw it beginning this week. As the people of God stood before these signs, I saw peace, excitement and hope flood over many of them as they saw the heart of the Father release, reaffirm and confirm specific direction. 

A sense of Proverbs 16:9 flooded them.. "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps." Such a peace that "God's got this" broke all confusion, despair and discouragement. 

As this first group of people looked at the signs, SUDDENLY a scroll rolled open from underneath the sign and specific strategies and keys were written all over this scroll. Divine wisdom for the "way" to move forward in this season in this specific direction that would bring tremendous breakthrough, fruit, provision and harvest. 

I then saw Jesus and the angels accompanying Him move into the lives of the people of God who were walking down the road of their life that have had breakthrough in direction and are moving into their destiny and open doors. I saw Jesus begin to point to various places along the road for these angels to put SIGNPOSTS. 

I watched as the angels hammered these posts into the grounds. Written on these signposts by the beautiful handwriting of God were also Scriptures and confirmations of them moving in the right direction, and underneath these confirmations was the word "SURPRISES". 

As the people of God moved down the road of their life and saw these signposts their hearts were filled with joy at the confirmation of their direction in the breakthrough. As their eyes landed on the word "SURPRISES" their hearts filled with excitement. As they moved further down the road the Lord began surprising them with the move of His Spirit in them and through them more powerfully than they expected. Great vindication, greater promotion, greater favour, greater increase and doors of surprise blessing and opportunity that they had not even thought of.


People of God, this is a "SIGNPOST" week! This is a week where the Lord is going to release wisdom and strategy for new directions, add to destiny breakthrough with surprise doors, confirm callings, giftings and anointing, vindicate, confirm and reaffirm direction through extravagant SIGNPOSTS along the way and some of you are going to have these SIGNPOSTS brought into your life through encounters with Jesus and angelic hosts. 

Be on the lookout!


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  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah! O, Lana I’m just so overwhelmed, I cannot thank you enough and I can never thank my Jesus enough, yes it’s begun! O Lord, please bless me with wisdom to discern, guide me Lord. Luv You Lord. God bless you Lana, God has chosen you for me. Praise God!

  • Lee

    I LOVE THIS EMAIL! X my birthdate is 22/11/1981 and my late cousin Michaels birthdate is 20/10/1972, I found his body when I was 9, What I am telling you is TRUTH!! This is who we are, so from my cousins bday to mine is 33 days and when you add my month and day 22/11 you get again 33, and not only that but when you add me my cuz and our grandad months of birth, 10 11 12 as my grandad was born in December again you get 33, so that’s 3 ways we get to 33, and as you mite no 33 22 an 11 are all special numbers in numerology and the ancient of days, some or all mite think I am just another nutjob and all I say to that is that you will all see who I am very soon, I love you all and I express my love for you all continually , Trust me this was just as much as a shock for me as it will be for you all my brothers and sisters , but now iv grown no growing into my FULL son creater self an brother to you all! Love and rainbow light to you all xxx

  • Lilly

    Thank you prophetess Lana!!! Thank you for delivering this much needed word! Thank you Father, for the surprises coming! Thankyou for the signposts and for restoring my/our hope! You are our faithful God.In You we rejoice!!

  • Shauna

    Amen I so need this and receive the word of the Lord signpost surprises him and encounters with the lord I received it ALL

  • JoniKellyLMT

    This devotion is just the encouragement I needed. Thanks so much for sharing this word and helping us see the guidance of our Lord Jesus!

  • Chandra Brown

    Oh my GOD Lana, that word is so on time. just yesterday a couple of friends and I visited a church in another city, had audience with one of the pastors, wife,and signposts were erected in front of us with prophetic direction, instruction, just like you said. So much was said, we’re praying that the Holy Spirit bring the words back to our remembrance.Thank You for allowing God to use you to admonish and encourage the body. ChandraCarterBrown

  • Heidi Sadowski

    Hallelujah!! This resonates in my spirit with what I am sensing and which God has confirmed through you Lana. We look to Him alone BUT are encouraged as he uses members of His Body to encourage and confirm. how great is our God

  • Jesh StG

    A few years ago this is what Jesus said to me. “People will call you many things. But I call you my sign post.” And it has been a rewarding “job!”

  • Jenny Pinson

    My husband was laid off from his job on September 25. From the very moment he told me the news I have said “God’s go this!” He has not found a job yet. This morning in my quiet time I felt so impressed by the Lord to go to your website. This prophecy was at the top of the page!
    What a confirmation for us that not only does our Father have this, He is putting Signposts along the way to give us direction!
    Thank you, Lana, for your ministry!